Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


1. Prologue

All the characters I made in my mind, so therefore copyrighted to me. They were made in my mind and are being built on every day. So thank you for reading this book . . . . Amen. 


Life sometimes gives little gifts, other times it takes them. People turn evil, crazed, possessed, I could go on and on about this stuff. But then, I could also talk about the good gifts the world gives us, like a beautiful voice, a way with their hands, etc. And on special occasions, the world gives gifts unlike the normal, a spiritual gift, something that is more than just a thing to show off. 

Some people can see the spiritual side of things, they can "connect" with the other world. Others can understand animals, like they can talk to them. When we are children we dream of superpowers, wanting to be more than the ordinary. You can probably guess where I am going with this . . .




The woman stood there, grasping her belly as though it were going to pop. Men and women alike stood around her, trying to make her understand what was going on. A scream ripped from the women's mouth, and she fell to the ground. The people rushed to help her onto the bed, a few of them left, shaking. Three minutes passed, four, five, ten, thirty, the time slipped away. 

Two hours passed and there was a cry, but it was different, an infant cry. The people rushed around, cleaning and tending to the baby, forgetting all about the woman almost dead on the bed. Six words escaped the woman's mouth, there was only one person standing there to hear. 

"Alexandra, if a boy Jack Jack." Then the woman's eyes rolled onto the back of her head, she lay there not moving. She was dead, never to know if the baby was a girl or a boy. Never to see it grow, never to know if it were to be loved, never to know anything about the babes life. Never to know. . . . . . 

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