New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


36. Help


After that awful nightmare I couldn't sleep. Every time I would almost fall to sleep I would remember the dream and have to inch closer to Patten to know he was still there, that he wasn't dead. My hand stayed on his chest, feeling his heart beat. The sun started to rise, and I finally fell back to sleep - no dreams or nightmares came, and when I woke again I was alone on the ground with the blanket around me.

"Ah, you're up!" Patten said sitting next to me, his arm holding me to him. "Did you sleep better?" he asked kissing my forehead. 

"Yeah, I did." I whispered laying my head on his shoulder. 

"I know you just woke up, but you two need to get going; here's some food. Eat fast." Holter said throwing a bag of dried meat at us before walking away. I opened it up and started to eat as Patten folded the blankets and put them with the others. I offered some to him, but he declined saying he'd already eaten. When I had finished Patten and I left on foot to the town where we met the guard; each wearing a black cape. I pulled my hair into a long braid while we walked, hoping to make it harder to recognize me; though I knew my deathly pail skin was probably a giveaway. Patten kept looking down at me concerned; but I ignored him; pushing my feelings down, pushing my panic down - this was not the time for a mental breakdown. 

"We should pick up the pace, or we won't get there until sundown!" I said starting to jog; Patten followed, picking up his pace as well. We ran for fifty minutes and walked for twenty before running for another hour. By the time the town came into view, we had been running for over three hours straight, and the sun was starting to set towards the west.

"Lets slow down to not raise alarm." Patten said taking my hand. I nodded. We inched closer to the walls along the path. Four guards stood there watching. Their eyes scanned over Patten and I 3, 4, 5 times now, and my heart started to race at each step. One guard started walking toward us, but the soldier next to him pulled him back, whispering something in his ear. I silently thanked the soldier with my eyes and we made our way through the gates. 

Walking the streets, Patten ushered us through the town until we found the house were the guard lived. Patten quietly knocked on the door and the guard answered. He ushered us inside before speaking.

"You shouldn't be back here, it's not safe." He pulled up two chairs.

"We need your help, again. Do you happen to have an army?" Patten asked sitting down.  

"We need men who will fight for us. Do you know of anyone who can help, anyone at all?" I placed a hand on Patten's shoulder. The man scratched his chin. 

"There are a few people that appose what Alana's doing, but I don't know if they'll help." I slammed my fist on the table.

"They have to help, their queens demand it. The kingdom is in danger." I was furious, why wouldn't they help? Patten grabbed my arm and attempted to calm me down. 

"Not everyone wants to die for a hopeless war..." The man said. "But I will rally those who will." I looked down. 

"Thank you. The attack will happen in a few short days." We told him the plan and where he the soldiers should meet. 

"What if no one comes?" He asked.

"Then we will have to fight our way out by ourselves." The man looked sad but nodded. He led us to the door and quietly shut it behind us.I looked up at Patten and sighed as he took my hand. 

"We should find a hotel, it's getting dark, and we shouldn't be running at night." He said pulling me along side him as he walked down the dusty street. We walked into the hotel and walked to the front desk. 

"Hello, how may I help you?" 

"My wife and I would like a room please." He said and the woman nodded, popping a hip. 

"Sure thing sweetheart, just a sec." The woman said, than turned picked up a key and handed it to Patten then  wrote down something in a book. "You should be set; have a nice night." I gave her a smile as Patten said thank you, and we walked up the stairs. Once in the room I plopped down on the bed yawning. 

"-but Emma is waiting." My heart leaped into my throat as voices from the next room over carried into our room. 

"We can't travel in my condition." A man said. 

"But Emma-"

"Emma can wait." The man cut the woman off, and I stood up, unsheathing my sword. Patten was already doing the same and we went out to the hallway and knocked on the door. There was scuffling of feet, then the door cracked open. "Who is it?" It was the man, and I kicked the door inward, sending the man flying, and stormed into the room. What I saw was surprising to say the least. Tomi was sitting on the bed in trousers and a bra, no shirt, and the man I kicked down was Hutch. I jumped onto the bed and tackled Tomi in a hug. 

