Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


13. 12

"Yay! Next is Study Hall!" Max said opening his locker. Jenna did the same and grabbed her notebook. 

"Why are you so excited for Study Hall?" Jenna asked closing her locker.

"Well, last period I was thinking a lot about us and being a . . ." he looked around for a second the leaned down and whispered "superhero's." He stood back up and closed his own locker. Jenna rolled her eyes at Max. Max grabbed Jenna's hand and pulled her towered the library. Once they got there Max sat down at the computers and quickly turned it on. 

"What were you thinking?" Jenna said sitting next to him, she turned on her own computer and went onto Bing. 

"Well, Wolf, I was thinking that if we are superhero's, then we need a costume of some kind. And something that will turn into a wolf with us, you know, and will be able to go on fire and be electrocuted without being ruined." 

"I thought that your clothes weren't ruined when you used your powers."

"No, they were, you just couldn't see it. But before we turned into wolves my clothing started to deteriorate, and it was getting uncomfortable." 

"Hum, well then, what did you have in mind?" Max got onto bing and started to look up different things, all of which didn't seem to go together. 

"Well, first of all, we need something that can transform into a wolf with us."

"And how do we find fabric like that?" Jenna asked watching Max's fingers fly over the keyboard. 

"I have no clue!" He said pulling up different sites. "But I'm pretty sure that there is something like that in the world somewhere." Jenna rolled her eyes and started to doodle something on MS Paint. A couple of minutes later Max poked Jenna in the side. "Ah-ha! Found it!" He said excitedly. 

"Are you positive?" Jenna said looking at Max's computer screen. 

"As positive as a lady six months into pregnancy!" Max said scrolling the page up and down so fast Jenna couldn't see the words. 

"Well, if you would be so kind to stop scrolling for a second then maybe I can read what you have found." She said laughing a little. Max realizing what he was doing stopped so Jenna could see. The page was full of random facts about this 'wonder fabric' and to Jenna, it wasn't that impressive. The page had a video of the fabric reacting to different tests; overall the fabric would be great. "Great! But the color might be a problem." The fabric was a bright lavender with pink stripes all over it. 

"We can dye it a different color when we get it." Max said continuing to watch the video of the fabric reacting to different tests. 

"Okay, well, lets get it and see what happens." Max nodded smiling. Jenna looked around the room, it was quiet, like any other day. There were groups of people spread out around the room, talking quietly, or doing homework. There was a girl in the corner reading a book, she looked up from the pages and connected eyes with Jenna. Something seemed different about her, something that Jenna couldn't put a pin on. Jenna turned back to Max, taking his hand, it seemed like the right thing to do - and it gave her some peace to hold his hand. He looked at their interlocked hands then to Jenna's face. 

"What's this for?" He asked lifting their hands and setting them back down on his lap. 

"Nothing," Jenna lied, "I just wanted to hold your hand." she finished. Max didn't buy it.

"It's not nothing, Wolf. Tell me, I'm your boyfriend, I want to protect you." Jenna chuckled a little, a smile touching her lips. 

"It's that girl over there, she just gives me the creeps." Jenna confessed. Max squeezed her hand, looking at the girl. 

"Yea, I guess. But nothing can hurt you - I mean, you can turn into a wolf!" Max said nudging Jenna, but he looked back at the girl, frowning. That didn't give Jenna assurance that nothing was wrong, so she leaned into Max, placing her head on his shoulder. Trying to change the subject Max said, "How much of the fabric should we buy? I mean, we will be doing our own tests to this fabric." 

"Well, how large are the sheets of Fabric?" Max scrolled through the page until he found what Jenna asked about. 

"6 by 5 . . . Man, that is a lot of fabric! Six yards by five yards, we won't need that much then!"

"Okay then, lets get three sheets of this purple/pink fabric. And we can get more if it does as we want it two." Jenna replied after a quick moment of thinking. 

"On it!" Max started the process of buying the sheets. Name. Phone number (home or cell). E-mail account. How much of the product we wanted. Then the price. "Hey! Wolf! It's only thirty bucks for all three!" Jenna looked at the page, and sure enough, the price for the three sheets was thirty. 

"Then buy it! We can split it up the payment between the both of us. Fifteen for you, and fifteen for me." Max pulled out his wallet and started to count his money. He laid a twenty and a ten on the counter.

"I'll buy it." He said smiling, handing the money to Jenna." 

"No! We agreed to split -" Max cut her off. 

"Wolf, we didn't agree on anything. I will pay for the fabric. I mean, isn't that what a boyfriend would do for his girlfriend?" Jenna took the money and put it in her pocket. 

"Fine. But I'm not happy." She said making the best whiney voice and frownie face she could. Max laughed, leaned in, and gently kissed Jenna's nose.

"Your funny." He said kissing her nose again, she scrunched up her face when his lips connected with her nose for the third time. Jenna opened her eyes, and then the bell rang, breaking up their little moment. Jenna quickly packed up her stuff, grabbed Max's hand, and went to their next class.               

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