Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


10. 9

Max stood there heaving, his breath rapid and choppy. Jenna stood up slowly, her hands up as if to warn him not to do anything rash. 

"I'm sorry." he whispered, looking down. The lights stopped flickering, and Max's hair turned back to normal. 

"Hey, it's ok." Jenna said, leaning on the lockers for support. 

"What did I do?" Max asked looking at his hands. He looked back up at Jenna, his eyes held all the words he could not speak himself. I am scared. . . What happened to us in the woods? . . .  Help me . . . And she would do exactly that. 

"We can find out, but lets get to class before anything else happens." Jenna said grabbing Max's arm. They walked to the classroom in silence. People moved out of their way, looking down as if they where scared of what they could do. They sat in the back of the class, in the left corner, next to the window. 

"What did I do?" Max asked again, looking out the window. His hands shook so violently that the table shook with them. The class started and they where forced to pay attention to Mr. Bellmen's boring lecture about Algebra. The class ended, and it was time for PE, a class where they could both let out their frustration. 

"We can talk during the game, or as much as we can during this class." Jenna said, smiling up at Max. He nodded, and headed to the locker room. Jenna went to the girls locker room and started to change. 

"Where did you get that tattoo?" it was Casey, a shorter girl in her class. 

"I forgot." 

"When did you get it?" Jimmy, another girl asked, pulling on her own shirt. 

"I got it a couple weeks ago." Jenna answered, pulling on her shorts and shirt. "It's cool, isn't it?" she lied, she didn't want to talk about her mysterious tattoo on her back.

"Yea, I wish my mom and dad would let me get one, but sadly not." Casey paused. "Wait, aren't you only fourteen?" 

"Yea, I'm only fourteen." Jenna replied. 

"Then, how did you get a tattoo, you have to be sixteen to get one." Jimmy said smirking. 

"My mom and I got the same one, well before she died that is . . . it was her idea." She lied quickly, running out of the locker room. She saw Max standing near the door and walked over to him. 

"Okay, so . . . the weirdest thing just happened to me." Max said, a confused look on his face. 

"And that is?"

"Well, when I was changing, Tucker said I have an awesome tattoo, but here's the thing, I don't have a tattoo." Jenna just smiled at him.

"Well, you probably do have a tattoo." Jenna touched the back of her neck. "After all, I have one that I didn't know about." 

"True, but how did we get them? This is one more problem that we are just adding to all the others." He paused, looking around the gym. The class had started and Mrs. Cloud was separating us into teams. 

"What did Tucker say your tattoo was?"

"He didn't say it was anything, he probably was thinking that I already knew what it was." Max said quietly. Mrs. Cloud was almost to them, and they didn't wan't to get separated. 

"Two, two, one, one, two. . . " Mrs. Cloud continued to number the kids off. When they got their team, they continued to talk. 

"Well, we can check tonight what it is." Jenna said walking to the other side of the gym followed by Max. 

"And we pray that my parents don't walk into the room while we are discussing." Max said sarcastically. Jenna smiled and picked up a Basketball. 

"Start the game!" Mrs. Cloud yelled from the side lines. Jenna slammed the ball on the ground and started to run to the basket. The game progressed Jenna's team was in the lead with 8 to 4. She passed the ball to Max who pivoted to the left, fake shot and threw it to Gabe, who made the shot. The class ended fifteen minutes later, and they all separated to change once again.

"Poke!" Jenna said, poking Max in his side. 

"Ow!" he squeaked poking Jenna back. A couple of kids chuckled and looked away when max gave them a scrutinized look. Jenna looked around at the teens, they seemed scared, but there was nothing to be afraid of. Then she remembered that Max had just beaten up Jason to a pulp. Max gave them a small shy smile and Jenna gave them an awkward wave of the hand.

The rest of the day was quite boring for the both of them. Nothing else strange happened, nothing else but Jason apologizing to Jenna. Which Jenna was pretty sure he was forced to do so. After school, Jenna and Max went back home. They were the only ones there, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson where still at their jobs. 

"Okay, we can talk now." Jenna said sitting on the couch. 

