New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


7. Makeover!


I had a blast giving the boys a makeover. First we started with their hair. After picking out the perfect hairstyles I got to cutting. For Holter the classic dapper haircut. For Patten the comb over hair cut. After about an hour of cutting I got both haircuts perfect. The boys stood in front of the mirror admiring themselves.

"Wow, it looks great, better than a professional." Grandma said walking by the bathroom.

"Thank you, it was once a dream of mine to be a hairstylist. But your looks are not complete yet. Now its time for clothes."  I grabbed their hands and pulled them out of the bathroom.

"Clothes!?" They yelled in unison. Emma was waiting at the front door with jackets in hand. 

"AH! You did an amazing job Melanie!" She said ruffling Patten's hair. 

"It's so weird." The boys said in unison, and both Emma and I laughed, handing them coats. Even though it was 30 degrees out, both Holter and Patten wore a cut off and shorts, neither Emma or I had any arguments. 

"Grandpa! We are taking your car!" Emma yelled walking out the door. 

"Okay, stay safe." He yelled back. "And have fun." 

"We will!" I yelled pushing the boys out of the house. Emma was driving, with Patten in the passengers seat, and Holter and I sat in the back, holding hands. We got to the mall in a matter of minutes, all excited we entered it. "Where should we go first?" 

"Um... I have no clue." Emma said holding onto Patten's arm.

"How about the cheapest store first." Emma nodded, leading the way to the upper level. The boys were mesmerized by the amount of people and stores that were in the mall. Girls kept checking out Holter, and I hated that, so I started to hold his hand. Emma did the same with Patten, I guess they were checking him out too.

"So what are we looking for in here?" Holter asked. 

"Clothes." Emma said smiling. She walked over to the boy's side of the store and started to pull clothing off of the shelves and hangers, and almost anything that she thought would look good. I did the same, picking out Holter's clothing. Soon we had arm fulls of clothing, and it was time to go into the dressing rooms.  

"How do you put this thing on?" Patten asked stepping out, with a pare of fitted jeans on, and no shirt, I could have sworn that every girl in the store fainted for a second, only to be revived by their boyfriends, family, or they just woke up on their own, because their friends were all passed out too. Patten held a button down shirt with another undershirt with it. Emma walked over to him smiling, taking the shirts out of his hand. 

"Here." She helped him layer the clothing, making the other girls in the room jealous. "You look good!" Emma said. 

"Thank you. I do look dashing, don't I." He struck a model pose, making Emma and I laugh. 

"Hey! Don't forget about me!" Holter came out in a pare of fitted jeans, and a cool t-shirt. with a tan pull over. I walked up to him and adjusted the pull over, making it fit right.  

"There, now you look handsome." I said kissing him. We p.aid for the clothes and many others and left the mall. Emma dropped me and Holter off and took Patten in the car to see her horse.



I dropped Melanie and Holter off at another store, and then we headed off to see my horse. I hadn't seen him in a while, and was wanting to ride. Once we got there I quickly took hold of Patten's hand and led him to the pasture, and there he was, my beautiful Darcy. "Which one is yours?" Patten asked softly, not to scare the other horses in the pasture.

"He's that black stallion. His name is Mr. Darcy." I smiled and walked to him. He jumped up onto his back legs, and kicked out his front hooves to scare Patten, but as soon as I kissed Patten on the cheek Mr. Darcy calmed. We continued to walk toward him.

"Mr. Darcy?"

"Yes, Mr. Darcy, or just Darcy. Darcy and I have been best of friends sense I came back to Narnia, and had some sort of a 'death wish or that's is what Tomi called it. I would do stupid things, well things that would be considered stupid here. In Narnia they were totally sane." I defended myself.

"I see, and which horse shall I ride?"

"Any of them." I said jumping onto Darcy.

"Okay." He said, then going to Lady and jumped onto her back without another word. We jumped the gate and were off down the trail. "I haven't ridden a horse in about 60 years!"

"Why?" I asked slowing Darcy down to a trot.

"I found no more joy in it, when you weren't there by my side. So I stopped riding." I smiled at him. He had faced 100 years alone without his wife, and I only spent like 5 months.

"Well, this calls for a celebration!" I said trying to lighten up the mood. "Race you to the pond about a half mile away." I said, probing Darcy into a full on run. Patten and Lady followed close after. We raced, Darcy and I always in the lead, but Lady and Patten close behind. When we got there, we saw another horse and rider.

