Harry Styles' Son

Hi, I'm Jasper Gregory Styles. Yes I'm a son of Harry Styles. This is basically a book of my life.


8. Chapter 8 (Read. Really Important)

(Jasper's P.O.V) (This chapter is VERY important!)


I jumped when I heard 4 squeals come from the bathroom. I sat up, and I saw Gemma, Noelle, Lilly, and Darci all come out of the restroom, and they sit on the bed beside me.

I heard Darci say "Jass.." I heard Lilly say "You're.." I heard Gemma say "A.." I then heard Noelle say "Father!" My eyes widen, and I say "What?! Are you serious?" I saw Noelle nod, and I hugged her close.

"That's great. How long have you known?" I heard Gemma say "Well. She couldn't have known before last night.." I nodded. "Right, right." I said, laughing at how stupid I was.

I said "Niall's going to kill me." I saw them all nod, and I saw the rest of the band walk in.

"V'as Happenin?" I heard Marz say, before plopping down beside me. I saw the rest of the guys sit down also, and I said "Umm. N-" "You finally got her prego, didn't you?" I heard Adam yell, and jump on top of me.

I groaned, and said "Yea.. Now if you would kindly NOT squash me. That'd be great." I heard them all laugh, and I felt Adam get off me, and go sit by Gemma, quickly pecking her lips. I rolled my eyes, and layed my head back onto the pillow.




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