New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


37. Lets Kick Some Butt

Three days had passed and the plans were all set, Maulduen would take Melanie and I to the castle tonight, and then the rest of the group would attack tomorrow in waves. First the pirates, then the guards and soldiers who are against Alana, then the two boys, and finally the dragons. Alana wouldn't be expecting so many waves, using all her forces on the pirates and guards, to where the boys and dragons can just waltz right in.

I sparred Patten and Holter together, Holter backed off as I only attacked Patten, but than Patten knocked me to the ground and held his sword to my throat. We both laughed as he helped me up, I shoved his sword away. "You beat me, again." I said sighing.

"I will always beat you, Emma." he said bringing me into a hug, his hands on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned back so I could see his face clearly. Holter sheathed his sword, muttered something, than pushed me into Patten and walked away. I laughed watching him go then looked up at the sky, the sun was starting to fall over the horizon. "You'll be fine Emma." 

"You really believe that?" I asked looking back at Patten, he nodded. "Well, then, I should probably get ready." he leaned down and kissed me lightly before letting me go. I walked to our campground and found Melanie shooting her bow from atop Jura. "We should get ready." I said loud enough for her to hear. She nodded and slid off Jura's back.

"What are you wearing?" she asked skipping up to me.

"I'm wearing all black, I suggest you do the same." I said looping my arm with hers and walking toward our tent. Gracie brought us black fabric when Patten and I were in that town, and Melanie took most of her days sewing clothes for me.

"I only made you black clothes, not any for me." she said as I started to undress.

"Oh, I know... instead of sleeping, I made these for you." I said throwing her a pile of clothes. She looked at the clothes than at me. I put on the clothes and turned to Melanie. "How do I look?" I asked.

"Like... death itself." she joked. I struck an awkward pose which made her laugh.

"Thanks." I turned to a mirror to look at myself, my deadly pail skin and black hair did look like I was death itself. I frowned. "Do you think that my skin will ever go back to normal?" 

"I don't know." Melanie said slipping on her new clothes. I tied my hair into french braid that ended right above my hips, the turtle neck of the black shirt made my neck and face seem even more pail, and my hair even darker. "I don't think it will change back, at least not in Narnia, but maybe when we go back to the real world." I nodded turning to face my sister. 

"Here, let me do your hair." I said walking over to her, and then I braided her hair into two braids short braids that only reached her neck. "There, now you look like an assassin worthy to kill Alana." I said laughing.  

/It is time to go, little one./ Maulduen said to me and I sighed. 

/Allright, lets do this./ I replied then facing Melanie said aloud. "It's time to go." she nodded and we walked outside our tent together. Patten was standing talking to Holter, and Tomi was talking to Hutch just a couple steps away. The dragons were clumped together in a clearing being entertained by Romnly who was playing with water. When spotting us Holter and Patten walked up to us smiling. 

"You guys ready to kick some butt?" Holter asked standing next to Melanie, she blushed slightly and looked down at the ground. Patten brought me into a hug and kissed my cheek. 

"Yeah, we are ready. Is everyone prepared for tomorrow?" I asked looking around the group, they all nodded and I smiled. "Okay, well we should get going then." I said looking toward Maulduen who was stepping toward us. then quietly I said. "I just want this to already be over." Patten nodded. 

"Don't we all." he kissed me swiftly then let me go. "You two have fun now, no killing anyone while we are gone." He joked. I shoved him out of my way, then went over to Tomi, hugged her, punched Hutch in the arm.

"See you all tomorrow." I said walking over to Melanie. We ran up Maulduen's wing. Everyone waved as Maulduen took off, like it was completely normal to fly away on a giant black dragon towards our deaths. Melanie sat down against one of Maulduen's large white spikes. I said nothing as I turned and walked across Maulduen's long neck to sit on his forehead. I closed my eyes and let the wind calm my mind.

Next thing I knew, I was being woken up by Melanie. "We are almost at the castle. I'm glad you slept though, you needed it." 

"I'm surprised I did sleep..." I said stretching. I looked over Maulduen's side to see the castle in the distance, my home; a home Alana took away from my family. I lived in that castle for over 15 years, and then she just takes it away. Anger flares up inside me and my vision is tainted red. Melanie set a hand on my shoulder and I closed my eyes, feeling the comfort in the gesture. 

Maulduen flew silently toward the castle, using the wind to keep him afloat instead of flapping his wings which would have made a loud noise. When we were close enough to the ledge of my room, we jumped. I landed then rolled, Melanie did the same beside me. I grunted and stood up. I looked back at Maulduen,  /Go, prepare for tomorrow, I'll be fine./ 

/It seems like every time you say that something bad happens./ he contradicted, his low voice rumbling even in my chest, I smiled. 

/I promise you, I will be fine for a night, until tomorrow./

/Until tomorrow./ he drifted off the way we came and I turned around to face Melanie who was getting off the ground slowly. 

"You okay?" I whispered and she grunted.

"Yeah, I'm fine." she whispered back and I tried to hold back a laugh. 

"You almost had a soft landing if you had just landed on top of me."

"Like that would've helped." she said bitterly. I rolled my eyes and walked into my room followed by Melanie. 

"We better start getting into our positions." I said unsheathing my swords to make sure they weren't dented in the landing, Melanie did the same with her bow and arrows as well as her dagger. "See you tomorrow." she nodded and I re-sheathed my swords and crept into the hallway and down the stairs, dodging guards and soldiers along my way to the thrown room. Once I was there, I hoisted myself up onto a circular window seal that faced a stained glass window overlooking the thrones.

