New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


39. Goodbye


Everything has been running smoothly since I awoke. I couldn't thank Melanie enough for taking over the way she did, but I could try. I found her more often attending meetings with the people. I think they are really starting to like her, and she is becoming the amazing queen I knew she was. Maulduen was happy to fly with me again, and I was happy too, it had been too long since we had flown together. The night of the memorial ball, Maulduen and I watched the sunset on the roof. /I never want this to end./ I whispered mentally. 

/As do I, little one. But you must get ready for the ball./ He spoke, blinking slowly. I sighed softly before casting one more look at the sunset. 

/Why must you always be right?/ I asked jokingly; Maulduen made no reply, but I could tell he was silently laughing at me. Walking back into my room I found a shirtless Patten sitting on the bed. "Are you going to the party in that?" I asked aloud, drawing his attention to me. He smirked walking over to me before wrapping his arms around my waist, making sure not to put too much pressure on my side, even though they were completely healed. 

"Do you like it?" I nodded biting my lip. 

"But I don't think it would be appropriate."  He laughed kissing my forehead. 

"Look who's talking, girl in her riding outfit." 

"My riding outfit is stylish!" Patten rolled his eyes before leaning in to kiss me. 

"Go get dressed." he said. 

"Speak for yourself." I pushed myself away from him and toward the closet, where a ball gown was waiting. It was high necked, off the shoulder, crimson ball gown, and it fit my body like a glove. When the gown was on I walked to Melanie's room. She stood in a full length mirror as a seamstress finished of the hem. As soon as the dress was done I sat on the bed so she could do my hair. It was a long, thick braid that ran down my back and the top was done into a crown.

Melanie's dress was a light blue off the shoulder ball gown. I watched her pin her hair into an elegant bun at the back of her head. We stood side by side in the mirror. "I look like the evil queen, and you look like the good queen." I said laughing. 

"But, we are both good!" Melanie laughed, then there was a knock at the door. "Come in!" Melanie yelled. Patten and Holter strode into the room both in a tunic and a cape with fur, their crowns were sitting upon there heads.

"Aww," Melanie whined, "why do they get to wear their crowns and fancy cape things?" She walked over and pet the fur on Holter's cape. "So soft." We all laughed.

"You will get yours." I said glancing at myself once more in the mirror. Melanie put on a pouty face. Her eyes were glued on Holter who was looking at her as well. Patten looked from me to them and back. I cleared my throat and Melanie rushed over to me and took my arm. Holter rubbed his neck.

"Shall we?" I nodded and we walked out the door. A servant brought us our crowns but no cape things. Melanie was upset but as soon as we got to the ball room she was silent. There were over hundreds of men, woman, and children all dressed in nice clothes, or as much as they could afford to look nice. They all stopped their mingling and bowed to us. We walked past them towards the middle of the dance floor.

Melanie pointed to several different people and whispered in my ear, "I spoke to that one in a meeting, and that one, oh I hated that one." She pointed to an angry looking woman who knelt before us. She glared up at Melanie and as we passed Melanie, while no one was looking, stuck her tongue out. Once in the middle of the dance floor we waited for our dancing partners. They were so slow. Patten and I started the dance and Melanie and Holter followed. They danced a little awkwardly and I could tell Melanie stepped on Holter's feet a couple of times but they soon got into the swing of it. All around us couples started doing the same dance.

/It's almost time little one./ Maulduen said and I sighed, knowing he was right. I didn't reply, but continued to dance. Tomi and Hutch walked in, and they looked so happy. Tomi wore a soft blue ballgown with her hair pulled into a low bun. Hutch matched her. 

An hour passed, and toasts were made and eulogies were given to remember the lost. Then there was a roar. I looked around the room for the source of the sound, and there by the thrones was Aslan. I ran to him and hugged him tightly, Melanie did the same. "Oh young queens." He said his deep voice echoing through the ballroom. Melanie and I backed away and bowed, Patten and Holter beside us. I looked back at the crowd to see them all bowing too. "Rise." He ordered and we did as he said. "It is time to return to your world."

"What!?" people in the crowd yelled. "We just went through a war, and hundreds of lost for these girls, and now you say they have to go?" a person, the girl Melanie pointed out earlier yelled.

"You will see them soon." Aslan said, his regale voice leaving no room for argument. I looked back at Tomi and Hutch looked at each other in sadness. "Don't fret. Hutch, you may go with them." Hutch's head snapped to Aslan then back to Tomi.

"How do we know someone else won't take over the kingdom?" someone yelled and I faced the crowd.

"The dragons. They are staying, and they will make sure that no one will take over this kingdom." I answered and there were yells of protest. "The dragons are good!" I yelled. "Maulduen has protected me numerous of times before, as well as the other dragons." I said and Aslan stepped forward.

"I sent the dragons." there was a collective gasp from the crowd. "I knew this day was coming, and that Narnia needed protectors." he explained. I looked out the window to see Maulduen and Jura sitting together, his tail wrapped around her body protectively. I wanted to fangirl, it was so cute. I turned back to Aslan, and he smiled.

"How do we get back?" Tomi asked, and Aslan scratched the ground with his front right paw and a portal appeared behind him in-between the front two thrones. I looked back at Maulduen.

/Goodbye./ I said, tears springing to my eyes.

/Goodbye little one, I love you./ he replied.

/I love you too./


Tomi and Hutch were the first ones to go through the portal, holding hands. The four of us said goodbye to Brooke and Gracie and Finel, they would be staying behind. We also said goodbye to our dragons. I looked back at the crowd and gave a sad smile. Patten took my hand and we watched Melanie and Holter go through the portal. "Goodbye." I said one last time. Aslan gave a sad smile before nodding his large head. Patten and I walked through the swirling portal and watched as Narnia faded away.   

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