New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


30. Kind Soldier


The man lead us through the streets of the city, always making sure we didn't come anywhere close to a guard until we reached his home. "Good thing you two came when you did, or you would have been killed on sight! I don't understand why those people serve that woman." he said as he unlocked his house. "Come in, come in, make yourself at home." 

"Thank you sir." Patten said helping me to a chair. "Quick question, why do they serve Alana?"

The man pondered this for a moment, "She convinced everyone that she were to be the next heir because she was your friend... or first in command... or something. But once you returned her corronation was put on hold. She went mad. None of the guards had been around when you last where here so they had only ever followed her. Alana set up secret ways to kill you, once you were dead she would again be heir. But she failed killing you two I guess."

"Just us two? She succeeded in killing Melanie and Holter?" Patten asked.

"If that's the other king and queen then yes she did. Melanie was shot with an arrow and Holter was killed by a dragon." Patten glanced at me and entered my mind facing the pain.

/So Alana thinks Melanie and Holter are dead. Well, she's in for a nice supprise./ He grinned.

/Patten where are you?/ Jura asked.

/We're in a kind man's house. Why? Where are you?/

/Not far from the city you're in. Moving such a big dragon is hard. Bring Emma and meet us there./ Jura sent the directions of where they were.

"Do you have any cloaks we can take?" I asked the man. Patten gave me a confused look but quickly understood that I had heard Jura too.

"Of course." the man hurried to get two cloaks. He handed them to Patten as we went out the door. We did not move fast but we eventually made it to the lake Jura had described. Maulduean had his head on his feet right beside Jura who was watchful.

"Oh good you've arrived." Maulduean lifted his head.

/Little one! It is good to see you walking./ Patten led me to Maulduean and I hugged his snout. /We are not going to make it to the group. It is too far and we are too injured./

/Then they will come to us. Jura can you contact Melanie and tell her to meet us here./

Jura nodded /I shall try./ She shut her eyes and lifted her head. After a few short minutes her eyes popped open. /They are on move./ Jura started a fire and we all sat around it. Patten laid my head in his lap and slowlydabbed my wounds with a wet cloth. I tried to think of something else in the painful process. I found my mind wandering into Jura and Maulduean's converstation.

/Thank you for rescueing me./ Maulduean said takeing a long sip of water.

/No need to thank me. You were in danger and needed help./

/I'm sorry for contacting you the way I did. I did not wish to bring you harm./

/Don't worry about me./ Jura said walking away from the lake.

Maulduean limped after her. /I'm sorry I can't do that, I intentionally caused you pain./

Jura turned toward him /Look, I'm fine. It was the only way you could've got help. The pain wasn't personal./ Jura again walked away from Maulduean. She stopped and turned her head to him. /Your welcome./ She grinned and kept walking. Aww so cute. I thought to myself

/I can hear you./ Mauduean said turning his head towards me. I raised my hands up apologetically.

/Sorry you and Jura are just so cute together./ I giggled quietly. Romnly flew through the trees, landing in front of Maulduen. 

"Are you okay?" she asked quickly, running quickly around him. Maulduen lowered his large head to the ground to stare at her at eye level. 

"Yes, little Romnly, I am okay." he said aloud, shocking even me as he did so. I looked at him questioningly. /What? I can't talk aloud?/ he asked mentally, limping over to me. 

/No, you can. It's just always startling to hear you speak aloud. In my head, your voice is subdued; out loud, your voice is full power - it scares me sometimes hearing you talk aloud./ I said, and winced as Patten washed out another cut. Maulduen let out a snort of air, which blew my black hair around my face. /What was that for?/ I asked. 

/To distract you from your pain little one./ he said, and his eyes sparkled. Romnly walked over to where Patten and I sat and looked me over too. 

"You know, I am much older than you." I told her and Patten Laughed. 

"I know, but that doesn't mean I don't know more than you." she answered, wisdom beyond her age. I sighed, rolling my eyes. 

"Yes, I know." we fell into a comfortable silence as Patten cleaned my wounds, when Jura sprung through the trees with a man in her claws. She dropped him on the ground then landed behind him, barring her teeth, a low growl emanated from her maw. 

"I found this man hiding in the bushes." she growled again, crouched low to the ground ready to strike. The man looked up, it was the same man who invited us into his home. He looked terrifyingly around the group to meet Jura's eyes, then quickly shot a glance at Patten and I. 

"Let him go Jura, he was the man who helped us." I said, and just like that Jura straightened and walked over to Maulduen, who was looking curiously at the man, his wide eyes never wavering. Romnly took up and walked around the man, tilting her head to the side like a puppy. 

"He doens't smell dangerous." she said in her chirpy voice, and I rolled my eyes again. Patten stood up and shooed her away from the man. 

"What are you doing out here?" he asked sternly. The man stood up and whipped the dirt from his cape. 

"I am sorry, My King, I was curious. You left into the woods in a brisk pace, I just wished to know where you were headed thats all Your Highness." he said pleadingly. "When I saw the dragons, I feared for you lives, as well as mine own." he said looking between me and Patten. Patten sighed and turned back to me; I shrugged. 

"Monsieur, this is Maulduen, Jura, and Romnly. He said gesturing his hand to each dragon. "Romnly is my protector, and Maulduen is Queen Emma's." Maulduen blew a gust of wind at the soldier. 

"Dragons? As your protectors?" the man asked, shaking. "Maybe Alana was correct!" I said and I could tell his mind was spinning with the new information. I struggled to my feet and limped over to the man. 

"Do you see these markings on my body? These scars?" I asked, and the man nodded. "These came from Alana, who was going to kill me." I paused and flung my black hair over my shoulder. "Do you see how pale I am? And how black my hair is?" I asked him, again he nodded. "This is because Alana hired a woman to kill me with poisonous arrows. One hit me, the other hit my protector." I said, showing him the black vanes and scar from where the arrow hit my arm, along with the dragon mark. "It turned my skin pale as death, and my hair as black as night. I didn't want this. I had fair skin and red hair - kissed by the sun my mother said." I paused, my jaw clenched. "I did not want any of this." I said sternly. "And Alana put all of this on my shoulders. The only way I am surviving right now, is because of him..." I pointed at Patten, "And him." I then I pointed at Maulduen. 

"I am sorry Your Highness, I hadn't known." He said, his head bowed slightly. 

"And I'll tell you a little secret monsieur, Alana is not powerful enough to kill Queen Melanie, or King Holter... they are still alive." I said leaning against Patten heavily. "And we will take back our kingdom." the strain of the days events finally overtook my mind, and I passed out, the darkness enclosing me in a tight shell.

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