Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


7. 6

Jenna was rolled into a hospital room by the same nurse that was in the ambulance. Four men helped Jenna onto the bed and left without another word. 

"Now then, do you want me to call anyone? Someone should know that you are here." She said. 

"Yes please." She said nodding her head just a little. 

"Okay, who? Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin?" She asked. Jenna knew who she wanted the nurse to call, the one person who she wanted to see more than anything. 

"Can you call Max Wilson?" The nurse nodded and Jenna gave her his number. The nurse left Jenna in the room alone. Jenna didn't like it, she didn't like being alone. After what happened, she was afraid to be alone, to be anywhere. She knew that she was a weapon. Forty minutes passed and Max ran through the door, followed by his parents. Seeing him made Jenna want to cry. 

"Jenna, are you alright?" he asked franticly.

"I think so." She said then she whispered so only Max could hear. "But I am scared." He gave a small smile and took Jenna's hand in his own.

"No need, I am here." He whispered back. Mr. Wilson brought a chair up so Max could sit down. "Thanks." he said quickly. 

"How are you girly?" Mr. Wilson asked patting Jenna's leg. Jenna looked down at her legs and back to Mr. Wilson. 

"I could better." She said with a small chuckle. Mrs. Wilson came up and took Jenna's other hand. 

"Do you want us to get you something to eat? You must be staving." she said looking at Jenna, then to her husband. 

"Sure, I would love something to eat." Jenna said quietly. Mrs. Wilson gave a quick nod and took her husbands hand and led him out of the room, leaving Max and Jenna alone. "Max . . . " Jenna whispered, almost on the brink of tears. 

"I'm here, I won't leave either." He said rubbing Jenna's hand with his thumbs. 

"I am scared." she paused. "I killed my parents." she said closing her eyes, making a few more tears fall.  

"You don't know that. The nurse said that it was an accident, that the fire started because of a broken lamp in your bedroom." Max said trying to comfort Jenna. 

"No, you don't understand, Max. I was on fire." she said, basically balling now. 

"It can't be, you don't have any burns, not even a scratch." He said confused. 

"I was on fire! And I wasn't burned. My hair was white, Max, white!" She yelled covering her face with her other hand. Max let out a shake breath. "I was the one who set the house on fire, I was on fire." Jenna whispered, hitting the bed with her free hand.  Jenna continued to cry as Max tried to comfort her. They sat there for a while, not doing anything before Max's parents came back into the room with a tray of food. 

"Here you go sweetie." Mrs. Wilson said setting the tray on Jenna's lap. Max let go of Jenna's hand so she could eat. The food was decent, at least for hospital food. They got her a hamburger, some fries, and a bottle of water, which she drank in three big gulps. "Well you were thirsty."

"I guess so." Jenna said with an attempt to smile. She finished her food and Mr. Wilson went to take the tray back. They sat there in silence for the rest of the night, until Mr. Wilson said it was time to go.

"Can't I stay?" Max said after seeing how scared Jenna looked after that statement. Mr. Wilson looked at Jenna and back to Max. 

"Fine, we will be here tomorrow. And don't stay up too late talking, you both need your rest." After that Mr. and Mrs. Wilson said goodnight and left. Jenna quickly fell to sleep after reassuring herself that she would not burn the hospital down. Max, though stayed up, looking over Jenna as she slept. 

"I believe you." he whispered to Jenna, though she was now fast asleep. "I do believe that you were on fire. And I still love you." he whispered to Jenna again, he kissed her hand and looked at her peaceful features before falling to sleep himself. 

Jenna woke up with a start, jumping a little when she released where she was. She looked down to see Max, fast to sleep, still in the chair. Jenna smiled a little, seeing him slumped in the chair. She didn't want to wake him, so she let him sleep. When he finally came around Jenna smiled, it was getting a little boring without talking to anyone. 

"Good morning." Max said with a small smile. 

"Good morning." Jenna said in reply. 

"How do you feel?" He asked stretching a little. 

"I feel like I could run a marathon."

"So good then?" 

"Yes, good." Jenna said, stretching herself. "A little hungry, but good." She added hearing the rumble of her stomach. 

"Should I get you something?" Max asked, getting up from his chair. 

"No, I want to get my own food. I'm sick and tired of laying here like a sick person. I feel just fine." Jenna said pushing off the covers. Max stood in awe as Jenna got off the bed and walked over to the bathroom. She found some extra scrubs and put them on. When she exited the bathroom Max was sitting on the edge of the bed, fiddling with an edge of the sheet. "Ready?" Jenna asked. Max looked up at Jenna and nodded smiling.

They walked out of the room and headed forward to the cafeteria. They met many nurses who stopped to ask questions about why she was out of her bed. And she told them all the same thing. "I just feel good today. So I am off to get some food." Then they would just walk on to get there food. The food was good. Jenna had some oatmeal and some apple juice and Max had the same but with orange juice. 

The two of them sat at a table and started eating, paying no attention to the people starring at them. "So when you walked by me, heading to the bathroom, you had a tattoo on your back. What was it?" Max asked between bites. Jenna froze, the nurse hadn't lied, hadn't said that to distract her. She let out a shaky breath. 

"I don't remember getting it, but is was there in the ambulance, and-" she stopped talking, thinking about how she could have gotten it. Max just looked at her, and ate more of his breakfast.      

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