"Tomi!" I yelled. 

"Emma! What are you doing here?" She asked. 

"We came to rally some soldiers who aren't totally for Alana." Patten said helping Hutch up off the floor. Tomi gasped and quickly ran off the bed toward Hutch. He had blood drenching his side, and Tomi quickly lead him over to the bath, which was out in the open. 

"What happened?" I asked sitting on the edge of the bed. 

"Uh, it feels like my stitches came undone..." Hutch said a grimace on his face from the pain.

"Stitches?" Patten asked.

"Well, we were going to leave today, but than Hutch and I started to spar, and I accidentally stabbed him in the side. I tried my best to clean the wound and sew it, but it looks like that was to no avail." Tomi said, explaining what happened. Patten, quicker than I thought possible, ran, got a needle and thread, and then pushed Tomi away from Hutch all the while ripping Hutch's shirt off. He started to sew, and Tomi and I just watched in amazement. Once he was done sewing up the wound, he stood up stretching, walked over to the sink and washed his hands before walking over to me and kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Why did you sew him up so quickly?" I asked.

"He would have died if I hadn't. The wound was four inches deep and three inches wide, Tomi had sewn up the first layer, but underneath was still gushing with blood. He would have died within the next couple of hours of blood loss." Patten explained bringing me into a hug. I laughed hugging him back.

"How did you learn to sew someone up?" Tomi asked putting on a large shirt, that looked to be Hutch's.

"Holter used to come to my house and have me patch him, or something/someone he caught, up, even though I was blind. I learned to it quickly, and painlessly, though I rarely sew anyone up these days." He said, than added. "That's what I thought he was there for, you know that first day we met, when I slammed the door on you?" I nodded. "I thought he was bringing in one of his hunts for me to patch up before he took them to the elves. Ends up, it was only the love of my life and her sister." He said kissing me lightly again.

"Impressive." Hutch said poking and probing at his stitches. "I have never seen such skill work in a line of stitches before. Of course I should have guessed, after all, you are an elf." Patten shrugged. 

"So what do we do now? Romnly is waiting for us out of town, just so you know." Tomi said and Patten's eyes lit up at the mention of the dragon. He had a distant look for a little while, than he laughed, and I guessed he was having a conversation through the bond. 

"Tomorrow we should start heading toward Holter and Melanie, and then make the final plans before kicking some butts." I said sitting on the bed next to Tomi. 

"That sound's good." Hutch said sliding on a shirt. 

"We should get some rest though." Patten said, rejoining the conversation. I sighed rolling my eyes. 

"Of course you would say that... but I guess you are correct, we should get to sleep. How about we meet downstairs tomorrow morning; we can also have Romnly wake us." I suggested and everyone agreed. I stood up taking Patten's hand and he lead us to the door. "Night Tomi." I called back as we exited the room.

"Night!" her muffled reply came from behind the door. Patten and I walked back into our room and I plopped down on the bed, watching as Patten took off his shirt. 

"See something you like?" He asked jokingly. 

"Totally." I answered sarcastically, Patten shook his head and walked over to the mirror where he combed through his hair with his fingers. 

"Ugh!" He complained, "I love Narnia and all, but some of the things here suck, like not having a hairbrush." I rolled my eyes. 

"We have hairbrushes here." 

"Not with us, and there is no store to go quickly and buy one." He added. 

"Oh brother. You look fine." I said patting next to me. Patten slowly walked over and crawled onto the bed next to me. 

"I do, don't I." he said smugly wrapping an arm around my waist. I sighed curling up under his chin. "I love you." He added after a while.

"I love you too." I said sleepily yawning.

"Go to sleep Emma." I did as he said and fell to sleep quickly as he rubbed my back.  

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