Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


15. 14

Jenna and Max made their way into the house, the sent of food filled the entire room. "We're home!" Max yelled letting go of Jenna's hand. He moved into the kitchen where Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were sitting by the counter.

"How was school?" Mrs. Wilson asked looking up from her kindle. 

"It was good. We learned a bunch of stuff, and forgot a lot of stuff. But overall had a bunch of fun." Jenna said sarcastically sitting across from Mr. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson just chuckled and Mr. Wilson smiled. Max sat next to Jenna, laying his head on the counter. Jenna started to rub his back, writing different things on his back with her finger.

"Well, dinner is almost ready, so go wash up." Mr. Wilson said getting up and going over to the oven, turning it off. Jenna and Max did as they were told and went upstairs to wash up. 

When they got to the bathroom Jenna let out a big breath. "Why do I always feel so , well, weird around your parents. I just feel like everything is so, how do I put it? - strange, like I can't be normal around them." She tried to explain to Max. He just nodded, smiling.

"I know exactly how you feel. Like you cant have a normal conversation with them." He said, totally summing up everything in one sentence. "I feel like that all the time. My parents are just weird, and I can't change that." 




"Dinner was great! Thank you." Jenna said setting her dishes in the sink. 

"Your welcome my dear. I will wash up, you two go do homework." Mrs. Wilson said smiling. Jenna turned to Max. 

"I don't have any homework." She whispered. 

"Nor do I. Lets not tell her." He whispered back, taking her hand and leading her upstairs. 

"What are we gonna do?" Jenna asked when they got to the second floor. Max shrugged walking into his room. 

"We could watch a movie. Have you seen The Giver?" he asked, Jenna shook her head. "Okay then, that is what we are watching!" said Max sitting on his bed, he smiled up at Jenna and patted the spot in front of him. She sat down, Max spread out his legs and pulled her in to were her back was to his chest. "Relax, I'm not gonna do anything, we are just watching a movie." 

"Okay." Jenna said hesitantly. Max turned on the TV and started the movie wrapping his hands around Jenna. 

"Crap! The lights are still on!" He said cussing. 

"I'll get it!" Jenna said trying to get up but Max's arm's held her down. He then picked up a pare of socks that were on the ground and threw them at the light switch. "That's not-" Jenna started to say, but stopped as the lights turned off. Max chuckled a little, wrapping his hands around Jenna again. 

"I've done that a lot." He explained, smiling. The movie was good, compared to the movie Eragon, also based off a book. "What do you think?" Max asked after Jonas and Fiona kissed for the first time. 

"I like it. It's good, and I ship them." Jenna said looking back at Max. He nodded, kissing Jenna's cheek. 

"Me too." he said as Jenna laughed. The movie went on, and Jenna snuggled closer to Max's chest, laying her head back against him. The movie ended, and Max was asleep, his arms around Jenna. She smiled and took out her phone, there was a text. 

"Hey, It's me again. I moved here last week. I haven't come to school because my mom is waiting until the semester, so. . . anyway, I would like to see you." It came from Elijah. This time she couldn't afford to not reply. 

"Yea, hey, when do you want to meet?" She replied. A moment later Elijah replied. 

"How 'bout tomorrow. It's Saturday, so we both should be free." 

"Sure." Jenna put down. Max mumbled something, squeezing Jenna tighter to him. "How about 10." she put after. 

"In the morning?" Elijah asked. 

"Yes in the morning. I have stuff to do later in the day." She lied. Well, it wasn't really a lie, but she didn't know what she was doing yet. 

"Hum. . . Ok. Where?" He asked.

"In the forest behind the school?" Jenna said.

"Ok, see you there." sent Elijah, then put "Good night." 

"Night." Jenna shut off her phone, and set it aside.

"It's 11, Max!" She said trying to wake Max. 


"I want to go to bed. Can I get into my pjs?" 

"Fine."  Max loosened his hold on Jenna, and she clambered out of the bed, shutting off the tv. "But hurry, I'm cold!" Jenna laughed and went into her room to get ready for bed. When she was done, Jenna went back to Max's room and got back in the position she was in before. 

"I see you changed."

"Yep!" Max nodded, pulling Jenna closer to him. Max was now wearing a white cut off and black sweat's, his dark brown hair flung all over his head. "Do I look hot?" he asked kissing Jenna's cheek. "And or sexy?" Again kissing her cheek.        

"I would say neither, but that would be lying." Jenna replied smiling.

"So both then?" Said max smiling, Jenna frowned. 

"No. . . Just Sexy." She paused, "And hot, but mostly sexy." Max laughed, squeezing Jenna, kissing her cheek again. "Oh and while you were asleep my friend Elijah texted me, and asked if we could meet tomorrow. I said yes." 


"I was wondering if you could come with me. He had this humongous crush on me for like four years, and I don't think he's gotten quiet over it." 

"Ah, I see. Well, I would be happy to come along and meet this Elijah." 

"Thank you." Jenna leaned back onto Max, laying her head on his shoulder. 

"Good night." Max said pulling the covers up over them. 

"Good night." They fell asleep. 



"Jenna! Wake up! Wake! Up!" Max yelled in Jenna's ear, shaking her violently. 

"What now Max?" She asked opening her eyes to find a shirtless Max. 

"Are we gonna meet your friend or not?" he asked. "It's 9, I looked through your phone, and you said you two are meeting at 10 so I thought I better wake you." 