Around 20 minutes later, the doors opened and in stormed Alana. I held my breath, pressing myself against the window, praying to Aslan that she wouldn't see me. "Ugh! You all are idiots!" she yelled slamming the door on the guards who were trying to follow her. She wore a black crown that mashed with her white hair, and a long red dress. She stormed around the room, never looking up, she walked to my thrown and sat down. "This is mine. I'm not going to give it up." she said softly. "This is mine." she repeated.

I wanted to scoff, and kill her right now, but something stopped me. This wasn't the time. So I stayed quiet, pressed against the stain glass window, trying to breath as softly as possible. Around an hour later, Alana stood up, cast one last glance at my thrown and walked out of the room. I sighed in relief.  

Morning came slow, and I prayed that we would be successful during this attack. Hours passed in total silence while I waited. /The first attack is starting now./ Maulduen said. 

/Good, I want to get this over with./ I replied. Ten minutes passed before I heard the first sounds of battle raging outside. Shouts, and screams echoed through the castle. Maulduen spoke again through the sounds of agony.

/The second attack is starting./ I sighed in relief, all was going to plan, next would be the brothers to drive Alana into the thrown room. Battle cries sounded from the men attacking, and I could sense the fear of the guards loyal to Alana. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the noise from outside the castle, knowing there would be many dead - and I hoped Tomi wouldn't die, along with Hutch. /The brothers are coming early./ Maulduen said and I opened my eyes. 

/Why?/ I asked frantically, hoping nothing was wrong. 

/Melanie was captured by Alana./ He said, and I could feel a growl in his throat. I cursed, banging my head against the window seal. The doors to the thrown room crashed opened followed by Alana, dragging Melanie behind her. 

"Let me go!" Melanie yelled.

"How are you alive?" Alana asked angrily, Melanie spat at Alana, making her throw Melanie to the ground. I couldn't just sit there and watch Melanie get beat. She pulled out her dagger and held it at ready. Alana stumbled back and Melanie sprung up.

"So Alana." I spoke and she jumped, looking up at me. 

"You! How?" I ignored her question and jumped down from the window. 

"Thank you for the new look - it quite suits me, don't you think? To look like death. I rather hated it at first, but it's grown on me." I said with a fake laugh. Alana grabbed Melanie by her hair and yanked her so she was standing, a knife to her throat. Melanie rolled her eyes, and elbowed Alana in the stomach before judo flipping her onto the ground. Melanie stood beside me. 

"You little...." Alana spat. 

"I'm afraid I cannot let you finish that sentence." I said unsheathing my sword.

"Alright! You win! I surrender!" Alana yelled as I took a step forward. I gave Melanie a look that said 'are you kidding me?' Melanie shrugged. I walked forward, keeping my sword at a ready. "I knew I would have to give my thrown up some time or another." I laughed. 

"Your thrown right." I circled around Alana, and Melanie circled around her in the opposite direction. 

"It was mine when you left, I am your right hand woman after all..." she said looking from Melanie to me. 

"Yeah, when we left, but you kept your "thrown" after we arrived again, and then tried to have us killed!" Melanie and I circled closer. 

"I was only doing what I thought was right. Narnia can't have kings and queens who leave them to go to another world." I rolled my eyes. "But I surrender! I swear, I am done trying to kill you guys." Melanie laughed. 

"You really expect us to believe that?" she said loading her bow. "Put your hands on your head." she ordered, and Alana did as she was told. I paused her from stepping any closer to the woman. 

"You know you will just die anyway right? So I'll give you a challenge. Hand to hand combat, no weapons. If you beat me, you can go free." 

"Like I believe that! Melanie will just kill me!" 

"I promise you my sister will not kill you if you win." I said looking at Melanie who nodded. Alana laughed. 

"You will not beat me little girl." she said and I shrugged. 

"Is that a yes then?" I asked and Alana nodded. I sheathed my sword and dropped it to the ground along with my other two swords and my shield. "Go on then, drop your weapons." I said gesturing to Alana. She dropped three knives before standing. "Do you want to fight in that?" I asked looking at her dress. "If not, I would say to strip down to your skinnies." Melanie laughed. 

"I'll fight like this." 

"Are you sure?" I asked. "I don't fight fare."

"I'm sure." I nodded. 

"So be it." then I ran towards Alana and punched her full force. She stumbled back before regaining her composure, she gave me a look and rubbed her jaw. 

"How did you become so strong?" she asked and I shrugged, she still didn't know any of us were bonded with dragons. I didn't answer but kicked her in the side making her fall to the ground. Alana jumped up and ran towards me, I sidestepped her easily enough, stepping on her dress so she fell to the ground. "And how are you so fast?" I shrugged again, letting her stand. 

The doors opened and in rushed a guard he stopped mid step. "Queen?" the man asked wide eyed. 

"Yes?" all three of us asked annoyed. 

"Uhhh, there are dragons attacking." he said looking from one of us to the others, like he was unsure who to tell. 

"Dragons?" Alana asked frightened. "Like more than one?" 

"Yes, a black one, a white one, a red one, and a small blue one." Melanie and I smiled. 

"A white one you say?" Alana asked, and the man nodded. "And a red one?" again the man nodded. "They have teamed up!" Melanie and I started to laugh outright. "You!" Alana yelled pointing at us. 

"Me?" I asked smirking. Alana scowled before throwing herself at me wildly. As I blocked my face, there was a sharp pain in my side, then another, and another. I fell backward but kicked at Alana. She towered closer bringing the knife down. Not one but three arrows lodged between her ribs. She stumbled back still holding the knife above her head. I took my sword and stuck it into her heart. She crumbled onto the floor with a scream.

"Emma!" I heard Melanie yell. My vision was closing into darkness while I felt my knees buckle beneath me. I heard a lions roar before falling completely into darkness.      

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