Harry Styles' Son

Hi, I'm Jasper Gregory Styles. Yes I'm a son of Harry Styles. This is basically a book of my life.


2. Chapter 2

I pulled on my green "I'm not mean, I just don't like you." shirt, and black skinny jeans. I tied up my Green high-top converse, and put on my beanie. I grabbed my phone, and ran down the stairs. "Dad, Mum, I'm going to the mall!" I yell, before running out the door, and towards the limo. I sat down, and automatically saw my 4 body guards sitting across from me. "Hi Jacob, Kevin, Brice, and Riley." I said, I saw them smile, and say "Hey, Teddy." I heard them say, and I felt all of the driver already start driving towards the mall. 

*About 30 minutes of driving*

I got out of the limo, and saw a whole crowd of fans already waiting. I saw my body guards  get out, and start clearing a path. I jumped out, and looked at all the fans screaming my name. I waved to some of them, and I continued inside, where I was met with more of my body guards. 

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