New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


8. I'm Coming Home

I awoke to see my clock flashing a big red 5:17 in my face. Power must have gone out, did it snow last night? I slipped down the stairs and out the door. The snow covered the ground. Yep, it certainly snowed. It was still dark, as I made my way through the field. I just kept walking. What a big field it seemed to be it just kept going on forever.

I stopped when I could see the sun rising in front of me. I sat in the dead grass and snow and picked at the dead weeds. Throwing the weeds I laid my head in my hands and wept. How could I be so stupid? I had everything I had ever wanted and one stupid mistake screwed it all up. How could I allow myself to be so open to being hurt? I started to feel cold and wet but I just rolled over on my back and fell asleep. I dreamt of my family and friends leaving me. I was alone. I dreamt of being back in Narnia. I was chained to a post as hundreds-thousands of elves pointed loaded bows at me, no, not at me, a post behind me. Holter and Emma were chained to it. "Fire" an elf screamed and all at once they fired at Holter and Emma.

"Holter! Emma!" I screamed myself awake. The sun burned into my eyes. I sat up and looked around. The snow was gone and the field was green and had flowers. I rubbed my eyes to make sure if I was dreaming I would wake up soon. I felt warm inside and out. I turned in a circle. Behind me was the castle! My castle! My home! I ran through the field to the castle.

Waking up it Patten's arms gave me the best feeling in the world. It was still dark outside. Gracie and Finel stood at the door staring at me. "What?" I said knowing that they couldn't answer. They both barked at me. Patten jolted awake at the sound. "Shhh. Gracie, Finel be quiet you'll wake the whole house." Again they barked. "How 'bout I take you outside." Gracie turned around and ran down the stairs. "Hey, Patten, I'm going to let the dogs outside."
"I'll go with you." Patten jumped out of bed and out of the room. I followed him. Holter was standing in his doorway and looked at us.
"I'll go to." All three of us trudged through the snow in silence. Finally Holter broke the silence, "Melanie was gone. She wasn't in her room, and I saw foot prints in the snow from my window." I only nodded but Patten had the guts to answer.
"Yeah we heard the fight. She just needs some time alone. You know you better apologize first or you'll lose her." Holter only nodded. Just then Finel and Gracie took off at a dead sprint. We chased after them.
"Stop" I yelled at Gracie. They stopped at the lake. "Gracie, what has gotten into you?"  I patted her head. She stared at the lake with her tongue sticking out. I heard a loud, gurgling nose coming from the lake. It was hard to see but I could see the lake swirling in the moonlight. Gracie then jumped into the river and pulled me in with her. I thought I heard Patten call my name but it was hard to hear over the water. I closed my eyes as of not to become dizzy. I landed with a thump on my right side. I groaned.
"My queen, are you alright?" Gracie sat in front of me, all five foot of her.
"Gracie you spoke!" I looked around. "We're in Narnia! Gracie we're in..." Screams from the boys drowned out my excitement. Patten, Holter, and Finel landed beside me.
"Ah what happened?" Holter said holding his head. I grabbed Patten's hands.
"We're in Narnia." Both Holter and Patten's eyes grew wide. They got up and jumped around. I hugged Patten and jumped with them.
"What about Melanie?" Holter asked.
"She is here. As I was trying to tell you she left minutes before we awoke you." Gracie said standing next to Finel.
"But how long has she been here? Years?" I asked. Gracie only shook her head.
"Maybe we can find out at the castle." Patten said pointing at our castle.

I was greeted at the castle by Alana and two other guards. Alana wrapped her arms around me; I did not return the favor. "Welcome back, my queen. We have been waiting for your arrival for quite awhile now." She smiled a big fake smile. I never trusted her I don't know why Emma did considering she is Patten's ex-girlfriend.

"It's good to be back. How has the kingdom been?" I asked walking alongside Alana.

"Well over the course of 200 years it's been perfect."

"But Holter and Patten only came back two days ago and they said 100 years past."

"Yeah well time moves by faster here than they do in the real world." Alana replied leading me in to the dining room. "Oh I forgot to mention most of the servants have been moved to the summer home so we will have to send you there soon. Did you bring any extra clothes?"


"Okay, I will fetch you a fresh pair of clothes and the rest of your things." I sat at the long dining table as Alana left the room. She returned with a purple tunic and tan trousers, along with my crown.

"I remember what you liked to wear. And your crown, my queen." She also handed me black leather riding boots, a belt and my weapons.

After I changed Alana took me to the court yard were a carriage with four black horses was waiting. "I'm just gonna wait for Emma to come, she was still sleeping when I came, or at lease she was." I said walking back into the castle. 

