Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


8. 7


"Great! You are free to go!" The doctor said patting Jenna on her back. Jenna smiled and got up off the bed where she had been staying for the last week.

"I have one question." She paused and the Doctor nodded to proceed. "Where do I stay? My house burnt down and, well, my parents are dead." Jenna said as though it where just another day. The doctor looked dumbfound, and he stayed quiet. Mr. Wilson raised a hand. 

"She can stay with us until collage." he said smiling. 

"In other words, we will foster you." Mrs. Wilson said chiming in. Max smiled, running over to Jenna to give her a hug. The doctor smiled and nodded in agreement. Max picked up Jenna and spun her around, then put her back on the ground, letting go right away after realizing what he just did. Jenna just laughed. 

"Well, we should be off!" Mr. Wilson said holding his wife's hand, they left the room, followed by Jenna and Max. When they got outside Jenna let out a big breath and took in another, wanting more then ever just to run, do anything active. They all piled into Mr. and Mrs. Wilson's car and took off down the road. 

"Where are we going?" Jenna asked looking out the window. 

"To the mall." 

"Why?" Jenna asked looking at Mrs. Wilson. 

"To get you new clothes, when your house burnt down your clothes were all destroyed." Mrs. Wilson said looking back at Jenna smiling. They would not let Jenna object, and every time Jenna tried Mrs. Wilson always made a noise to shush her. When they got to the mall Jenna looked around. It had been a while sense she had been to the mall. You would think, that sense she lived in a bigger town with a mall, that Jenna would go there almost every day, but that was not reality.

The stores were packed with weekend shoppers and people who had nowhere to be. Mrs. Wilson walked into the first store she saw and started to pull shirts and stuff off the racks. Max pushed her towered his mother, who now had a pile of clothes up to her waist from the ground. Jenna let out a squeal when she saw that most of the clothing was dresses and other, fancy clothes. 

"Um, I don't wear that many clothes in a year, or in a decade. So what are you thinking I will do with that many clothes?" Jenna asked picking up a pink sequenced dress. She made a discussed face and put it back on the hanger. 

"Not your type? Oh well, there are much more dresses, not pink, and not sequenced." Mrs. Wilson said taking more clothes off their hangers. Jenna let out a big sigh and left the store, followed by Max. 

"How much money do you have?" Jenna asked Max, looking around at the different stores. 

"Well, I have my credit card, but you wouldn't want that, and even if you did, you would need me to use it." He said with a smile. Jenna smiled, nodding her head, grabbing his arm. They walked in and out of stores, finding clothing that fit Jenna more then what Mrs. Wilson thought. By the time Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson caught up to the two teens, Jenna and Max had picked out bags full of clothing.

"Well, you guys had a fun time." Mrs. Wilson said setting down her own bags. 

"Yes, and I promise that I will wear some of the clothes that you bought too." Jenna said happily to Mrs. Wilson, then to Max she said "Just not as much as the ones we bought." Max smiled, laughing a little. 

"Well, we should get going, or else dinner will be late." Mr. Wilson said picking up some of the bags Mrs. Wilson dropped. They walked out of the mall together, talking about random things, but in the back of Jenna's mind, she remembered her adoptive parents.




Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!! Hope you guys like the book. Sorry for the boring chapter, but I needed something to move the story along :D        

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