"You looked through my phone?" 

"Yes, now get up!" He shook Jenna once more, making her look like a rag doll. 

"Ugh, fine." She sat up, pushing Max out of the way. "I'm gonna take a shower. Be back in 15." 

"Ok." Max sat there on the bed waiting for Jenna to get out of the shower, pondering different things - like what Elijah is like, and, how he would act if this dude started to flirt with Jenna. Would he kiss her? Would he wrap his arm around her waist and bring her closer to his side? Or would he just sit their, not saying anything, not standing up for his right as boyfriend. Jenna walked in a moment later, fresh clothes on and wet black hair. 

"I'm back." She stated, wringing out her hair. 

"I can see that. Should we go?" Jenna nodded, setting her stuff on the bed, then walked out of the room followed by Max. "I'm gonna grab something to eat first though." Max said walking into the kitchen. 

"I was thinking the same thing. I'll make eggs." 

"That sounds supper awesome, but I was thinking something along the lines of cereal. No offense to your cooking - I love your eggs."

"No offense taken." said Jenna taking out two bowl's, Max got the cereal. "And did you really look through my phone?"

"Yes, I was curious of who this Elijah is." Jenna rolled her eyes.

"You don't need to worry about him, he isn't gonna do anything." 

"I still wonder, I mean he could still have feelings for you." 

"And that is why I'm bringing you." Jenna smiled and pored her cereal and milk and started to eat. Max did the same and sat across Jenna and started to eat. Once they were done they did their dishes and started to the forest behind the school.

"Why did you choose our spot behind the school?" Max asked reaching to hold Jenna's hand, she took it. 

"It felt like the safest spot in town." 

"I can't disagree about that one." The continued to walk in silence. The day was nice, a soft breeze, the sun was high in the sky. It was perfect. "Is that him?" Max asked as they walked into the forest. 

"Yes, that's him." They were quiet once more. 

"Hi! Jenna, you look great!" Elijah said spotting Jenna and Max. 

"Hi, Elijah." Jenna breathlessly said. 

"And who is this?" Elijah asked gesturing toward Max. Max smiled, reaching out his free hand to shake Elijah's. 

"I'm Max, Jenna's boyfriend." They shook hands. A flicker of sadness was seen in Elijah's eyes. 

"Ah, well, nice to meet you." And in the next moment the flicker of sadness was gone. "Well, lets get going shall we?" Elijah said. Jenna nodded, leading the way further into the woods. "Are you sure this is such a good idea? Woods can be a scary place." 

"This is our spot, we come here almost every day." Max said, putting emphasis on the word our and we. Elijah nodded.

"I see. Well then. Um, well I wasn't planning to show anyone else but you, Jenna, but seeing sense you brought your boyfriend here, I guess why not." Elijah took off his shirt, revealing his dark complexion. Taking a few steps back Max scowled. 

"It's fine, Max. Whatever he want's to show us can't be that bad." 

"He's taking of his shirt. I don't like it." Max said squeezing Jenna's hand. They looked back at Elijah, who was now laying on the ground. Then a few moments later, Elijah started to rise from the ground, though he didn't move from a laying down position. He was hovering above the ground. 

"Well?" Elijah asked opening his eyes, he looked over at Jenna and Max. 

"You have super powers. Oh fun." Jenna said sarcastically, looking over at Max, who's eyes were open wider then a kid in a candy store. 

"You could say that again." Max whispered. "Can I talk to you? Privately?" 

"Sure." they walked a few yards from Elijah. Max started to curse, over and over, not stoping unless he had to take a breath. 

"This can't be happening! First you and me, then your buddy, whoever he is, then who, huh!" Max said, then cussed again. 

"I'm just surprise as you. I had no clue. What do we do, Max?" 

"I have no clue." Max, Jenna could tell, wanted to shoot a bolt of lightning into the sky. 

"Should we tell him? I mean he trusted us enough, so." 

"I don't care. As long as he puts back on a shirt. Why in the first place did he take off his shirt?" 

"I don't know. And I'm gonna show him. It only seems fair." Jenna said starting to walk back to Elijah. Max ran to catch up, taking her hand in his. He cussed again seeing Elijah, now in a standing position, but still hovering. 

"Um, sorry. You two are the first to know! I swear! I didn't know how to say it so I just had to show you. Are you two okay? I'm so, so, sorry. -" 

"Stop!" Jenna said to shut up Elijah. "Just stop! Please." he nodded. "Okay, now. You aren't the only one with powers. Okay?" Elijah nodded again. "Max and I, we have powers too." Elijah's jaw dropped. 


"JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! GOD!" it was Max, then he shot a bolt of lightning out of his hand and into the sky. That shut Elijah up. "We have powers like you. Now land so we can talk like civilized people."

"Yes sir." Elijah said descending to the ground. Max sat down, followed by Jenna, then Elijah. "So I know you can shoot lightning, but what can you do?" Elijah asked looking at Jenna. 

"I can't do it right now, well I can't show my full affect of my powers. I don't have extra clothes. But, I can tell you what I can do." 

"Yea?" Elijah prompted. 

"I can control fire. I am fire proof, and I make wings out of the flames so I can fly." Jenna said making a small flame appear above her hand. 

"Oh and we can turn into wolves." stated Max.       



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