New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


3. Death Wish


Tomi was rambling on about something I quite didn't catch up on, and she kept asking questions about the summer. I answered with simple yes or no and/or a maybe. I wasn't up for a conversation so I looked out the window and tried to block Tomi's ranting out. 

"Hello?!" Tomi basically yelled, waving a hand in front of my eyes. "Earth to Emma! Earth to Emma!" 

"I'm here, sorry." I said with a fake smile. 

"What's with you today? Your not acting normal. What happened this summer?" 

"I will tell you, but we just have to wait till we get to your house. I don't want to talk with your mom around to hear, she might think I'm crazy." I replied looking at her mom, Tomi nodded.

"Okay. We are almost there anyway. But you better tell me everything. And I mean EVERYTHING." I nodded. I would tell her everything, and hopefully she wouldn't think I'm crazy. I looked back out the window, the country was rolling by. We turned left onto a dirt road, and a few more minutes we were in their front yard - well more like acer. Her house was a beautiful white, two stories, large windows, and a beautiful yard to top it off. They were not your usual country folk. I mean they had horses, cows, some sheep, but their home didn't make it seem like it. "Okay, lets go into my room." Tomi said taking my hand and leading me into the house.

Tomi closed the door when we reached her room on the second floor. "As I said, I will tell you everything, but were to start." I said sitting on her queen sized bed. 

"Well, start from the beginning." I nodded as Tomi sat next to me. 

"Well, first thing my dad died, but that's just the first of it." I paused, but continued a moment later. "We moved in with my grandparents - my mom, I think, needs the support. The first night my grandpa told us stories of Narnia, though we - Melanie and I - just thought they were stories." 

"Wait, you are saying you went into an imaginary world called Narnia?" 

"Yes. Please don't think I'm crazy." Tomi stayed silent, so I continued. "The next morning Grandpa and Grandma taught us to fight, I thought nothing of it. Sword fighting was sword fighting. Later Grandma told us to take Gracie on a walk - we did just that. But Gracie was acting strange, she ran into a cave, and of course Melanie and I followed in after her. The winds blew threw it, and well, we came out the other end in Narnia. If you think I'm joking, I'm sorry, this is what happened." 

"Don't stop, I'm don't think you are joking. I'm here for you. But why are you so depressed?" I smiled - an actual smile, not a fake. 

"I'm getting to that. Just wait." She nodded. "So, we were in Narnia - I was excited. We found out that Gracie is this humongous dire-wolf, which was so cool - oh and she could talk, if thats not weird." I continued to tell of our adventure in Narnia. 

"Then on the third night I heard a scream and I decided to follow it. The screams lead me to a house in the middle of the woods were a fawn tied to a bloody pole." I paused, remembering the pain that happened. "I set her free." again I stopped, taking deep breaths to stop myself from crying. Tomi set a supporting hand on my back. "The man in the house came out with a whip, yelling at me. I took out my swords and I was going to fight, but the man whipped my hands." I held up my shaking hands. 

"Why don't you have the scars." Tomi asked. 

"I'm getting to that, just hold on. I told you I would tell you everything." I paused again, taking a deep steady breath. As I described the whole experience, Tomi grimaced."Little mice cut me free and I escaped into the night, in the pain I could barely even crawl, but I forced myself up and ran until I found another house. I let myself in, as there was no one home. I mended my wounds, and plotted to get my weapons back. Fire was in the plan."  

"Fire! Emma why are you so crazy?" Tomi cut in. 

"I don't know - it worked, but with more wounds, in the same exact spots as I was whipped. Coincidence? I think not. I spent another few days mending my wounds then Melanie came with an elf named Holter. I; thinking she was dead, didn't expect her to be alive and with an elvish boy. We traveled on a unicorn to an elven city where we met Holter's brother Patten. At first I thought he was rude, because he wouldn't look at us, then I found out why."

"He was blind, wasn't he." Tomi said and I nodded. 

