New Dawn

Emma and Melanie have returned from Narnia, but they aren't the same person they were. Things have changed them, and they won't be the same, and how will they face the real world knowing that they will never see Patten and Holter again.

This is the second book in the New Series the last book was New Kingdom, so if you haven't read that book, you should start there. This is a Narnian Fanfiction - thank you.


20. A New Look


I woke up to see a humongous bronze wing. And I mean humongous. - the wing probably covered close to 50 yards. Behind me was the smooth scales of the dragon Maulduen. I poked his side, and a loud rumble shook the ground, and me with it. "Wake up you sleepy head!" I yelled poking his side again. His large head, which was the size of a bus, slid under his wing and laid next to me. One of his eyes opened to look at me. 

/Yes?/ he asked. 

"We should get up, start the day." I said smiling. 

/You know that you can speak to me telepathically. No sound means no one knows you are helping me. And that means you get to live. People will try to kill you when they know that your helping me./ He said blinking slowly. 

/Like this?/ I thought, trying to communicate my thoughts to Maulduen. He blinked again. /I don't think this is working./

/It's working fine./ Then he moved his wing, letting the light flood in, blinding me for a good long while. 

/Why did you do that? You could have warned me before hand!/ I mentally yelled. Maulduen chuckled a bit and started to lick his injured leg. /You shouldn't do that. I know it hurts, but I don't think you should do that./ I said trying to push his massive head away from his leg. 

/But it itches!/ he grumbled. I laughed aloud trying to push his head away again. 

/For such a big dragon, you act like a baby!/ Maulduen blinked again as if saying 'so?' I climbed onto his paw and started looking at his wounds. Hundreds of little marks covered his leg - well they seemed little, up close they were bigger than my arm. Dried blood covered his bronze scales. /We need to wash this off./ I said tracing a long gash with my fingers. 

/Okay, got on my back, I can fly to a lake. There is a big lake a couple miles from here./ I nodded, looking for a way to get on his back, which was, like his wings, were like 30 yards up... wow.... 

/How do I get up there?/ I asked. 

/Climb up my wing./ And with that he lowered one humongous wing and stretched it out. I jumped off of his paw and walked to the end of his wing. Then started to climb it - which proved harder than I expected. Half way up, it got real steep, to where I couldn't even climb up like a rock climb - it was too slippery. 

/I can't... It's too slippery, too steep, it's too everything." I said, then without warning Maulduen's wing lifted and I was sliding downward toward one of Maulduen's large spikes. I screamed, and hit the spike. /Did you really have to do that?/ I asked pushing myself off it, almost falling off him in the process. He shifted making me level out. /Thanks./ I walked to the bace of his neck and sat down. With two big flaps of his wings Maulduen lifted off the ground. I started to breath heavy, scared to look anywhere but forward. I've ridden in plains, on a griffin, on a lion, on a unicorn, on rolarcoasters, and nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes close to riding a dragon. The thrill of it is crazy, I mean even after you get over the fact that at any moment you could possibly fall to your death. At least on a griffin you can hold on with your legs and arms - but I guess dragons don't want that.... 

It didn't take long to get there, only like a couple minutes. But it still felt like eternity being on Maulduen's back. He landed with a light thump, and lowered his wing to the ground. /Slide down my wing./ he said, I nodded, sat down on the bace of his wing, and plunged to my death.

/Wow!/ I paused shaking my limbs to get the jitters off. /That was crazy!/ I mentally yelled. Maulduen laughed and stepped into the water. /Just soak for a while, then I'll come in and start scrubbing./ he did as I said and started to swim. I sat down, my feet in the water, and watched Maulduen dive in and to of the water. /Okay, I think that is enough./ I said walking into the water. /Come over here./ He did as I said and swam toward me, wrapping his head and tail around me. I swam toward his leg and started wiping off the dried blood. 

About an hour passed and I was still wiping off the dried blood. /I need a break./ I said swimming to shore. Maulduen blinked and swam back into the lake. 

/Thanks for helping me./ he said blowing water into the air. 

/No problem./ I ringed out my wet clothes and hair, sitting on the grass.  

"There you are!" I herd someone yell, then a searing pain exploded through my body, starting in my left arm. Maulduen roared, jumping out of the water, and landing in front of me. I looked over at my left shoulder and found a black arrow sticking out of it. I started to breath fast, then pulled the arrow out of my arm. - Black liquid flowed out of the wound onto the ground along with blood. A woman yelled and shot another arrow at me, but Maulduen stepped in the way with his left arm, and the arrow hit him in the shoulder. The woman screamed snapping her bow in half. Maulduen's long neck stretched out toward the woman, and he killed her. 

