New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


21. Familiar Faces


Jura and I made a habit of going flying every day. I know I'm afraid of heights but it was hard to hate them when Jura was helpful and demanding. It turned out to be super fun. Jura would beg and beg in her head after lunch and then we would go flying.

"I can't believe this, I have been missing out on so much!" the sun was high in the sky over the mountains. Jura's nose began to twitch and she darted her eyes back and forth.

"Get down!" She whispered. She began flying lower than finally landed. "Hide!" I found a large rock and ducked behind it. There was a loud thumping nose and a low growl coming from the trees. The ground shook. Suddenly a giant black dragon emerged from the trees. It growled again. Jura hissed and jumped in front of the rock I hid behind.

The big dragon charged but Jura easily dodged it. The other dragon may have been big and strong butt Jura was quick and agile.

The big dragon would attack and Jura would leap out of the way. The black dragon was getting frustrated..

"Enough." the big dragon grumbled. I crouched down behind the rock but Jura stood tall t the sound of his voice. The dragon flapped his wings and the force of the wind knocked Jura on her side.

"I am not afraid of you!" She yelled rising to her feet. The dragon flapped his wings again but Jura quickly froze the ground and dug her claws into it.

The battle continued like that for a while neither dragon even injured the other. There was a rustling in the bushes. A pale skin girl with black hair watched the battle with a sword in hand. I shot an arrow into the tree next to her. She jumped to the side and looked in my direction. I pulled out my dagger and ran toward her, getting there in no time. I jabbed at her and she blocked it with the sword.

She looked confused but I attacked again.

Just like the dragons I would attack and the girl would defend. She flicked the dagger out of my hand with a twist of the sword and knocked me on my back sitting on my chest. Jura noticed that the girl had bested me and ran towards me but the big dragon reached over and blocked her path. She bit into his arm but was shaken off.

I struggled to lift the girl off of me, "Enough, Melanie." It was Emma's voice!

"Emma!" She nodded as she rolled off of me and helped me up. I embraced her

"Maulduen stop!" The big dragon immediately stopped attacking and came to Emma's side. "Melanie, this is Maulduen, Maulduen, Melanie."

\Hello\ I heard the dragon think.

"Hi, this is Jura." I motioned to her as she sat beside me. She nodded a hello to Maulduen. "Emma what happened to you?"

"I was shot by an arrow that was poisoned. Turned my hair black and my skin pale, turned Maulduen black too." We flew together side by side, and Jura was couscous about Maulduen who seemed to pay no attention to her.

"I too was shot with an arrow, but it only changed my mind. Brooke will be able to explain it better."

"Brooke! You found Brooke!" I hoped she couldn't see my confusion.

"Actually she found me. How do you know... Oh never mind. Let's race." Emma and Maulduen understood and flew faster. I urged Jura forward but she refused to race. Thanks to her we lost.

"Ha, we beat you!" Emma bragged once we neared Brooke's cabin. I scrunched my nose and stuck out my tongue. I knocked on the cabin door and Brooke opened it. She gasped and embraced Emma. "Oh my gosh, it is so good to see you again. How have you been."

"I've been great. And who is this." Brooke walked up to Maulduen and started scratching right under his chin.

"That's Maulduen." Emma said.

I walked over to Brooke, "How do you know my sister."

"We've known her for a long time, Melanie."

"Emma about the poison I was talking about it... uhm... affected my memory, somehow, I don't remember anything from Narnia." I gulped hoping she would understand.

"Oh." Was all she could say. She glanced at Brooke than at me. "You don't remember anything, no places we saw, no people we met?" I shook my head which made her glance at Brooke again. "Did Brooke tell you about the people we met?"

"No, she only told me about coming here, joining Aslan, defeating the elves, and becoming queen. She said it was best to take it slow." Emma glared at Brooke, and I knew something was wrong. 

"Are you crazy! She should have a right to know!" She yelled. I was getting scared, she never yelled, and her black hair and pale skin made her look scary. 

"We will tell her when she is ready, and right now she isn't ready." Brooke said comely. I had no clue what they were talking about, but I was curious to know what it was about. I didn't say anything, and neither did the dragons. Jura kept glancing over at Maulduen who was staring intently at Emma. I saw the marks of their bond on his left leg - falling leaves being blown by the wind, it was beautiful. Emma took a few deep breaths and nodded her head looking back at Maulduen, and I had a feeling they had been talking to each other. 

"So what do we do?" Emma asked. "I need to go back to the palace, Patten will be expecting me. You guys can come too..." She paused looking at Brooke, she shook her head. 

"Melanie, Jura, and I shouldn't go. And besides - you should get some along time with your husband." Brooke said though a smile. Emma cheeks turned red.

"Wait! You have a husband!?" I yelled. 

"Uh, yeah...... I do... His name is Patten, he is a king of Narnia. We married the last time we were here." She said choosing her words carefully. "Uh, he is an elf." She answered. "Anyway, I will leave tomorrow, if that is enough time for you guys." She said softly sitting on a chair. Maulduen laid down, curling around himself in a big black ball. Jura still watched him, but he didn't notice, his eyes closed. 

/Why are you looking at Maulduen?/ I asked her. 

/I don't trust him, how could a dragon so big be that gentle./ She answered softly. 

/You like him./ I nudged her arm.

/I do not!/ She protested. 

/You can claim that but I know the truth./ I laughed, and Brooke looked at me confused, Emma looked at me too, but in a knowing way. We ate dinner and went to sleep with little conversation. Emma went outside and slept under Maulduen's wing, he curled around her, protectively.

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