How Not To Die.

I love her, so so badly. But she won't say it back. I know she won't. How can I expect anyone to love me when I'm depressed trash?
My dad is a piece of shit and he insults me every day.
But I don't even deserve him. I don't deserve the roof over my head or the food I eat.
And I can't expect anyone to love me.
SHORT STORY : warning, this story will have no more than 3 Chapters, if that many. Most likely, this will have 1 chapter.


2. The Next Day

The next day ~~~ (que random day transition video and sound effects)


     'I'm just... so fucking done with him." I said to myself as I walked slowly up the wide set of stairs and shut the door tightly behind me and made sure to lock it. 

                           "Nobody can stop me now..."

     My dad had crossed a line today. A huge line. 

             "Why are you so crazy, like your mom?" he taunted me.

     "Just because you're a faggot doesn't mean you have to tell people about it."

     "I resent you fucking children" I heard him say on the phone to my sister that day.

     'I deserve all this...' I thought. 'It's my fault for making him suffer so much. I don't want this much pain in my life, anyway. I want out. Of everything. No more. Nobody deserves to be near me anymore. I'm just a depressed little fat girl that everybody pretends to like.'.

    I quietly pick up the razor and let out a small shudder from between my lips. 

                                     'This is what I want.'.

     And then suddenly, she popped into my head. I pulled out my phone and dialed Alex's number. No answer. 

     'This must be a sign. I don't need to be here anymore. I have no chance at happiness anymore.'

     My head was glazed with sweat, falling off in beads onto my thigh, where I was staring down. Razor pressed to my leg, I took a deep breath. I was ready.

                               And then, my phone rang.

                                     'Alex...' I breathed.

     I slid the button to answer my phone and I greeted her with a half-hearted  'Hello'  before I told her everything that had been happening.

     Razor in hand, I spoke, "I've never thought about cutting myself this much before. But I just can't control the way I feel about this. I don't deserve all that I've been given. Especially you. I just dont want to exist anymore." I cried.

                                         "I want out."

     "Sarah, don't hurt yourself, and please, just listen to me for a moment." She paused and waited for an audible response.

                                       "Mmh?" I sighed.

                                        "I love you too.".

     And then, I threw the razor at the wall with all the strength I could summon and fell to the ground.    


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