Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


4. 3

Jenna woke up to her alarm clock. She opened her eyes, something was off, though she couldn't tell what. She threw off the covers and stretched, she felt good, not sore like she was expecting from the day before, but good. Jenna got up and went to take a shower, the water felt good on her skin, she felt relaxed. Once she was done with her morning routine Jenna got out her skate board and went to school. And still she couldn't tell what was off about everything. 

Jenna walked into the school, she was wearing a blue t-shirt and black shorts. She saw max at his locker, which was right next to hers. "Hey, bro, how's things?" she asked, talking in the weirdest way possible. 

"I am fine, thank you." he said smiling. "And you, how are you?" he asked leaning on his locker. 

"I am wonderful. Though something seems off, but I can't tell what." she confessed to Max. 

"I know exactly what you are talking about, like ever sense I woke up something has been different." he said shifting his position. "It couldn't be the dust, could it?" he asked a little worried. 

"Hey, whatever it is, it can't be that bad." Jenna said grabbing her stuff. "Any who, lets get to class. We can talk about this later." Max nodded and lead the way to the classroom. They sat were they had been yesterday, it seemed like the only spot that they could talk without getting in too much trouble.

The class started, and like the day before Jenna knew everything Mr. Bellmen was talking about. 

"Not gonna draw another masterpiece today?" Max asked jokingly.

"No, not today. Today we sit, we sit and listen to the wonderful lecture Mr. Bellmen is teaching about." Jenna said looking straight ahead, holding her head high. Max mimicked her, making a laughing stalk of himself. Jenna nudged Max, making him burst out into laughter. Jenna looked away quickly, laughing herself. "Stop it will you! You will get us in trouble." Max tried to do as she said, it ended up making him laugh harder than before. 

Mr. Bellmen cleared his voice. "Sorry, sorry. It's just -" Max laughed even harder. What was wrong with him. "My side hurts!" he said falling over on his side. 

"Would you be so kind as to tell us what is so funny?" Mr. Bellmen asked, calling more attention to the two friends in the back. Jenna cursed to herself, covering her face with her arm. 

"It was something I did, that made Jenna nudge me in the side. It tickled, so I started to laugh. I laughed, an now I can't stop." Max explained between chuckles. Mr. Bellmen nodded. 

"Just stop okay?" he said, then he went on teaching the class. Jenna looked at Max again, giving him the death glare. 

"I'm sorry." he said looking at Jenna. Jenna's hair started to turn white again, it turned white until she calmed down, then it started to go back to normal. "Your hair is weird." Max said, pulling a lock of Jenna's hair. 

"Your the one to talk. Your hair turned white as snow when you were laughing." Jenna said. They ended the conversation, though they both could have talked for hours.



Hey guys! Sorry if I don't update the story later on, with school and all. But. . . I would like to know what you guys think! This story is a fun one, but I don't know how other people see it. I would enjoy talking with you about things, and I might also give insight into the story if people ask. Thank you for reading this story! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!!        

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