Charlotte's life is changed completely the day she dies. The day she realizes that life doesn't end when it ends, it begins. The day she meets Elijah, a cold hearted and broken soul.


1. 1

The day I died was a strange day. When my Grandma had cancer, she told me that death shouldn't be feared and that there was no pain surrounding death. She was wrong. The day that truck hit me, I felt it collide with my body. I felt the bones inside me snap. I felt the wheel as it crushed my skull... I felt my soul leave my body. 

I was never one who believed in the afterlife, I thought it was made up to make people feel less pain as their family members and friends die- that one day we would all be reunited in this all white paradise in the sky. But my soul floated above the city that was once my home, and I saw everything as if I was a bird. I was flying, I was free. Death wasn't what I pictured- painful, yes. But not awful, it was peaceful. My soul floated further and further into the sky, until people I knew became tiny little ants that I would probably never see again.

Heaven. It does exist. The day I died, any opinion I had on afterlife was completely destroyed. Sure, it wasn't the big white gates opening and a welcoming ceremony. But it was literally like walking on clouds. Surprisingly, though, not everyone had the big feathery wings that I pictured when I thought of heaven- but I was greeted by someone in all white. She was beautiful, flawless in fact. "You're Charlotte Adamson? We got news of your death not long ago. You didn't take long to get here- you must have been a pretty pure usually takes longer if you've done bad things. Many even have to spend time in purgatory before getting here. But that's all God's choice. Follow me..."

Everything was a blur, white everywhere. Everyone,everything was happy- people talked fast with excitement in their voices and a twinkle in their eyes. I hadn't seen myself since I got there...I wondered if I had that same twinkle.

After following the mystery angel for some time- time didn't seem to be a concept here, I had no idea what time it was and clocks didn't look to exist- I saw an average looking man with long brown hair and blue eyes in all white stood waiting for me. 

"Charlotte. Hello, daughter." He kissed my forehead. The person laughed, "I'm God, if you couldn't guess." He gestured towards the gold leaf crown placed on the top of his head. He was nothing like he was described in church- he had a sense of humor. It was madness.

"I don't know what's happening." I said, almost dazed from all that was taking place around me.

"It's always like that at first. Stay calm. You are dead now, but alive here. About an hour ago, you were killed by a drunk driver in a truck. Your parents are just about to find out...I do not know whether you will want to see, but if you do just imagine being in that place. After about 30 seconds of imagining, you'll find yourself there- able to see everything. You can touch them, but they won't feel it...and they can't see you either." He explained.

"I don't want to see that." I said, tears springing into my eyes. Who wanted the chance to see their parents react to their death but not being able to touch them or comfort them.

"I understand. Just know, I will be looking over them making sure they pull through this." He smiled.

"I have questions.Why make my parents have to go through this...and why kill me?" I asked.

"People have to face hardships, Charlotte. It's how I know they believe in me and trust me...your mother is a strong believer. She prays to me each night- and she will be rewarded I can assure you. As for you, I had to let this happen to you. This is because, I put everyone on Earth as an equal...some will grow strong and some will grow weak. Some can cope, and others can't. Some are good humans and others aren't. The Earth is corrupt to test people. My best creations come back to me first... hence why you are here now. You're innocent and a strong young soul- but you couldn't cope with the corruption the world faces. You proved to me in your sixteen years on Earth that you serve a better purpose as an angel- saving people who are not as strong, not as innocent as you. You can change people on the them."

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