Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


17. 16

"The packages are here! Jenna! Can you believe it?" Max yelled into Jenna's ear, waking her from her nap. "Can we go and test them now?" He asked, picking up Jenna and setting her on his lap. 

"I don't care. Just let me wake up first." Jenna said yawning. 

"You are awake!" He said tickling Jenna in her side. 

"Stop! I'm awake! I'm awake!" Jenna said laughing. 

"Great!" Max lifted Jenna and threw her over his shoulder. "I already packed you extra clothing - like three pare's of clothing. Oh, and I packed a picnic, so we can stay out their till sun down, and maybe after, because I also packed blankets and pillow's." Max picked up a bag and started walking again. "And e really don't have to worry about keeping warm, I mean - we have fire." He tickled Jenna's foot, making her kick out in surprise. 

"Can you please let me down? I would love to help you carry stuff." Max's reply was tickling her foot again. He somehow opened the back door and started to go to the forest they were just at. "Hey! I'm only in a cutoff and shorts!" 

"You look fine - and hot." Jenna hit Max in the back. "Ow! Hey, I'm aloud to say that, I'm your boyfriend remember." 

"I remember." Max finally let down Jenna, and took her hand. "Thank you. Now hand me something, I want to help." Max handed her a bag, it wasn't heavy, though their was a lot of stuff in it. They entered the forest and unpacked their stuff in silence. 

"Okay, Here are the strips of cloth we bought." The thing he called strips were more like capes, not thin pieces of fabric. "tie them over your clothes like a tunic. Then we can try them out." Jenna did as Max said and tied the fabric to her clothes. Max was already shooting lightning at the purple fabric - nothing happened to it, not even a scorch. "This is so cool!"

"Here it goes!" Jenna said, bursting into flames. Not even a black smudge was left on the fabric. "Well, it seems as though it is fire proof. Now lets change into wolves." Jenna said, then she changed into a gigantic black wolf. Max did the same. "Now back into a human." They both changed back at the same time. The fabric was still intact, covering the important parts. "Wow, this stuff is amazing."

"Yea it is! Do you know how to sew? Because, if we are going to be real superhero's we need a costume. And what color do we want our outfits to be?" 

"I was thinking black, and my mom taught me to sow when I was younger. We just need a design that would work for both of us." Jenna said looking down at the purple fabric. "And we need a signature, like superman, or batman. But ours will be better."

"I agree. We can play around with ideas later. For now, lets have some fun." and just like that Max was a wolf, towering over Jenna. She smiled, made wings, and started to fly around Max. The fabric flapped around Jenna's tinny frame, making it look like an angel with flaming wings, and an ugly purple tunic, but other than that, she looked beautiful. Her hair was white like snow. "I want to kiss her." It was Max, but he was still in wolf form. 

"What?" Jenna stopped circling Max. "Who was that? It sounded like you Max but you are in wolf form." 

"No it was me. I am speaking telepathically. I didn't know I could do that." Max said sitting down, his paws scratching his muzzle. 

"You was to kiss me?" Jenna asked landing, Max turned into a human and stood in front of Jenna.

"Well, yes." His hair was sloppy, but beautiful; it was pure white, and it kinda looked liked ice. "I want to kiss you." He blushed, looking down at his bare feet. 

"What's stopping you?" Jenna asked stepping closer. Max's eyes flickered to Jenna's. 

"I don't know. We've only been dating for like a month now, I don't want to move too fast." He said looking back down, the redness in his face was still there. 

"Your not moving too fast." Jenna said, stepping forward again, setting her hands on Max's bare chest. He set his forehead on hers, his hands wrapped around her waist, his breathing heavy. He leaned in and kissed Jenna, bending lower so they were even. It was a slow kiss, not rushed. Jenna's hands wrapped around Max's neck, and she pulled herself closer to him. They broke the kiss, both breathing heavily. "Your moving at just the right speed." She said telepathically. She got up on her tip-toes and kissed Max again. 

"Found you two!" Elijah yelled, coming into the forest. Max and Jenna broke their kiss, Max started to swear through their telepathic link.

"Why does he always come at the most awful times?" Max asked Jenna aloud. "What do you want, Elijah?" He said angrily. 

"Oh, nothing, I was just looking for someone to hang out with. I tried to text you Jenna, but you didn't reply." Jenna took out her phone, and sure enough, there were 20 new messages, all from Elijah. She sighed. "Did I interrupt anything?" 

"Nothing at all." Jenna said sarcastically, smiling up at Max, he scowled. 

"So what are you two doing in those purple tunics?" Elijah asked, a smirk on his face. 