"He gave me a mask to cover my scarred face. We then traveled to the Narnian rebel camp where we met a lion named Aslan, and our other companions. Long story short, I fell in love with Patten, Melanie fell in love with Holter - no surprise there. And we defeated the evil elves, with other miner injuries along the way. Melanie and I were crowned as the new queen's of Narnia. Later I was married to Patten. They too were crowned as the kings, but for the elves. They refused to follow humans."

"Your MARRIED!!?" Tomi basically yelled. 

"Not here, but in Narnia." Tomi smiled. 

"AWWW!!! Was he cute?" 

"Incredibly, totally sexy. I drew him right as we came back from Narnia so I could remember what he looked like." I went over to my bag and unzipped it. I took out my sword, then the clothes that Patten gave me and then finally, I took out my sketch pad. "Here we go." 

"Man, you've got a lot us stuff in that bag." Tomi said in surprise. 

"Yea, those clothes were Pattens, and that sword is mine. This is his ring. It came back with me for some reason, along with his clothes." I explained turning to the page with the picture of Patten. The picture was just a sketch, but it showed all the detail of his body, down to a little scar that I gave him when we were sword fighting. 

"Wow. I think I'm in love with your husband." Tomi said laughing, taking the drawing out of my hands. She looked it over, running her fingers along the edge of the paper. 

"Just remember he's mine-" I started to say, when I realized I would never see him again. 

"I'm so sorry. I totally understand why you are so depressed. You loose your father, you rule a kingdom, you get married, then all that is taken away from you in like a moment." She said handing me back my drawing. "Lets go for a walk." 


"Outside, on our land, we will have more space to talk." I nodded following Tomi out the door, down the stairs, and out the front door.

"So what do you want to talk about?" I asked. 

"How 'bout we don't talk, but ride a horse." Tomi said leading me to the pasture. 

"Sure, I know how to ride. It's fun." I said. "Are we going to ride bare back, or with a saddle?" 

"What do you want. Personally, I want to ride bare back, but if your majesty would prefer a saddle I could saddle one up." Tomi said with a sarcastic tone. 

"No, I like riding bare backed. Which horse is mine?" 

"You can pick, they are all pretty good, though some are a little wild." She said. 

"I pick, that one." I pointed to a tall black stallion, in a pen across the pasture. 

"Do you have a death wish?! That horse is not suitable to ride." she paused looking around. "How about that one." She pointed to a medium height dark brown horse. "Her name is Lady." I looked at Lady, she was a beautiful horse, but no, I wanted to ride the stallion. 

"No, I'll stick to my choice." I said making my way to the black horse. 

"It's your death. Go ahead." I climbed over he fence and into the pin. The horse bucked and stood up on it's hind legs to show warning. I put up my hand and slowly walked forward. The horse whined and backed away, nodding its head. 

"Hey, there. I'm not gonna hurt you. I am Emma." I spoke to the horse as though it were a child next to it's mother. "Can I ride you?" the horse backed away as if to say 'hell no!' "Aw, come on, it will be fun. We can run in the pasture, as fast as you want." I continued to speak. The horse stopped moving for a second but then continued to nod it's head widely. I moved forward, slower this time. And finally! The horse stopped moving, and let me come closer until I was right in front of it. Slowly I laid my hand on it's neck and stroked downward slowly. The horse snorted, but stayed where it was. 

"You are crazy Emma." Tomi said getting on Lady. "That horse will probably kill you. Wait, never mind. But it would still hurt you." 

"I'll take my chances." I said moving to a position that I could jump and get on it's back. "Do you have a name for him?" 

"No, we were going to sell him later on, but I mean, you can name him if you want." I jumped onto his back in a fluent motion, the horse bucked at first, but riding a griffin, and a unicorn taught me all I needed to know about holding on tight. Finally, the stallion slowed into a walk. 

"That's a good boy." I said patting the stallions neck. "Now you need a name."           

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