Lunar Escorts

Jenna, a 14 year old finds her self in a strange situation, something that no one expected.

Sorry if this story isn't that good, it just kinda appealed to me, so I wrote it.


2. 1

Jenna walked into the building, she wore a forest green sweater, skinny jeans, and combat boots. Her midnight black hair was put up into a pony tail that ended just above her waist line. She looked around the hallway, wondering what would come of her first year as a high school-er. She had no really good friends, everyone thought of her as weird. Something was off about the way she acted, though to her, she thought everything was normal. Jenna stepped up to her new locker and opened it up with a flip of her wrist. Why did I even open this thing? Nothing is even in here. She thought to herself. 

"Hey, Hey! Look who came back!" A tall boy with dirty blond hair walked down the hall. He was considered to be the popular kid in the class, with his group of popular kids, who basically worshiped him. "Ah, Jenna, I thought that you said that you would be moving this year."

"I am moving, Jason, next semester. Until then, you all have to put up with me." She said slamming her locker door. Jenna faced Jason, she wasn't tall, only to Jason's shoulder. "If you don't mind, I will just be going." she said budging past Jason and his posy of friends. Jenna wondered to herself, why does everyone hate me. What was so wrong with the way I act that makes everyone dislike me so much. 

Jenna walked into to her first hour class and sat down in the back. She knew that that was a bad idea, that the "Popular" kids will want to sit there, but she didn't care. Not today. The teacher finally saw her and said hi, Jenna only nodded and pulled out a notebook and started drawing. Her mind was blank, thinking of nothing but the lines on the paper. Once the bell rang she realized what she was drawing, a wolf. Every detail was perfect, the fur seemed to jump off the page, 3D-ish, and the eyes looked so real that they could stare into someone's soul. 

Kids started packing into the classroom, finding their seats. Everyone had found there friends and were laughing and talking about their summer. Jenna looked around the room, trying to find her best friend, Max. Then she saw him, he was looking for her as well. 

"Hey! Jenna!" he called from the doorway. She waved at him, smiling just a little. Jenna liked him, he was the only person who actually seemed to like her. He walked over and sat in the chair next to her. "Now, we are officially High School-er's now, so we got to act like them." He pulled out a blue and green pen, stuck one into Jenna's ear and the other he stuck behind his ear. 

"You, look like an idiot, Max." she quickly reached up and took the pen from him. "These things are used to write with, not to look cool. And you don't even look cool." 

"Ah come on, Jenna, lighten up!" The class started, and Max quieted down some, but kept talking. "Oh how was your summer?" He nudged Jenna in the arm. 

"Boring, real boring." She said looking back at the drawing. She picked up the green pen and decided to add some color. Jenna worked fast, her hands flying, eyes scanning over her artwork over and over. She grabbed another pen from Max's bag and started again, adding another color.

"Girl, you can make a master piece in less than 30 minutes!" Max said looking over Jenna's shoulder and onto the paper. 

"Its nothing." she lied, it wasn't nothing, and she just didn't know what it was exactly that made her draw the picture the way she did. The wolf's eyes were now dark green/silver, the fur silver, brown, and black. 

"Jenna?" The teacher called.

"What." She replied, a little more forceful than she intended. Jenna looked up, the teacher was looking at her, his eyes stern. 

"What is the answer to the question?" He asked. 

"2 times 2 equals 4. . . A hippo’s milk is pink. . . . "

"No, Jenna. What is the answer to the question that I asked?" he asked getting annoyed. 

"I did not hear the question that you asked, though if you said it again I would be able to answer." Jenna said confidently. Algebra was an easy subject, she could easily find the answer. 

"Okay, what is the formula for a linear line?" Could he make it any easier?

"y=mx+b." Jenna said looking at the teacher right in the eye, as if challenging him to a staring contest. 

"Correct. Just pay attention from now on." Jenna nodded and the teacher went on teaching. She looked down at her drawing, looking into its silver/green eyes. In Jenna's heart, she longed to be free like a wolf, to run like a wolf, to be accepted like a wolf. But no, she was human, a weird human, who no one liked. 

"What are you going to do with the masterpiece?" Max asked, nudging Jenna in the arm with his own. She shrugged and closed the book, hiding the wolf from the world. Hiding the wolf from anyone who would condemn the beautiful creature on the paper.

"It will stay there until, well, until the world stops being the world." She looked at Max, he looked confused. "Sorry, it will stay there until I feel a need to take it out." he only nodded. 

The rest of the hour was boring, Jenna already knew all the stuff the teacher was talking about. Nothing stuck out that was supper important to know. She was ready for her next class, PE. The one thing she was actually good at. Jenna's dark brown eyes darted across the room, doing anything to distract herself. The bell finally rang 16 minutes later. 

"You coming?!" Jenna said to Max, getting up from her chair. Not even looking to see if he was following, Jenna walked out of the room. 

"Hey! Wait up!" Max yelled at Jenna. She kept walking, though slower now than before. He caught up to her in a matter of seconds. "What is your hurry? The class will still be there, we can walk slower." 

"Sorry, I just want to do something active." She said smiling. They walked into the gym and separated to change in the separate locker rooms. Jenna quickly changed and ran back into the gym, wanting to do something other than just sitting around. A minute later Max showed and they stood together at the far end of the gym. The teacher came in, she looked around at the number of us, then said. 

​"I will separate you guys into teams of 20. Your team captains will be Jenna, and Jason." Jenna let out a squeal of joy at the thought at beating Jason in a game. "We will be playing Base Ball." Jenna didn't even hold back, she yelled yes with a fist bump to the air.

After everyone was separated into teams they headed out to the Base Ball field. Jenna was jittery with excitement at the oncoming game. 

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