Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


11. 10

Jenna put on her first pare of extra clothing, and walked back out from behind the tree. "Well, that was an experience! I was on fire!" Max just nodded, jumping down from a tree. 

"Now how do I use, the electricity thing?" Max asked walking over to Jenna looking at his hands. 

"Well, as you said: channel the feelings you felt first when you used your powers into the electricity." Max shut his eyes, holding his hands out to his sides. 

"You might want to stand back." He said quietly, breathing deep. Jenna took a few steps back, and sat down on the grass looking up at Max. One breath after another and another, and slowly, Max's hair turned white. Electricity flung from the sky, surging into Max's out stretched right hand, then it shot out of his other hand that was pointing strait over Jenna's head, and hit a tree, splitting it in half. Max opened his eyes and looked at the broken tree behind Jenna. "Well, we know that we have powers." Max said sitting down Next to Jenna. 

"At least yours doesn't burn your clothes. Your mom will be wondering what happened to them." Jenna said laughing a little at the thought. "You know . . . All of our powers where inscribed on the stone we found behind the baseball field."

"That is true." Max said laying down. 

"Wasn't there something else on the stone? Something about wolves?" Max opened his eyes and sat back up. 

"Does that mean that we can turn into wolves? That would be so cool!" Jenna looked at Max, and she could tell that he was right, they could turn into wolves. 

"I think you are right."

"Well, shouldn't we try to turn into a wolf?" Max said standing up. "Now how do we do this?" 

"Um, try channeling your feelings into turning into a wolf?" 

"Okay, um here it goes." It was quiet for a moment, then Max started to shake violently. A scream ripped from Max's mouth. He hunched over falling to his knees. Jenna ran to him, trying to figure out what was happening, but when she got withing three feet of him, he shot a look at Jenna that told her not to come any further. Max's pant's ripped off, then his body sprouted hair. It hair thickened to grey and brown fur. His mouth lengthened into a mussel, and his ears moved to the top of his head. The popping sounds though, was the worst. Popping after popping, his bones reforming, changing, thickening, more bones where being made to fill the spaces being made. His fingers thinned and moved to form paws. 

"Max? Are you okay?" Jenna asked the giant wolf laying down, it shook. A small whine emanated from the mouth of the wolf. "Well, what do I do? Max!" The wolf got up, it was as tall as Jenna, its eyes a perfect reflection of Max's. The wolf whined again, as if wanting Jenna to join him. Jenna nodded slowly, taking a deep breath. All the feelings she was having she focused them on turning into a wolf. A scream, a high pitched trill echoed off the tree's.

Jenna's transformation was much swifter then Max's. After a few moments of breathing heavily, Jenna hunched over onto her knees. Her clothes whipped and hair sprouted from everywhere, turning to black fur. Her mouth stretched and turned into her muzzle as her ears moved up on her hair to points. Her fingers thinned and turned into paws. Jenna, during all of her transformation was screaming on the inside. After her bones stopped moving to the positions of a wolf she opened her eyes. The world was different in the eyes of a wolf. The colors were off, and Jenna's senses were much greater. She could smell a hotdog being cooked three miles away.

"Jenna?" A voice echoed through Jenna's mind. She looked around, the Max wolf stood over Jenna, a little whine came from his muzzle, his eyes showing concern.

"Max? Is that you?

"Yes it is me! And we are wolves!" His tail was wagging wildly.

"How can we talk to each other?" Jenna asked standing up on all fours.

"I have no clue, but this is so awesome." He crouched down, in a playing position, his head cocked to the side, Jenna copied him and bared her teeth. She pounced at him, play bighting him on the neck. They played for a while, then Jenna got bored and decided to lay down. Max layer next to her, placing his head down on the ground.

"Well, we can turn into wolves, we have powers, our life has gotten so crazy." 

"Tell me about it. I can shoot lightning out of my hands!" He barred his teeth, like a smile.

"I kinda want to change back into a human now, good thing I brought more clothes." Jenna said rolling over onto her back, her paws toughing the skies.

"You know something? I didn't bring extra clothing." Max said with a little growl.

"Oh that sucks!" Jenna said licking Max's paw. "Do you want me to change into a human, then we can go home then I can grab you some jeans?." Jenna asked rolling back over onto her stomach. Max growled, a low rumble deep within his throat.