I somehow found the way and strength to climb up Maulduen's leg and pull the arrow out of his leg. He roared again, but this time in pain. Again black liquid flowed out of his wound. /Get into the water, wash this out./ I ordered, climbing on his back somehow - with strength I didn't know I had. He walked into the lake until the water hit the newly inflicted wound. I stood up and dove into the water. /Don't look, I'm taking off my shirt./ I said /I need to wash my wound as well as yours./ 

/I am a dragon. I have no sexual feelings toward humans. Especially one that I am to protect." As he said this his scales started to turn black. /Whats going on?/ He asked licking the black scales. 

/I have no clue./ I said taking off my shirt. Where the arrow hit me my vanes turned black, and my skin turned pale, like your dead type of pale. The paleness stretched across my body, and my hair started to turn black like midnight with no moon or stars. The paleness took away the beauty of marks that were beginning to form on my arm - it looked like a scar, but the design was complicated, like leaves being blown by the wind. The same sort of marks began to form on Maulduen's left shoulder as well. /Ans what is this scar? - Or marks, or whatever this is?/ I asked rubbing the marks. 

/I am your protector, that is a dragon mark - it wouldn't be as noticeable if your skin wasn't changing into a deadly type of pale./ Maulduen said still licking his newly blacked scales. /What is happening to us?/ he asked. 

/I don't know, because I don't feel sick, so..../ I pondered the both of turning pale and black. /Could it be something about being bonded?/ I asked, Maulduen shook his massive head. 

/I don't think that is what this is./ He dove into the water then said, /When we were shot by those arrows, and when you pulled them out of us, black liquid fell out of the wounds./ He rose from the water, completely black, not one scale was bronze. I pulled my hair out of the braid to look at it, and just like Maulduen's scales, it was completely black.  

/This is awful./ I said looking at my pale skin and black hair. /Ugh!/ I mentally yelled. 

/Calm little one./ he said, /Its okay./ 

/You don't tell a girl to calm down! I look like a ghost! What were the arrows supposed to do anyway?/ I pulled my hair.  

/Maybe it was to kill you, but it needed two arrows to do the job?/ That made sense, there was two arrows, and they both did the same thing. /Lets wash the wounds out, and think about this later./ I did as he said and started to wash out both my wound and Maulduen's. I put back on my shirt and climbed onto Maulduen's back. 

/Why is that so easy now? When I tried this morning I couldn't even climb your wing./ I asked standing on his forehead looking into one of his humongous eyes. 

/When I bonded with you it made it so you can see better, hear better, run faster./ 

/What do you get out of the deal?/ Maulduen laughed. 

/I get to control the wind./ and with that a a gust of wind blew my newly black hair around me, the wind was warm and it dried my wet clothes. The wind got harder and faster, till it was pushing me forward. I fell of his head, falling like 50 yards down - I am going to die. But that didn't happen, Maulduen made the wind raise me back up to his head.

/You could have told me that before I fell to my death./ I said holding onto one of his ginormous spikes. 

/You wouldn't have died, I would have caught you. I'm your protector, if you don't remember./ He said and started to flap his massive wings. We flew for a long time, faster then what I would have originally felt safe going, but somehow I felt like this was normal, and I loved it. Maulduen flew above the clouds, and the sun warmed my face. I found that the arrows also made me very cold, as well as Maulduen, so the sun felt good on my skin and his scales.   

A week passed, My skin and hair didn't go back to normal, nor did Maulduen's scales turn back to bronze. I didn't like it, and neither did he, we were always really cold or really hot, and well it just wasn't fun. What I did like though, was flying at night, we fit right into the night sky and no one knew we were there. Maulduen and I got better at different things, like me getting onto his back - he would let down one of his humongous wings and I would run up it, and to get down I would slide as if I was surfing. I had never gone surfing before, but I guessed what it was like by riding the wind. Which was also so much fun. I could't control the wind like Maulduen, but I could ride the wind currents - sometimes it got scary when I got too high, but Maulduen would always control the winds to bring me back down. 

We were flying to the west to find Brooke still, and maybe Melanie. Oh, how I missed her.  I missed Patten too, but there was nothing I could do to change that, I was on a quest to find Brooke, and that is what I'm going to do. Right now was mid day, the sun was high in the sky and I loved the heat. And that was when Maulduen sensed another dragon. 

/Get down!/ He mentally yelled. I did as he said and hid behind one of his massive spikes. Maulduen landed and hid behind some tall trees, crouching down to hide his massive size. /Jump down./ he ordered, I obeyed and hid behind some rocks. Ugh, can this day get any worse?      

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