New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


38. Duties of a Queen


Seeing Emma bleed on the floor I began to panic. "Emma! Emma!" I yelled, holding her head in my lap. The guard was still standing there, just watching. "Are you an idiot? Go get help!" I snapped at him. His head snapped back in fear before running out the door. 

After what seemed like forever Patten and Holter ran through the doors. Patten knelt next to Emma and I before ripping the black soaked clothing from the stab wounds. He cursed in elvish and I looked up at him to see tears falling down his cheeks. With speed I didn't know he had, he cleaned the wounds before starting to sew them up. "Go help Tomi and Hutch." He ordered me and I shook my head. "Melanie, there is nothing we can do for her now, go help Tomi and Hutch." 

"I won't." I said softly, tears streaming down my own face. 

"Yes you will." He said sternly, picking Emma up. He started to walk out of the thrown room before looking down at Alana's body. "Holter." 


"Deal with the body." Then he walked out of the room. Holter sighed and walked over to the body. 

"Your just going to listen to him?" I asked and he looked up at me. 

"There is no use arguing with him when he's in a state like that." Holter picked up the body and flung it over his shoulder and started walking out of the thrown room, I ran to catch up with him. "You should do as he said and go help Tomi and Hutch." I shook my head.

"No, she's my sister, I have to be by her side. I want to be with Emma!"

"She will be fine without you for a couple hours while we deal with this mess. The people need a queen, and with Emma down, you need to be the spokesmen." He said glancing back at me. 

"Me? A spokesmen!" Holter nodded adjusting the body. We walked into the court yard, and the sight was gruesome. Dead bodies scattered the once beautiful landscape, and a few people started to count the casualties. 

"Queen!" People started to shout, and I didn't know if they were talking to me or yelling for Alana. A few people tried running toward Holter, but I would step in front of them and warn them off with a look. Holter set the body down for all to see.

"Alana is dead. My sister, Queen Emma, and I, Queen Melanie, have taken back what rightfully belongs to us. Alana's rein of fear and violence to control the people is over." I shouted to the crowd. "Once again it will be safe to travel and live without fear. My fellow leaders and I promise to return to all of you what has been stolen from you and honor all the fallen." The pirates all cheered from were they were standing, Tomi and Hutch stood among them. Some of the men got down into a bow, soon all of the men, even Alana's soldiers, were are their knees. "Please, arise, my sister has been wounded and so have many other in the battle, help me to tend to the wounded and bury the dead." All the men and women started cheering and celebrating with each other. I turned to Holter and smiled as he pulled me in to a warm embrace. I didn't fight it but he then backed away.

He rubbed his neck, "Sorry I..." I grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him before he could finish. Once I ended the kiss and stepped back he stared at me with wide eyes. I gave him a sly smile and walked toward the battle field. A man held a bloody hand to his ear and groaned in pain. I pulled him up by the should and walked him out of pile of bodies. I walked him to the servants quarters. Some afraid servants were huddled in a corner but as soon as they saw me their fear melted away.

"Quick find medical supplies and prepare all beds for the injured!" The servants scurried about doing as I ordered. A younger servant took the man from me and laid him on a bed. I hurried out to find more injured. By the time I saw Patten I had managed to carry almost 50 injured into the servants quarters they were running out of beds.

"Where's Emma? Is she alright?"

"She's doing okay for now I took her to our room. Maulduen is keeping guard outside the window, as well as Romnly in the hallway, no one will get to her." I sighed in relief picking up another injured man. Patten helped me carry 20 more injured to the servants quarters then we looked around for more. It as hard sometimes to tell if the men were alive or dead, and it was saddening that most were dead. 

"These people didn't ask to die, and yet they did for us." I whispered turning another body over. 

"They did for Narnia, to be free from Alana's rule. They spent 100 years under her reign, it was time for a revolution." Patten said shaking his head. "You go to Emma, I'll deal with the rest of the bodies." I straightened, looking at Patten in disbelief. That was his wife up there, and yet he wanted me to go. 

"No, you go." Patten's head snapped toward me, his glare malicious. Standing he took my arm forcefully. 

"Melanie." He said coldly.

"Patten." I replied mimicking his tone. 

"Go to Emma." 

"No you!"

