Harry Styles' Son

Hi, I'm Jasper Gregory Styles. Yes I'm a son of Harry Styles. This is basically a book of my life.


6. Chapter 6

*Jasper's P.O.V*

I grabbed my bass, and microphone, before running right behind the stage curtain. I saw that the rest of the band was already there. I peeked my head out from behind the curtain, and I heard some fans scream.

I quickly pulled my head back, and said "You guys ready?" I saw them all nod, so I ran on stage.

"Whoa.." I whispered into the mic. I waved to a few girls in the front row, and I saw one of them had on a shirt with my face on it. I smiled, and then went up to the front of the stage, and plugged in my bass. I heard the rest of the band start to play "Don't Forget Where You Belong", so I played the bass guitar part, and started to sing. 


*After The Concert*  *At The Restaurant*


I face-palmed myself when Hunter says "Well, I think the concert went tell, eh Chaps?" In his Australian voice. I looked up when the waitress handed us all the food. I looked back down at my pizza, but jumped when someone tapped my shoulder. I saw that it was 4 girls, with 9D1D shirts on.


Brunette: Hi, Can we get a picture with you? We're your biggest fans!

Jasper: Uh, yea, of course.

*The Pictures Are Taken*

Brunette: Thank You SO Much, Jasper. Here's my number.

*Jass Takes The Number*

Jasper: Thanks.

*The Girls Leave*


"OW!" I yell when Noelle punched my arm. I felt her take the number, and rip it. 




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