"Okay, um, do you want, um, to see my - my tattoo?" Max said looking at the ceiling. 

"Sure, if you want me to see it." Max nodded, turning around. He took his shirt off, exposing his perfect body, and his back, which was covered in a tattoo. The tattoo was black, blue, and white, from far away it looked as if his back was cracked into millions of little pieces, but when Jenna looked at it closer, she released that it was lightning. In the middle of his back, was a wolf barring his teeth, as though it where going to leap off of his back and attack. "Wow." Was all Jenna could get out. She stood up and walked towered Max and gently touched his back with her finger tips. Following the lighting marks with her fingers she made her was to the top of his back. 

"What is it?" Max asked, looking over his shoulder at Jenna. 

"Well." She paused thinking about how to explain the Tattoo. "Well, it's lightning, with a wolf ready to attack in the middle." She tried to explain more, but the words where lost within the beauty of the tattoo.

"What is yours" Max ask turning to face Jenna. Jenna shrugged. 

"Do you want to see?" She asked. He nodded. Jenna turned around, Max's hands found the him of her shirt and pulled it up a little exposing lines of the tattoo. He pulled the shirt higher, and then her bra was exposed. 

"Um. . ." He stuttered. Jenna quickly took off her shirt, no hesitation. She wore a sports bra, and she didn't mind if Max saw. He coughed in surprise.

"What is it? I haven't seen it myself." Jenna asked. Max touched her back, making her shiver at the touch. 

"Well, there is a tree of fire. It's roots stretch down towered your butt, and it's flaming leaves reach your neck and fall over your shoulder. And then there is a black wolf at it's bace, laying on the ground, in flaming grass." Max said, explaining her tattoo better then she did his. Without another word Max turned and walked to the kitchen at a fast pace. Jenna followed close behind, wanting to know what he was doing. 

"Do you want a snack before we go?" He asked opening the fridge. 

"Go where?" 

"To the forest, there is only one way we can find out what is happening, and that is to try these things out." Max said grabbing a bottled water and and orange. 

"Well then, I will take a bottled water, and thats it." Jenna said going up the stairs into Max's room. She grabbed a bag and stuck three pares of extra clothing into it, then second guessing her decision, grabbed another pare before going back down stairs. 

"What did you get?" Max asked throwing her the bottled water. 

"Some extra clothing. The last time that I went on fire I burnt down my house and killed my parents." Jenna said like it was nothing. Max nodded and took the bag from Jenna, walking out the back door. He still had his shirt off, so Jenna quickly went back into the house and got it for him. "Here." She said handing it to Max. 

"Why did you give me my shirt?" 

"Well, we are going into the woods, and I thought that you would want your shirt?" It sounded more like a question then a statement. 

"Well, I don't need my shirt. But thank you." He took the shirt and stuck it in his back pocket and kept walking. When they got to the forest Max took a deep breath. "Well, we are here, now how do we do this?"

"It was your idea, so I have no clue." Jenna said sitting on the grass. 

"Well, okay. . . Um, think back to when you where on fire." Jenna did so. "Okay, now channel those feelings into fire?" It sounded more like a question to Jenna, but she obeyed. The feeling of fear was the first thing that came to Jenna's mind, and she tried to channel that into fire. A spark leaped into existence above Jenna's hand. She jumped up off the ground. 

"Max!" He looked at her. "I'm doing it!" she held up her hand, which was now on fire. She could see the bright flames on her hand, yet no pain existed, none at all. "This is so strange." Jenna exclaimed moving her hand around. 

"Okay, so this isn't just some strange coincidence, this is really happening." He ran his fingers through his hair, huffing a little. Jenna made the fire cover her entire arm, then her entire body. 

"This is so cool!" She said moving around. "But one down side. . . I'm naked." She said covering her body with her flaming hands. Max quickly looked away. "And how do I stop?" 

"Try and control the fire to go out. I mean, isn't that how you got it to cover your entire body?" He was true, and so Jenna focused her attention on the flames incasing her body, and slowly, the fire stopped.     

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