New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


25. I Guess Things Can't Get Much Worse


We landed outside the palace with a soft thump and I took down Gracie, Finel, and Tomi before going inside. Patten was sitting on his thrown reading a book, Romnly on his shoulder. "Hello!" I yelled running to him and sitting on his lap. 

"Hello." He said smiling. Tomi walked around the room, looking at things through hazed eyes. We didn't talk much on the way here - I mean what do you tell your best friend, who you haven't talked too in like forever? She seemed fine enough - a little shaken by what that boy said before she left, but other than that it was fine.

"I think you and Tomi should go to Melanie, Brooke, and your brother. I think they need you guys." I whispered softly kissing the side of Patten's head. 

"I'm not letting you stay here alone." I smiled. 

"I have stuff I need to finish - I will be right behind you - and besides! I have Maulduen!" I said happily. Patten shook his head frowning. 

"Fine." He looked over at Tomi and said, "how about you me and Romnly go on a road trip to see Melanie, Holter, and someone new?" 

"Sure Grand-pa!" She said smiling picking up her weapon. I kissed Patten's cheek. 

"Be safe while we are gone." He said hugging me I nodded. 

"I will." we kissed, then I got up and walked over to Tomi hugging her. "You two have fun." I said walking up the stairs to my room, Patten followed me - and started to pack up clothes, I helped pick out clothes for Tomi and we walked back down stairs. "How will you guys get there?" I asked. "By horse's? - or are you going to run, and she rides a horse?" I asked. 

"We both will ride horse's - can I ride Darcy?" He asked - I gulped. 

"He ran away when we faced Maulduen for the first time." I said. 

"I know that, he made his way back here, he's in the stables right now." He smiled and Romnly came out of Patten's shirt collar. 

"I like that horse, he's fun to talk to." She said in her chirpy voice.

"Oh really? What does he say?" I asked her. 

"Lots of things! He's a little rude sometimes, but mostly funny." she tilted her head like a dog. 

"Okay...." I looked up at Patten. "Sure, you can ride him, just be safe." I said hugging him tightly. 

"Sure thing." I smiled up at him. I watched from the castle gates as the three went there way, Patten in the lead, Romnly flying beside him and Tomi behind her; left hand resting on her lap. Maulduen stood behind me, one ginormous claw tapping the ground, making a big hole. 

/what are you thinking?/ I asked looking back at him. 

/Nothing little one./ He stated dryly I laughed and ran up his side and sat on his shoulder. /I only wish you wouldn't have to be parted from him that long./ I smiled at his thought. 

/Thanks Maulduen, but I think there is another reason why you don't want Patten to leave./ I said patting one of his black scales. /Romnly reminds you of RoZa./ Maulduen shuttered beneath me, coiling his neck like a snake ready to attack. /What is it?/ I asked. 

/You are correct. She does remind me of Roza, and I feel the same urge to protect Romnly as I did for her./ He said relaxing a bit. I nodded as Maulduen started to walk back towards the castle.

/You must be hungry, you haven't eaten in like three weeks! Go, hunt, I'll be fine here./ With that I jumped off of his back onto the ground below and landed light on my feet. 

/Are you sure?/ I nodded, shooing him off. Laughing Maulduen took off to the sky, heading west over the ocean. I walked back into the castle, up to my room, and back down all the stairs to get to the wash room. I took off my clothes and walked into the warm pool. After a long wash I got out of the pool and got dressed. 

"You are under arrest for treason against the High Queen of Narnia!" A guard ran into the room and yelled at me.

"What? I am the High Queen! I issued no treason against anyone! You have the wrong person!" I yelled unsheathing my sword. Maulduen roared outside, and I could feel pain on his wings and back. The guards closed in around me, jabbing me with spears. A man came up behind me and knocked me out. 


I woke in a dark cell, on the cold hard ground. /Maulduen?/ I asked through our mental link. 

/Little one!/ he yelled in my mind, I felt a rush of relief fall over him and onto me. /I though you had been killed! I have been trying to contact you for the last three days!/ Three days..... I've been passed out for three days.

/What happened while I was out?/ I asked, and that's when I felt the pain covering his entire body. /No! They tortured you!/ I yelled through our mental link. 

/It is nothing little one. Do not worry about me./ he said in a soothing voice. 

/Don't worry? You tell me not to worry! I am bonded to you dummy! I worry about you all the time!/ I yelled at him. I herd someone coming down the hallway and froze. /Maulduen.... Someone is coming./ I whispered to him, even though I knew only he could hear me. A man stopped in front of my cell and looked down at me. 

