Charlotte's life is changed completely the day she dies. The day she realizes that life doesn't end when it ends, it begins. The day she meets Elijah, a cold hearted and broken soul.


2. 2

"What does that mean?" I ask, in complete confusion. Frustration, also. Why did murderers and rapists get to walk this Earth for years but I had a mere sixteen years on Earth- no time to experience anything, or even live my life- and now I had to be here. Dead.

"I can sense your anger, Charlotte. Everyone feels this way when they first get here, you question me but do not let your faith quiver for if you have trust in me you will start to understand my reasoning. You are an individual that can help many on the Earth who aren't going in the right direction...people who won't make it here unless they change. Everyone is assigned a mission when they get here, another test from me. You're given one person on the Earth who needs help, and you're sent to their go to their school, make friends with them and help them to escape bad things."

"But...I'm dead? Nobody can see me?" I questioned.

"If I want people to see you, they can see you. And for this assignment the person needs to see you." He said, relaxed. "Your person is named Elijah. He's also sixteen, from North Carolina. He left school 3 months ago and is usually found at the skate park smoking marijuana- he also takes many other drugs. At the minute, he has no faith in me, he has no prospects for the future and he desperately needs help. YOU can help him, I know it. Rachel!" He shouted.

Another flawless, all white angel came in and grabbed my arm. "Come now, we need to change your look so that you fit in at his high school." Before I knew it, I was whisked out of the room and sat in a chair getting my hair done. A thousand thoughts were running through my head...but mainly, why was I having my hair done by an angel?

"Okay, so obviously up here your skin looks completely pale and smooth but once you're down there that will change. You'll fit in don't worry. Anyway, are you ready for your look?" She squealed, excitedly. 

"I guess..." I said, still completely confused.

She held a mirror up to my face and my jaw dropped.

"My brown hair...why is it blonde?!" I screamed.

"You have to look as different from your actual self as possible..."

Running my fingers through my hair, I wondered why I had to change myself for a mission I didn't even sign up to. Faith in God. Faith in God.

"Are you ready to go?" The woman asked.

"No! I don't even know what I'm supposed to d-"

"You'll just know, trust me." She said, and then before I knew it I was back on Earth.

The cold bit through my coat and then I realized that I could feel again. I wasn't dead...I was alive. Well, technically I was dead...this was it.

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