Charlotte's life is changed completely the day she dies. The day she realizes that life doesn't end when it ends, it begins. The day she meets Elijah, a cold hearted and broken soul.


3. 3

It took me a while to adjust to my surroundings, according to God I hadn't been dead long. But being back on Earth felt unnatural now, it didn't feel like home anymore. I put my hands inside of my coat pockets and found my old phone- it was strange to even touch a phone. I felt like an alien. 

I took my first steps again, like a baby. It was nice to be walking again, to feel the breeze sweep past my face. It made me miss life. I didn't appreciate the small things enough whilst I was actually here. In front of me I saw a boy with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a beanie and holding a skateboard. It must be Elijah. I felt some kind of strange connection to him, like I had to walk over to him. So I did.

Calmly, even though I was somewhat anxious on the inside, I sat next to him on the bench and took out my phone like I usually would if I was in this situation.

"What's up? You here for some stuff." He asked.

" Thank you."

"Alright man."

"I'm Charlotte." I said, looking at him. 

"I'm Elijah." He replied with a smile. He was blunt. We sat in silence for a few minutes before he said, "So are you new? I mean I don't think I've seen you before. You're different looking from the girls round here."

"Yeah. From Arizona."

"How come you moved?"

Before I even had chance to think, I blurted out, "My Dad got a job so we moved over here." What was I thinking? My Dad? I was here alone, unless I'd been magically adopted into a new family. So many thoughts started to race through my head- where was I going to live? Who was I going to live with?

"Ah, that's cool. So, you gonna go to Greenwood? It's pretty much the only high school around here unless you're paying to go to Madison."

"Greenwood, yes. I heard Madison is good though."

"Not really. I dropped out of there not long ago- everyone's too snobby and annoying. I just didn't fit in, you get what I mean?" He said.

"I guess, yeah. But you've gotta stick at school, really."

"I've applied for Greenwood but I dunno if i'm gonna go." 

"Why?" I questioned. Guess it was kind of my job to question since I was his "Guardian angel".

"I have no friends there, and I'm just not doing good. I'm stuck in things I shouldn't be stuck in."

"You'll have me. New people start in October, right? Well I'll be there. We can be newbies together." I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. I had to get him on side before I started to try help him with anything. After all, who accepts advice from a stranger who came up to you in a children's park in mid September. Odd.

"You just wanna see me." He laughed, winking. It made me blush a bit.

"You wish. I'm just saying though, you should definitely give it a go."

"We should hang out sometime. You're cool. Guess you might see me in October." He smiled. And in the blink of an eye he was skating away. No progress made.

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