1. You.

They're gone. Just... gone. And you feel so alone.

And you know these people are out there, somewhere, just not with you.

And you remember all that time you spent with them, and you so wish for more.

All you want is more time, more time with them, go back to the past.

And your heart beats fast and your breathing goes funny. And your body starts expressing what's on the inside. And you feel the tears fall and you let them.

It can be triggered. Seeing another grieving and suddenly she feel an onslaught and your eyes water and your chest heaves and you remember your pain too.

And even years later it still hurts, it hurts so much. They're gone and it hurts so much. And you just want them back, in your arms, you want to hug them and hug them and never let go. You want to pause that moment and all that love and affection in it. You just want those moments again. You just want... them.

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