"Fine . . . go change back into a human, then we can go home." Max said getting up and going behind a tree. Jenna stood up and focused all her feelings into turning back into a human. The transition back into a human was much more fluent, and it wasn't as painful as turning into a wolf. She put on her third pare of clothes on and called Max back out. The big wolf came out from behind the tree and crouched down.

"What do you want me to do? Get on your back?" Max's big head nodded, his big tongue licking his muzzle. "Fine." Jenna said climbing onto Max's furry back. He stood up and started to run further and further into the forest, dodging tree's, sticks, and other things that came into the path where Max was running. Then, almost out of nowhere, he turned right and made a loop back to town. The swiftness of Max's stride was shocking, It was smoother then riding a springing horse. The wind blew past Jenna's face, making her nose and ears red with the cold. When they got within three minutes away from the house Max stopped and crouched down to let Jenna off. 

"I'll grab you some clothing then come back here within minutes." Jenna said patting Max's furry side. He growled, a little, bearing his sharp teeth as if to say I want to come with you - you won't be safe without me. Jenna smiled. "Sure I will! I have fire powers, no one will come near me if I'm on fire!" She started to walk away when Max nudged Jenna in her back with his muzzle. "Fine, come on. But crouch, you are the size of a dire wolf, and that might call someone's attention to us." As if answering Jenna's statement, Max crouched down, to look more like a normal dog/wolf. 

They walked to the house in silence until a little girl saw Jenna and Max. "OOO! Can I pet your dogie?" The little girl squeaked. 

"Um." Jenna looked at Max, he nodded his giant head. "Sure. Just be careful, he might bite." Jenna said smiling. Max growled low in his throat. The little girl faltered, then continued on towered Jenna and Max. When she was right in front of Max she reached out and touched his forehead. She rubbed her hand around, smothering Max, Jenna had to snuffle a laugh when she poked him in the eye. 

"What's her name?" the little girl asked, and Jenna couldn't hold it in - she let out a laugh. 

"His name is Maximus." Jenna said, emphasizing the his in the statement. The little girl laughed a little. 

"Like the horse from Tangled!" She let out, still laughing.

"Exactly! Any who, we must be going." Jenna said starting walk off and Max followed after licking the little's girl hand, as though kissing it. When they got to the house Jenna ran up into Max's room and back down with extra clothing. Max took them from her hand with his teeth and went into the shed. Jenna sat down on the ground and waited for Max to change back into a human. Ten minutes later Max came out of the shed. 

"That was amazing!" Max said sitting next to Jenna. He held out his hand and a lightning bolt flung into it. 

"Watch it! Some one might see!" 

"No one will see, and if they do they will think that it was just a trick. And Maximus, really?" Jenna laughed and nodded.

"It's what came to mind, and it worked didn't it?" Jenna said standing up, Max stood up and followed Jenna into the house. 

"'Bout time you two got home." Max's mother said, looking at them from the kitchen. Jenna smiled, not knowing what to say. 

"Yep!" Max said running up the steps to his room, Jenna followed. When they where in his room Max laid down on the bed. "What do we do know?"

"I have no clue. I guess, we master our powers, then we use them for good, if you want that" Jenna said sitting down on the ground.

"Sure we can do that. But I was talking about you and me." Jenna sucked in a sharp breath. 

"What do you mean by "You and me?" she asked laughing. 

"Well, if we are going to master our powers, then we will spending a lot of time with each other, won't people get suspicious?" Max said looking down at Jenna. 

"Why would they be suspicious? And if we were dating, they would be even more suspicious because we are spending so much time together." Jenna said smiling just a little. 

"Well, I would still like to go out with you, I mean fake wise." 

"Are you asking me out?!" Jenna asked hitting him on the arm. 

"Maybe. . . would you accept?" Max said sitting all the way up. 

"That would depend, exactly what would we be doing as a couple?" Jenna said, playing along with Max. 

"Well, what normal couple's do, like hold hands and kiss, stuff like that." Max said, blushing a little bit. 


"What!" Max said, his eyes getting wide with excitement.

"You herd me. We can "Date." Jenna said getting up and kissing Max on the cheek. 



Comment what you think! Well Jenna and Max are a couple? What is this? And what does "Date" mean? Please comment and like, and or favorite this story. I wish to know how you guys think.                    

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