"Ah... Your up! The queen will be so happy." He said in a bitter tone.

"I am the queen idiot!" I yelled standing in a swift motion scaring him. 

"I doubt that. You are a traitor." 

"Sure Sherlock, and who told you that?" I asked leaning on the wall. 

"The High Queen herself - who, I think you would like to know - has issued for you to be tortured!" The guard said opening the cell door. I didn't try to run, though I knew I could have gotten passed him, and further, but I was too stunned to do anything. I am the High Queen of Narnia! Who was this woman? And where did she come from? The guard led me down the hallway into a large corridor with different torture devices. 

"Huh! I didn't know we had this place in the palace!" I said astonished. 

"We aren't in the palace you dirty rat, though I don't think you would know the difference. I scoffed. 

"Sure I do... I live there! I mean come on! I can tell you where anything and everything is in that large place! I lived there for over 20 years!" I yelled at the guard. 

"Sure you did sweetheart." 

"Don't you dare call me sweetheart." I said pushing him against a table. There was a knife there, and I took it and pressed it to his neck. "Now, tell me who this 'queen' is." I demanded. 

"No can do sweetheart." He said, than more than two hundred men charged through the doors, and all pointed their weapons at me.... Great. I leaned away from the man, still keeping the knife to his throat. 

/Little one! Are you alright?/ Maulduen asked through the mental link. 

/Yeah, I think so./ I said to him taking the knife off the guards throat. /I'm going to get tortured though... And I don't think there is anything I or you can do about that./ I heard him growl to himself. 

/I don't like it! I am supposed to protect you!/ he said, and I could feel him trying to escape the chains that dug deep into his hide. 

/Don't./ I told him a a stern voice. /I've been tortured before, I can take it... And the 'high queen' only issued for me to be tortured, not killed./ Maulduen stopped trying to escape and I thanked him as the other guards closed in around me. /Block me out of your head please./ 


/I don't want to hurt you more./ I said and I felt him leave my mind. It was a weird feeling, he had been in my mind for so long, and now he was just gone. I couldn't feel his feelings, or listen to his thoughts, or communicate with him. I silently thanked him and faced the men. They took my arms and tugged me to a whipping post, flashbacks filled my head from the last time I was tortured like this. At least this time, these guards were decent enough to give me a rag to bight on, but still - the pain was unlike anything I had felt before. After about 25 slashes on my back, the whipping guard looked at the guard who brought me in, and he had his hand out strait with the palm down, then turned it palm side up. 

Two men unhinged one of my arms and pushed me over, making my torn clothes fall off. Some other guards made some cat calls, others stared blankly, and others pushed forward to get a better look. I passed out in front of all of the watching men.

I woke up on the ground, with my arm still tied to the whipping post. Only one man was there though, he looked no older than I was. Neither of us said anything, we just stared at each other. I looked down at myself, I was covered with bandages. "Uh... Thanks?" I said looking back up at the boy, he said nothing. Neither of us spoke for a long time. Then he stood up and walked to the door. Right before he was about to exit he turned to look at me. 

"I could have let them know you were up, but I didn't. The next session will not be as pleasant." Then he left, and I was dumbstruck - what could be worse than whipping? Three men came into the room all holding sharp small knives and a quill and ink. Two of the men led me to a stone table and pushed me onto it face down. After about an hour of drawing on my back, they set there knives on the exact spots they drew, and started to cut the skin off my body. It was agony, the burning of the knives digging into my skin, and the searing pain when the skin was ripped off my back. Then, as if thinking I wasn't in enough pain, the men pored boiling hot water onto my back to wash off the blood that was getting everywhere.

The slow process continued, and the pain never ceased, only got worse, as they would cut off large chunks of skin at a time. After a while, I began to feel dizzy, and the men noticed that I wasn't screaming anymore. "Stop, and let her recover - she doesn't want her to pass out this time." One of the men said, taking his bloody knife off my back.

"Let her pass out! We have been going at this for the longest time! I want to be done already." one of the other men said, who was standing near my face.

"I'm with Bolik - let her rest, then we can proceed the torture, I don't want to get on the queen's bad side." The third guy said, taking his knife off my back as well.

"Fine... But only for fifteen minutes!" the second man said, finally taking his knife off my back, but the blood kept gushing, and I still felt dizzy.

"Give her the medicine to stop the bleeding - or she will pass out from loss of blood." Bolik said to the second man, and I silently thanked the soldier after I had taken the medicine.               

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