Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


18. 17

"You okay Wolf?" asked Max when they were back at their house. Jenna nodded confused. 

"It's like whenever Lizzy is around I get sick. She has to have superpowers, I mean how did she find us behind the school - in the forest otherwise." It was a statement not a question to be answered. Jenna sat up, she was in her room on the bed. Max was standing over her protectively, his face was grim. "What's the matter?" 

"My parents saw me change back into a human when I was in the backyard. They want to talk to us." Jenna's heart skipped a beet, and started in double time.

"What! Max!" Jenna said standing up. "They can't know about us! It's not right! They will worry." 

"They are already worrying. They are in the living room. They wanted an explanation right away when I stepped in the door, but you were still passed out, so I said once you were up we would talk." Max explained. Jenna went to him, and wrapped her arms around his stomach. "You might want to change, you are still in your Camp Jupiter tunic." Jenna nodded letting go of Max. 

"I'll change in the bathroom. We will meet back here." She said picking up some clothes and heading out of the room. When she came pack she was in a black tank top, and a pare of shorts, her hair in a messy bun. "How long was I out? It's like 5 pm!" Jenna said seeing the clock on her dresser. 

"About an hour. I tried to wake you sooner, but you were out cold. My parents came in a few times, they looked scared. If it was me or you out cold I couldn't tell." Max said, his hands clinching into fists. "I should have been more careful! I should have changed back into a human a couple blocks away. I should have-" Jenna stopped his ranting with a hug. 

"It's not your fault. It was Lizzy's." Jenna said backing away from Max. "Now are we going to talk to your parents or not? They are probably freaking out downstairs right now." Max nodded, taking Jenna's hand. They walked down the stairs in silence. 

"He was a wolf Heather!" Mr. Smith said pacing the floor. 

"He probably doesn't know anything is wrong with him." Mrs. Smith defended. They both looked up when Jenna and Max walked into the room. Mr. Smith cleared his throat and sat down, looking around the room not knowing what to say, or if he should speak first.

"Hi Mom, Dad." Max spoke, breaking the silence. 

"Max, Jenna." Mrs. Smith spoke in a professional voice. "Are you feeling better, Jenna?" she asked giving a fake smile. 

"She is a superhuman, I think she's fine." Mr. Smith said in a matter of fact tone. 

"She might not be a superhuman. All we know is that Max is." Mr Smith rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breath. Max cussed through his and Jenna's mind link. 

"I am a superhuman as you say. But we aren't dangerous, I mean maybe when we first found out about our powers, but now we can control them." Jenna said sitting on the love seat, Max followed, still holding her hand.

"So what I want to know, is when did you get your powers." Mrs. Smith said looking over the two teens carefully, as though they were dangerous. 

"We got them about a month ago, around the time the fire started in Jenna's home." Max said, not putting the blame on Jenna, that she burnt down the house. "We didn't know about the powers until then, and I found out I had mine defending Jenna when Jason was bullying her. All we know is that we have them." Max said, telling most of the truth. 

"I see. Well, you two have been acting strange, talking in quiet voices, and other things, but I thought that was just because you two were dating, and that's all. So what exactly can the both of you do?" Mrs. Smith asked. Mr Smith leaned back in his chair, waiting for the answer, to probably strike it down if deemed fit.

"We can both turn into wolves, which is a handy tool. And I can control fire, but I didn't realize this until after my parents death. I had a nightmare. It wasn't a fallen lamp that started the fire, but me." 

"Wolf. . ." Max said looking over at her, she shook her head. 

"Not now, Max." She said telepathically, then aloud. "I am responsible for my parents death, and I will hold that with me forever. But we are not dangerous. We both want to use our powers for good, if you two will let us." Mrs Smith nodded slowly thinking it over.

"What are you doing Wolf!" Max said telepathically, "They will probably never let us out of their sight again!" 

"It a risk we have to take." Was her reply. 

"Do I trust that you are telling the truth? Yes. Do I believe you mean no harm to us? Yes again. But, do I believe that you know how to use your powers. No." Mr Smith said finally, setting his hands on his knee's. Jenna grabbed Max's hand softly squeezing it. 

"We are trying as hard as we can to control them, and we are getting better. If you would allow us to practice, we can use our powers for good." Max said in a soft voice, trying to persuade his parents. 

"I will let you train, but we have to be there, just so you two stay safe." Mrs. Smith said, Mr. Smith's jaw dropped - he looked at her in disbelief. 

"Heather!" He called, standing up. 

"We can't stop them from using their powers, so we should just support them - it's no use." then out of nowhere Lizzy burst through the front door, tears ran down her cheeks. 

"Jenna! Max!" She called running to them, Jenna held her in her arms while Lizzy cried. 

"What's the matter Lizzy?" Max asked setting a hand on her back. 

"I did something to Elijah, he's not waking up! I tried everything. I got scared so I ran to find you." Lizzy said so quickly Jenna almost didn't catch the most of it. She continued to cry, Mrs. Smith got up and came to Jenna's other side. 

"Are you superhuman too?" she asked, in a quiet tone. Lizzy nodded, taking in shaky breaths. 

"I-I-I c-can turn i-invisible." She said through sobs, the hysteria in her voice was shocking - she must have done something real bad. "B-b-but I d-did som-something to-to Elijah." She took a deep breath and continued, more steady this time. "I was hugging him and I could feel something in the pit of my stomach, tugging at Elijah, then he fell to the ground unconscious." 

"Where is he?" Jenna asked quickly, hysteria creeping into her voice too. 

"In the forest, where we were at before. Elijah didn't leave for a while, then he told me to make new friends and I hugged him saying I would, and then the feeling, and he fell!" she said,as Jenna dragged her to her feet and started for the door, but Mr. Smith was blocking their way.

"You aren't going anywhere with this girl. She probably killed him!" He said placing a hand on the front door. Lizzy broke into another round of sobs. The pull that Jenna felt earlier was back, and Max had it too. It got stronger and stronger until both Mr. and Mrs. Smith felt it too. Jenna ran to Lizzy, placed her hands on either side of Lizzy's face and tried to calm her down. 

"Elijah will be okay, just calm down. . .  Just calm down. . . Lizzy, calm. . . down." Lizzy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She nodded, again taking a deep breath. "You okay?" Lizzy nodded. 

"I just want to see him - he is out in the forest. And it's getting dark." She said slowly. Jenna looked at Mr. Smith, a pleading look on her face. 

"You two can go, just hurry." Mrs. Smith said sternly, making Mr. Smith's eyes widen in shock. 

"Thank you mom." Max said taking Jenna's hand and leading the two girls out the door.                   

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