Harry Styles' Son

Hi, I'm Jasper Gregory Styles. Yes I'm a son of Harry Styles. This is basically a book of my life.


9. Chapter 9

I sat at the table, and looked at the table. I heard my mom, Skyler, say "What's wrong, babe?" I stumbled on my words, but finally got it out. "I-I-I Go-t No-Noelle Pre-gnant." I jumped when Niall spit his coffee out, and slammed the mug down on the table. I looked at him, and I saw him get up, yanking me by my arm to the hallway. "You Better Not Hurt Her, Or I Swear, I'll Beat You." I nodded, and I knew I had a fear in my eye. I felt him pull me into him, and I heard him say "Congratulations." I hugged him, and I felt him lead me back inside, with his arms around my shoulders. I saw Noelle run up, and hug me, and whisper in my ear, "It's a girl." I smiled, "Yes! That's great!" I said, and kissed her lips softly.

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