"I'm not going to say this again, go to Emma... now." the look he gave me could kill an army of thousands, and a lump of fear edged its way into my throat. Slowly I nodded and he pushed me towards the castle. Walking, I pondered why Patten would want me to go instead of him. Sure I am her sister, but he is her husband... He matters more, don't you think? I shook off the thoughts and climbed the stairs to the tenth floor and down the long hallway where Romnly was laying in front of the double doors to Patten and her room. 

"Melanie!" Romnly yelled, I smiled as she walked over to me, her shoulder was finally taller than me, not quite as tall as Jura, but she would be able to be ridden pretty soon.  

"Romnly." I replied softly. "How is Emma? Have you heard anything? Any stirring of her heart beat?" Romnly closed her eyes and dropped her head, and I knew the answer. "Well, Patten said to come here, so..." Romnly moved to the side.

"I hope she is okay." I heard right as the doors closed. 

"Me too." I whispered, then I looked at Emma. Her skin was like a corps without makeup, it just screamed death; her hair was falling out of the braid that we had put it in before the attack. Her chest slowly rose and fell with each shaky breath. 



Emma had yet to wake up, and we all were getting worried. Patten barely left her side, and neither did Holter or I. Maulduen didn't eat or sleep he only sat and watched Emma's unmoving body. Jura wanted to help him so bad but didn't know how. I sat in the empty throne room listening to yet another widow how wants to make sure there dead loved one is buried properly for the fourth day in a row. Although I had stopped paying attention ages ago I sat attentively on my throne. 

"I demand that he be buried properly." She snapped when she realized I wasn't paying attention. 

"I assure you his burial is already being taken care of, there will be a memorial ball in honor of all the fallen and you are cordially invited to attend." 

"And you think that a ball will make up for what I have lost." 

I could feel the rage rising in me but subdued it. "I'm sincerely sorry for what you've lost." I repeated. "The kings and I will make sure your husbands service to his kingdom will be repaid greatly."

"Thats what I'm talking about! 'The kings and I!' I heard there was another queen, where is she in this time of need?" The woman asked mockingly, her hands on her hips. Standing I strode over to where she stood. 

"How dare you." I spat, anger rising with every word. "How dare you question a queen." 

"Well, where is she." the woman replied mockingly, her head tilted to the side. My hand was up faster than I could control. Before I could slap her Holter abruptly ran through the door a smile on his face. 

"Emma!?" I asked and he nodded. I paused, my heart leaping into my throat. Relief flooded through my veins, my hand dropping instantly. The woman looked from Holter to me, than back again. 

"The other queen?" She asked, but I barely heard her. 

"Sorry for cutting this short Madam, but I must leave at once!" then I ran after Holter who was already out the door. We raced up the stairs, climbing them two by two all the way up the ten flights. I bursted through the bedroom doors to see Emma and Patten hugging. Her eyes opened and snapped to me. "Emma!" I yelled, she pushed Patten off her as I ran onto the bed, hugging her tightly, tears falling down my face. 

"Oh Melanie." she whispered in my ear, stroking my hair. "What would I do without you?" I laughed, unable to stop myself, hugging her tighter. 

"I was so afraid I was going to lose you." I whispered, letting go slightly to see her face. 

"You can't get rid of me." she laughed, then her face scrunched up in pain and Patten was by her side in an instant. 

"Are you okay?" He asked, eyes wide in worry; she nodded giving a fake smile. 

"We should give her some rest." Holter said from behind me, he grabbed onto my arm and forced me out the door. I didn't want to leave her side but I didn't fight him. We closed the door behind us and walked down the corridor in silence. "Are you ok?" I turned my face to him.

"Yeah, I'm great. Emma's ok!"

"No not Emma, when I walked into the throne room you looked agitated." He stopped walking.

I stopped and turned to face him, "Do you think I'm doing a good job as queen?"

"Of course you're doing a good job! You're doing everything you can in this hard time. The people are just have aren't used to this kind of change." He came closer but hesitated, almost afraid. "I think you're doing great and they all will grow to love I have." He added under his breath. When I looked at him in surprise he looked down at his hands almost embarrassed. It was I who stepped closer, only till my face was inches away did he look up. I planted a kiss on his lips. His lips were dry and cracked but still warm. The kiss was quick and as soon as it ended I turned, hiding my blushing face, and continued walking. Holter stood in awe but soon followed behind. Maybe in this short time I've known him, or at least I think I've known him, I had grown to like him, there maybe more but I didn't know. What ever we had before was gone but maybe something new can start.

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