Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


9. 8

Jenna woke up shivering, the covers fell off as she was sleeping. She reached for them, eyes still closed, her hand hit something that wasn't her covers. The something grabbed Jenna and pulled her closer. It was Max. IT WAS MAX!!!!! Max wrapped his arms around Jenna, making it harder for her to move. 

"Um." She tried to move. "Max!" Jenna nudged him in his side, it only made him hold Jenna closer to his chest. "Max!!" She whisper-yelled. 

"Uuuummmmm" Max said. "W-w-what? HUM?" He asked pulling Jenna closer. 

"Max, please let go." Jenna said, Max didn't seem to understand, his eyes still closed. "Max!" 

"What! What! I'm up!" Max said, letting Jenna go, jumping up to a sitting position. "What is the problem?" Max asked franticly. 

"What are we doing in the same bed!?" Jenna asked getting out of the bed. 

"You were scared to sleep alone last night, so I slept with you." Max said. 

"That does sound like me. But why can't I remember -" she stopped mid sentence as images from the past day flooded her memory. 

"Yea, um, sorry for grabbing you." Max said with a sheepish smile. 

"It's fine." She looked around the room, trying to find a clock. "Three in the morning! You better be kidding me!" Jenna said seeing the clock hit 3:05. 

"I guess it is. We should get back to sleep." Max said patting the be next to him with his hand. Jenna climbed back on the bed, finding the covers she laid back down. The bed was a queen sized, so it wasn't as weird as if it where a twin sized bed. Jenna rolled over to see Max, his eyes wide open, starring at her. 


"Nothing." Max said quickly, closing his eyes. Jenna wanted to talk with Max more, but her eyes grew heavy and she fell back to sleep. 

The alarm clock woke the two on the bed. In their sleep, Max and Jenna had gotten closer, and they now where snuggling together in the middle. 

"Um. . . Sorry." Max said climbing over Jenna to get off the bed. He was wearing pajama pants, no shirt, Jenna's breath hitched when she saw. He had a perfect toned body, which she had never seen before. Max stretched and walked to his dresser, finding some clothes. Jenna got out of the bed and went to where the bags where lain, and tried to find some decent clothing. "I'ma gonna take a shower." Max announced walking out of the room. This gave Jenna an opportunity to change. 

She dressed in some jeans and a forest green button down shirt. It was simple, and she liked it. The jeans where bought by Mrs. Wilson, one of the only things that she bought that Jenna could actually wear. Fifteen minutes passed and Max came back in the room, fully dressed. His hair was a mess, thrown around like a dog right out of a bath. He was dressed in a plain white T and some jeans.

"I'm back!" He said, whipping his hair across his face. 

"'Bout time." Jenna said laughing a little. Max gave her a scrutinized look. "Anyway, I'm starving." 

"Then lets eat." He said walking back out the door after plopping his clothes on the ground. Jenna followed close behind, down the stairs and into the kitchen. 

"Hey guys!" Mr. Wilson said. 

"Hi." Max and Jenna said at the same time. 

"Jinks!" Max yelled quickly, hitting Jenna in the arm. 

"Ow!" Jenna said, pushing Max into the counter. 

"Okay guys, settle down." Mr. Wilson said. They obeyed, going to the cupboard to get some cereal. 

After they where done eating, it was time to go to school. They grabbed their bags and went out the door after saying goodbye to Max's parents. The school wasn't far from the house, so it only took them about six minutes.

"Well, here we are." Jenna said, stopping right in front of the door. She hadn't been there for about two weeks, because of the fire incident, and she didn't want to explain why she was gone all day. Of course, the school already knew about Mr. and Mrs. Smith's death's, but they would all like to know how Jenna was doing. 

"Well, enough standing around, lets go in." Max said with a smile. They made their way down the halls, answering different questions, and avoiding different people. And finally, they made it to their lockers. Jenna didn't have much in her locker, the stuff she did have wasn't very important, and all the other stuff . . . well that stuff was burnt in the fire.

"Well . . . Well . . . Well . . ." It was Jason. "I heard your house burnt down." 

"It did." Jenna replied, looking up at Jason. 

"And I also herd that your parents are dead." he was smiling wickedly, starring down at Jenna. She tried to speak, but the words where caught on her tongue. "But that doesn't sound right. . . now does it?"

"Leave her alone Jason." Max said, budging into the middle of the two. It didn't work. 

"And you know why that doesn't sound right to me?" he paused for affect. 

"Jason! Leave Jenna alone!" Max tried again, and again it didn't work. 

"Because . . . I think" he paused again. "I think, that you killed your parents." the words hit their mark on Jenna's heart. Tears started to fall from her eyes. The world became blurry with the tears, so Jenna fell on the ground. 



Ok, now, think about how you would react in this moment.

Someone, who bullies you every day has just guessed the biggest thing ever. 

You know you killed your parents, but everyone thinks that the fire started because of a broken lamp. But no.

The fire started because you had a nightmare, and you can make fire out of nowhere. 

I know this sounds ridiculous, but just think for a moment. 



Max stood up straight, he stood taller than Jason, about a head and shoulder taller. "What are you thinking, Jason?!!" Max yelled, pushing Jason away from Jenna. 

"She's not denying it!!" Jason yelled back, smiling down at Jenna. People started to file out into the hallway, everyone except the teachers, who where somewhere in a meeting. "Oh just look at her, my words must be true." Max shoved Jason into the lockers on the other side of the hallway and started to punch him. 

"Don't you dare -" he couldn't finish the sentence. The lights flickered, on, off, on, off, on. . . Electricity flew from the ceiling, ground, and walls, and it all surged into Max's body. His hair turned white. And he kept punching Jason. Blood fell from Jason's nose, cheek, and lip. Finally Max stopped, standing back. Jason fell to the ground, unconscious.

Jenna, who had stopped crying, just sat there, starring at Max. His body was shaking violently, his hair still white. The lights flickered still. . . . . on . . . off . . . on . . . off . . . on . . . off . . .  on . . .  off . . . on . . . off. . . .   

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