Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


19. 18

"He's fine." Jenna said, laying a supporting hand on Lizzy's back. She was kneeling over Elijah's body, shaking with fear. 

"But he's not moving!" She said looking up at Jenna. Max was standing behind them both, 

"Here, let me see him." she said kneeling next to Lizzy. Very gently Jenna looked him over, feeling for a pulse. Thank goodness - there was one. Very faint, but it was still there. "He's still alive. We should just take him home, put him in his bed, and hope he will wake up in an hour or so." Jenna said looking over at Max, he was nodding in agreement. 

"Do you know where he lives Lizzy?" Max asked  

"I've been there once before." Lizzy said standing up. 

"Do you remember the street?" Jenna asked, she nodded. "Okay thats a start. Max turn into a wolf and carry Elijah, I will carry Lizzy." Jenna said, Max nodded and turned to his wolf form. 

"Are you strong enough to pick him up and put him on my back?" Max asked telepathically. 

"I think so." Jenna replied, then she picked Elijah up and swung him over Max's back. 

"Wow, you are one strong girl!" Lizzy said astonished. 

"It's part of being part wolf, I think." Jenna stated. "Get on my back when I turn into a wolf." She commanded, Lizzy nodded. With a shutter Jenna was her wolf self, towering over Lizzy. Kneeling down, Lizzy got on her back. 

"His house is that way." Lizzy said pointing west. Max nodded his big furry head and started running, Jenna ran after him and into town. 

"What if we get seen?" Jenna asked. 

"Then we get seen. And besides, we can run supper fast... it will only look like a blur to the people." Max said picking up speed. It was true, they did look like a blur, just two streaks in the wind, one bigger than the other. They got to Elijah's street in no time, and Jenna laid down for Lizzy to get off. 

"Woah, that was crazy... remind me never to ride on your guy's backs ever again. 

"Um... Max... If we turn into humans... We will be naked. We didn't bring extra clothing, and we weren't wearing the fabric." Max's eyes went wide and he looked at Lizzy. 

"How will we get him inside the house then. Neither of us can fit through a door." 

"Take off Elijah's pants, and wear those, take him into his room, take them off and turn back into a wolf when you are outside again." Jenna said thinking of a quick solution to their problem. 

"Fine." Max said laying down, Jenna went over and pulled Elijah's pants off him. Then turned around, covering Lizzy's eyes in the process. "Okay I'm good." Max said aloud. Then him and Lizzy walked into Elijah's home, with Elijah swung over Max's shoulder. "You are welcome to stay with us until you find out what is happening." Max said setting Elijah on his bed. Thank goodness his parents weren't home, or else there would have been a lot of explaining to do. 

"Thank you." Lizzy said as they walked out the door. 

"When we get to my house, could you possibly run in and grab us some clothing please?" Lizzy nodded, and Max turned back into a wolf. 

"That was nice of you." Jenna said licking the side of Max's furry face. 

"Eh, I would like to know what is going on." He said rolling his big eyes. Lizzy got back on Jenna's back and they were off again, heading to their house. "How are we going to get inside?" Max asked looking over at Jenna. 

"We could send Lizzy in, and yeah. That is the only possibility, unless your parents bring out clothes." Jenna said, "But I think that is the worst idea there has ever been." Max laughed a little as they got into their backyard, and laid down on the grass. Jenna nudged Lizzy into the house, licking her clothing, trying to get her to understand that they needed clothes. Finally Lizzy got it and ran into the house. "Ugh, I never wanted to speak aloud so much in my life!" she said laying next to Max.

"I know how you feel." Max said laughing. "But in this form my parents can't talk to us." 

"Thats true." they were silent for a while till Lizzy came back outside with two pares of clothing with her. "Thank the lord!" Jenna yelped standing up. Lizzy handed them their clothes and they went into the shed to change back into a human. When they were done they exited to see Lizzy sitting on the porch smiling."Thank you." Jenna said smiling.

"No problem!" Lizzy replied softly, and Max lead the way back into the house, and up the stairs, then leaning down toward Jenna, said,

"I'm going to go talk with my parents, you talk with Lizzy, see what her powers are... and stay safe." He whispered, his arms wrapping around Jenna's waist. Then he kissed her softly, and left the room. Jenna turned toward Lizzy, who was sitting on the bed and smiled.

"We need to talk."



Authors Note!

Okay, my readers! Sorry I haven't been posting any of my stories lately. I have been just soooo busy with everything right now. I hope you like this chapter. Please comment what you think, and don't forget to like! 

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