"Tomi!" I yelled slowing Darcy down. She looked back, a smile on her face.

"Emma! Patten! What are you two doing here?" She asked as we approached her.

"I wanted to show Patten Mr. Darcy." I said patting Darcy's neck.

"I see. And what do you have to say about the horse?" She asked Patten.

"A mighty beast, one worthy of Emma." I blushed, and Tomi laughed.

"He even talks like someone from the olden days!" She laughed. "I had not expected you to be this elegant, after all Emma has told."

"And what has she said about me that would entitle you to this opinion?"

"Oh! Here it goes." I said hiding my face in Darcy's mane.

"That you were the most funny, loving, charismatic person that she had ever met. But you do have something of a temper when it comes to something you dearly care for, and well, you are very praise worthy of the feats that you have done." I looked up to see Patten smiling, looking directly at me.

"I see nothing wrong with that statement. All the things she had told you are true. I do have a temper, I would like to think that I am loving, funny, charismatic, and that my feats are something to talk about. So I have nothing to say about it." Patten said, making Lady walk up to Darcy Patten grabbed my hand.

"Oh, here it goes again!" Tomi yelled looking away. I laughed, as did Patten and then we all took off, back to the pasture. It was a short trip, due to us having to go back and get Melanie and Holter before dinner time. Once we were back into the car, I turned on the radio, and started jamming out to a country song. Patten just stared at me the entire time.  

"Took you two long enough!" Melanie said jumping into the back seat next to Holter. 

"Sorry, Darcy was a little wild today." I said, and that settled it. We drove back home and when we were back in the house, we went wild with Patten and Holter's clothes. I dressed Patten in his new fitted pare of pants and a sweater, and he looked amazing. Melanie did the same with Holter, dressing him in a pare of jeans and a sweatshirt.


We all sat on my bed and talked. Patten pushed Emma over then ran out of the room. Emma pursued. Holter sat on the bed and stared at my hands with a confused look. He jerked his head towards the open closet and walked over to it. He pulled out the garbage bag that contained his things. He dug through it and pulled out the ring. Holding it for me to see I could see the anger begin to grow in his face. "You were gone, what was I supposed to do, keep wearing it and be depressed for the rest of my life. I didn't think I would ever see you again!" I defended.

Holter slammed the ring on the bed table. "How long did you wait 5 months, I waited 100 years! I missed you every day, you probably never missed me."

"How dare you! I was heart broken. Do you even know how hard it was to act like everything was fine here when I was dead inside!"

"You seemed pretty happy with that Zack, guy. How long after you left did you start kissing him?"

That's when I lost it! I started screaming at Holter. I grabbed the ring of the table and through it at his head. As it fell to the floor he caught it. "Get out of my room! Just get out!" He turned around and stomped out of the room. I fell on the bed and burring my head into my pillow and let out a long sob. I don't know how long I was laying there but the whole time it felt like the whole world was collapsing around me.


I could hear the fight between Melanie and Holter. I just looked at Patten and he looked at me. Holter came stomping down the stairs and plopped on the couch. He seemed to doze off as he stared at the wall. Mom finally came home to see me drawing, Patten reading, and Grandma and Grandpa asleep next to each other. "I'm Home!" She said setting her bag on the floor. Finel and Gracie were curled up next to each other by the fire place.  "Well, then, I'll just go and start dinner." She said going into the kitchen. I continued my drawing.

Dinner was done and night time commenced. Melanie had never come down to eat. Bedtime came, and we all headed off to our separate rooms. In my room Melanie was asleep on her bed, tears stained the pillow.

 Even knowing everything was fine, my dreams turned into nightmares, and sooner than later I woke up screaming. "Emma!" Patten yelled running into the room and sprung into my bed. "Emma, I am here, everything is alright." He held me in his arms, rocking me back and forth. I was shaking uncontrollably, but Patten's arm's soon steadied my body, and I was left breathing heavily against him. "Emma? Are you alright?" He asked. 

"I - I think so." I said, holding onto him as tight as I could. "Don't let me go." I told him.

"I wont. I wont" He whispered in my ear. "Come on, lets go into my room, there is no place for me up here." I nodded, and as quickly as he got up on the bed, he had me in his arms and we were on the ground and walking to his room. Once we were there he sat me on the bed and kissed me lightly on the lips. We laid down, his arms around me, my head buried in his chest, and I quickly fell to sleep.

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