Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


3. 2

Jenna warmed up, stretching, and throwing the baseball to Max. Mrs. Cloud blew her whistle and we all lined up. 

"Okay, you all listen to your captains, I will be your ref for the game. Jenna, your team will start in the field, Jason, you guys are batting. Now lets play ball!" Jenna brought her team into a huddle to make a game plan. 

"I will pitch, if that is alright. Max, I trust you at first base." he nodded. "Alana, do you want second base?" She nodded. "Tucker, third?" he nodded. "The rest of you out field, wherever you feel comfortable. Though I want some of you infield too. Other than that, lets win this game." they broke huddle and went to there spots. Jason was the one hitting, and Jenna wanted to get him out. Jenna threw a curve ball, to Max she looked like a professional Baseball player.

*Crack!!!!* the ball flew over Jenna's head and over to left field. "Tucker!" Jenna yelled pointing to the ball, he nodded and ran to catch it. He missed by a couple inches. "Pick it up!" he did so and threw it for second base. 

"Out!" Mrs. Cloud yelled and pointed for their dugout. Jason cursed and walked off of the field. The next hitter went to his spot. Jenna threw straight for the catcher. *Crack!!!!* The ball went flying over everyone's heads, over the fence, and into the woods on the other side.

"I'll get it!" Max yelled. "Come on Jenna!" she rolled her eyes and followed Max into the woods. The ball didn't go far, only past four or five trees. It was stuck in the ground though. Max picked it up and started to walk away when Jenna happen to look were the ball landed, and saw something gleam in the sun. She picked it up, It was a grey, white, black, red, and blue stone. It had a weird shape though, as though it was chipped off of a bigger piece. Jenna turned it over, inscribed on the stone were words. She read them out loud.

Time hold still, fire burn long

Life run long, Light covering all

Wolves hunt all

 The rest was too dirty to read, and or it was too withered away. 

"What did you say?" Max asked turning around.

"This stone, it has words on it, I can only read some of it, but the rest of it is too dirty to read."

"Well, what does it say?" Max asked coming closer to look at the stone.

Time hold still, fire burn long

Life run long, light covering all

Wolves hunt all

"That is all I can read." Jenna said giving the stone to Max he turned it over in this hands a couple times before reading it aloud himself. After he was done reading the words on the stone, the rock then disintegrated into dust. "What did you do?!" Jenna yelled at Max, hitting him in the arm. "That could have been valuable!" She said, touching the dust with her hands. 

"I did nothing, I swear." he said crossing his heart. Then the wind blew through the forest and took the dust out of Max's hands. "Well, that was worthless." he said starting to walk away. The dust flew in the wind and stopped right in front of Max, making a wall so that we couldn't escape. "Uh, Jenna, what is happening?" Max asked, his voice hinting fear. Then one by one, a speck of dust came off the wall and attached itself to Max. After he was completely covered, the excess dust quickly traveled toward Jenna and attached itself to her too. 

It stayed on them for a long time, digging its way into there skin. Jenna and Max couldn't move, they were frozen in complete horror of what was going on. Almost thirty minutes passed before they could move again, and even then they could only take a few steps at a time before their bodies exploded in agony. When they could finally move again without agony, Jenna collapsed on the ground. 

"Are you okay?" Max said, running over to Jenna. She coughed and rolled over on her side. "Jenna, speak to me!" he turned her over, her hair was turning white and she twitched a few times. "Jenna!" he yelled shaking her. Jenna coughed again and opened her eyes. 

"Max." she whispered, "Max, what just happened?" She asked scared. 

"I don't know, when I saw you fall everything that just happened went blank." Max said helping Jenna sit up. 

"What are you two doing back here?!" Mrs. Cloud yelled from behind them. Jenna looked at her, Mrs. Cloud was mad. 

"I am sorry, It won't happen again. I just tripped and fell, Max was just trying to help me." Jenna said, covering for why they were gone for so long. Mrs. Cloud walked over to them and looked Jenna over. 

"You look fine to me, though I thought your hair was black, not white." she said. Jenna tried to get up but couldn't, extreme agony shot through her when she moved. 

"Mrs. Cloud, I can't move." Jenna said, fear covering all emotions. She tried to move again, the pain that shot through her body made her scream. Mrs. Cloud quickly knelt next to Jenna and looked her over again, trying to see what was wrong. 

"Max, your gonna have to carry her, I won't be able to." Mrs. Cloud said getting off the ground. Max nodded and picked up Jenna like she was a sack of feathers. 

"Are you okay?" Max asked, whispering to Jenna. 

"I don't know. Are you alright?" She asked concerned. Max had been attacked by the dust before her, and more covered his body then hers. The only difference was that the dust attacked Jenna second, not first. 

"Yea, I'm fine, a little sore, but fine." he said, trying to smile. They walked out of the forest and back to the Baseball field. 

"Max, you take Jenna to the Nurses. The rest of you go and change." Mrs. Cloud said dismissing the class. Max did as Mrs. Cloud said and started to walk for the nurses office. 

"What just happened to us?" Jenna asked for the second time, trying to move her fingers without having pain explode through her body. Max shrugged. 

"I don't know, but whatever happened wasn't good. I just hope your alright. I saw you fall Jenna, I thought you were going to die." he said concerned. When they got to the nurses office Max set Jenna on a chair. 

"Can I help you two?" The nurse asked walking over. 

"I fell in the woods, I can't move without pain." Jenna said continuing the lie. The nurse looked over Jenna, even taking off her shoes. More excess dust dug it's way into Jenna's skin making her scream again. She didn't cry, which was weird, for as much pain that covered Jenna, she was pretty calm. "Don't take off your shoes." Jenna warned Max. "Or do so, it will attack you anyway." she said, with a hint of sarcasm.

"I will take them off later, when we are not here." Max whispered so the nurse could not hear. 

"Well, your leg is completely swollen, I would advise you to stay off it for the rest of the day." the nurse said, putting back on the shoe. "Just try to take it easy from now on, okay?"

"Okay." Jenna said, trying a smile. 

"Good. Now, be off with the two of you." she said patting Jenna's shoulder. 

"Yes, ma'am." Max said picking up Jenna again. They walked out of the office and went back to the gym. "So, are you alright to go change by yourself?" 

"Who do you think I am, a wimp?" Jenna said. Max let her down and helped Jenna steady herself. "Just be prepared to take off your shoes, more dust is waiting to dig itself into you." she said looking at max. They separated to change. 

The rest of the day was long. Jenna's condition got better, and so did Max's, but they still wondered why the dust did what it did. What happened to them?

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