Harry Styles' Son

Hi, I'm Jasper Gregory Styles. Yes I'm a son of Harry Styles. This is basically a book of my life.


3. Chapter 3

I smiled when I saw my 8 best friends, Noelle Horan, Darci Payne, Marz Malik, Hunter Tomlinson, James Hemmings, Lilly Clifford, Gemma Hood, and finally Adam Irwin.

I ran to the swiftly, and hugged Noelle "Hey guys, sorry I'm late." I said, looking at them, especially Noelle. I looked away swiftly before she could notice I was staring.

I cleared my throat, and said "Umm, so do you guys wanna go get our new instruments.. or what?" 

I saw them nod, and I started towards the instrument store. Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm the lead singer and bass guitar in out band "9 Directions 1 Dream" or 9D1D for short. Adam plays the drums, James plays the electric acoustic, and Hunter plays the electric guitar. The rest of us just sing. 

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