"No! No, I insist, I will bring her to the summer home as soon as she gets here." I walked back to Alana. 

The castle was just as we left it, our thrown's on the platform looking over the corridor, the large stain glass windows looking down over the ocean.  

"Be careful, some dangerous creatures have arrived since you left. I will bring Emma, Patten, and Holter when they come." She bowed again. I jumped into the carriage, and the horses started out of the castle gates and off to the North. 



I rode Gracie's back, along with Patten, who's arms were tightly around me, and Holter rode Finel. We got to the castle in 20 minutes. "Hello?" I yelled jumping off Gracie. 

"Your majesties!" Alana came out of the shadows. "How I have missed you all! Melanie was just here just 20 minutes before you. I must send you to the summer home right away Melanie is expecting you there. I will fetch a carriage." She talked fast, mumbling some words as she spoke. 

"Alana, nice to see you too. Since when do we have a summer home?" I said, holding onto Patten's arm tighter. He was alone with her for 100 years, she could have tried something.

"In the last 100 years."

"But we left only two days ago?" Patten said.

"Here in Narnia you left 100 years ago. But don't worry I have taken great care of the kingdom, the only problem we have are the pests, look out for them on your journey."

"And thank you." I added. She walked quickly off and I looked around the castle. Two guards were dragging a girl with dirty blond hair, who was screaming. 

"HEY! My friend is the queen! I swear! If I am in Narnia, and this isn't some stupid joke, My friend is QUEEN EMMA!" She yelled, the woman was no other than Tomi.

"Release her!" I yelled. The guards looked over at me, released Tomi, and bowed down. "Tomi! How did you get here?" I said hugging her. 

"Um, Lady ran into the lake after Darcy, they were taken to the stables." 

"Darcy is here! In Narnia! Thank goodness!" I said taking her hand and leading her back to Patten and Holter. Then at that moment Alana came back with clothes and weapons in hand. 

"My Lady, My Kings, here are extra clothes, and your crowns and weapons." I walked over to her, and look my three swords into my hands. Tomi followed me and took my crown in her hands. "Um, girl, do not touch the queens crown." Alana spoke in a stern tone. 

"Alana, she is my friend, she can touch, and take anything she wants, and why were you having her arrested?" Tomi gave a smug smile and handed me my crown. "Thank you." I set the crown on my head and strapped the swords to my waist and back. 

"Yes, my lady." Alana said, and handed me clothes and my shield. "And here." She handed clothes to Patten and Holter, along with their crowns and weapons. 

"Thank you." they said in unison. I smiled and put Patten's crown on his head, then kissed him lightly. 

"Now you look like the king I knew." he smiled, kissing me again, then he strapped his silver sword onto his left hip. "Send for Darcy and Lady, they will come with us to the summer house." I said turning to Alana. 

"Right away My Queen." she walked off the way she came. 

"Um, so you three are like the queens and kings of this place?" I nodded. "Wow, okay, I feel important now." she said sarcastically.

"Don't be so smug, you are the best friend of the High Queen of Narnia, you can get whatever you want." Tomi laughed. 

"I guess!" she said still laughing. I hugged her, then walked over to my thrown, and sat down on it. "So you like ruled this kingdom?" 

"Yep! For like twenty years!" I smiled down at her. "Melanie sat in that one, and Patten in on that one, and then Holter on the one over there." I said pointing to each thrown as I said their name's. Gracie jumped up onto the platform and sat on Patten's thrown. 

"I do think this thrown fits me." Patten laughed and pushed her off it, and then sat on it himself. 

"I did miss this." He said, than Alana walked bank into the room with Darcy and Lady behind her. 

"Here you go, My Queen." She said with a fake smile. "Your horses." she added gesturing to Darcy and Lady. "I will have one of the servants still here hook them up to the carriage." Alana said, than she clapped her hands and two servants came out from a corner and took Darcy and Lady out of the room. "Will you four come with me." Then she walked off. I looked at Patten, shrugged, and followed her out of the room. "As I told you before, our land has been infested with pests. Well, they are not like little bugs or little animals, but more of a reptile type." She walked into a large room, which used to be our planning room for parties and a counsel room if there was a war. In the middle of the room a table was set up, and in the middle of the table sat paintings and bones of the so called pest. 

"What is it?" Tomi asked picking up one of the bones. 

"They call them dragons." Tomi's head whipped up and looked across the room at me.

"Dragons? You can't be serious!" I said walking over to a painting. 

"I tell you the truth. They have killed most of the guard, and many civilians around the land. I have tried my best to contain the threat, but sadly, I do not have the power."    

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