Charlotte's life is changed completely the day she dies. The day she realizes that life doesn't end when it ends, it begins. The day she meets Elijah, a cold hearted and broken soul.


5. 5

I had to get into contact with God. Non of the angels I had seen were sporting big feather wings- why was I suddenly growing them? What was it he'd said? Imagine you're there and you will be. Anything was worth a shot. I concentrated so hard that my head began to hurt, I tried so hard to conjure up the idea of heaven but still nothing was happening. Almost immediately after I'd given up trying to reach God, someone appeared in my doorway. Someone I'd never seen before, but I could tell they were an angel. They had a certain radiance, I can't explain it. But you will know when you see an angel.

"Im Emmanuel." He said, moving closer to me and shaking my hand. "It's about the wings, isn't it?"

"I asked for God." I said coldly.

"Yes, but God's world doesn't revolve around you. He was busy, it's prayer answering day, you see. There's lots to be done. Anyway, turn around please." He said gently turning my body, his hands were ice cold against my skin- I finally began to understand Elijah's comments about my coldness. 

"Why am I getting feathers? I mean, I don't mean that I don't want them but..." I mumbled and rambled on, awkwardly. I don't know what it was about being in the presence of an angel that made me feel I had to be so good. 

"You mean, why are you getting them when nobody up there has them?" It was like he'd read my mind. "Well, it happens to everyone at first. Whenever you have made an impact on someone, for example made them change something bad about themselves, you'll grow a feather. Now, you can't have two huge feathers sticking out of your back when you're trying to go undercover, so they fall out. It hurts, but we have ways to ease the pain.But, once they've fallen out you must keep them in a special place- certain amounts of feathers gain you certain rewards from God."

"Oh." I muttered, finally understanding. "So I need to keep this one when it falls out?" 

Emmanuel nodded. "You did a good job getting that Elijah kid to go to school. He's had angels before, but nobody could do it. They all pleaded God to be assigned someone new- he's just too hard to change. Anyway, lets get some ice for your back." He smiled and went into the kitchen.

A wave of anger came over me. Why had people given up on Elijah? He had potential, did other people not see it? Now, I was more determined than I had ever been to make sure that I managed to help him.

"There we go." Emmanuel said, reappearing in the bathroom. "It should soothe the pain a bit. Anyway, I should be getting off. Anything else before I go?"

"Yeah, actually. How did I end up in this house? Is it mine?"

He laughed. "I should file this question under FAQ's. God has houses all over the world, people just don't know it. Now, I'm not too sure how it works but all I know is an angel feels attracted to a certain house and it will be one of God's. I don't know how he pays for them or how he even secures them- but he's God so." Emmanuel smiled and started to walk out. "Oh! I almost forgot. If you ever need parents in the house, say if Elijah comes over, two angels will be down as parents and any siblings that you require."

"Okay, thank-" Before I could finish, Emmanuel had disappeared in a white cloud of smoke. 

It was strange being in a house alone. All those times I'd wished my parents would just leave me alone, I was positive I could fend for myself. Boy, I was wrong. What I'd give to have them back now, Mom cooking in the kitchen, Dad getting home from work just in time to set the table and my little brother Asa sat with the TV just a bit too high that it annoyed all of us. Me especially. I slumped down in a chair in the living room. The silence was deafening. 

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