"It's fabric that can change with us into a wolf." And then like that Jenna was her wolf self, towering over both Elijah and Max. Elijah stepped back a few steps as Jenna moved forward. 

"Nothing to be afraid of, it's only Jenna." Max said, than he too was a wolf, taller than Jenna's wolf form. Elijah, turned over and puked. Max made a sound deep within his throat, and Jenna realized it was a laugh. "What? He's puking!" Jenna rolled her eyes and turned back into a human. 

"You okay, Elijah?" he nodded, a little movement of his head, he was weak. 

"That is the most scary thing I have ever seen, and I have seen my mom's feet." Elijah shivered in disgust at the memory. "So you two are like werewolves? Thats so cool!" He said rubbing his shaved head. 

"You could say that." Jenna said giving a look at Max that said 'can he just leave?'. Max nodded. 

"I know exactly what you mean." said Max telepathically looking over at Elijah who was talking crazily about how this whole superhero thing was too weird and different. 

"So what are we gonna do now?" Elijah asked. 

"Well, Max and I are gonna go back home and start making our outfits, and yea. what about you and Lizzy?" Jenna asked. 

"I couldn't find her, so I came looking for you two. And sense you two are going back to your home, I will go try to find her again." Elijah said with a sigh. 

"Great, he will leave us in piece!" Max said quietly, Jenna laughed taking his hand. "Well, sorry to ditch you so soon, but we need to be going." Elijah nodded starting to walk away, when the girl who Jenna thought creepy, jumped out of the shadows. 

"Elijah!" She yelled running to Elijah. 

"Lizzy! Where were you? I've been looking for you all day!" Elijah exclaimed, hugging Lizzy, picking her up and spinning her around.

"Isn't that the girl from study hall?" Max asked telepathically. Jenna nodded, her eyes wide. "Are you okay?" She shook her head, taking a deep breath. "Whats so off about her?"

"She just seems . . .well, I can't put a pin on it, but something is very odd." 

"Could she be -" he paused then through their telepathic he said "Could she be one of us? Like, could she have superpowers?" Jenna nodded holding her breath.

"I need to get out of here." She said aloud, taking a wobbly step away from Lizzy, she fell and Max caught her. 

"Is she okay?" Elijah asked walking over to the two, followed by Elizabeth. 

"Wolf, what's wrong?" Max asked aloud, acting like he didn't know what was up. "I think I should take her home." Max said picking Jenna up bridal style. 

"I should come too, to see if she is alright." 

"NO!" Jenna and Max said said quickly, Jenna raising a hand to stop Elijah, then she slumped back into Max's arms - her energy depleted. Max looked down at her, a worried look on his face. "Wolf, what's wrong?" He asked telepathically. 

"Just get me out of here. She has something that takes my power." She struggled to say. 

"How do you know?" 

"I can smell it. I don't care what you do, just get me out of here. She is killing me." Nodding Max broke their mental link. He stood up straight taking a big breath.

"Elijah, cover Lizzy's eyes for a moment please." Max said and Elijah did as he said. Than quicker than lightning Max was his wolf form, Jenna on his back. He started to run further and further into the forest, then turned and headed another way into town. 

"What was that about?" Lizzy asked when Max and Jenna were gone, taking Elijah's hands away from her eyes. "Where are the two others?" 

"They left." Elijah said smiling, looking the way they went. 

"Huh, well, I didn't even get to introduce myself! What type of people are they? You know, I saw that girl in school the other day, her and that boy were holding hands and talking about something on the computers." Lizzy put her hands on her hips. She is a tall girl, long, thick, dark brown hair, long legs, short torso, long monkey like arms, but all together she had a slim frame. Her eyes were a beautiful color of green, and her arms were lean with muscles that apparently she didn't have to work for. Over all she looked like a supermodel, not someone who would live in Kings Town. Next to Elijah she was like a ghost compared with his light chocolate colored skin.

"Well, Jenna is really nice. She was just sick, and had to go quickly. You will get to meet her soon, I promise. Or, you could introduce yourself at school, I wont be there for a few more weeks, so better make some friends now." Elijah said defending mostly Jenna, he really didn't care for Max, but sense he was her boyfriend Elijah kinda had to care. Lizzy huffed crossing her arms. 

"Well I still don't like her, but I will try. If you say to." She went over to Elijah and hugged him, he hugged her back, but not with the enthusiasm that Lizzy had. 

"I say to." Elijah said. Something pulled at his stomach, making him sick. First Jenna now him, what is going on? The feeling strengthened and Elijah fell to the forest floor. Lizzy crouched down confused, shaking Elijah, trying to wake him. 

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