Sunflowers and Romance

Four different couples go through different things at college and in everyday life that will either make their love stronger or weaken it.
[Yaoi, Yuri, Straight, and Trans lovers.]

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1. Sunflowers and Romance (Details)

Sunflowers and Romance



Himawari to romansu


Sunflowers and Romance is kind of like a show called "JunJou Romantica" I found out.

I haven't watched anything of it. I've only seen pictures.

So if anything is a lot like it, it's not my fault. I might start watching it though.




Sunflowers and Romance is made up of four stories: "Sunflower Romance", "Lily Romance", "Rose Romance", and "Daisy Romance".


"Sunflower Romance" is about a young man with a love for knowledge and music named Viktor Drombroski who meets an athletic and popular classmate named Alfred Martin. At first, Viktor becomes a little shy around Alfred when they have to work on a project together, but he starts warming up to him and Alfred does the same, except he takes what Viktor thought was a road to friendship, to a road of lovers.


"Lily Romance" is about a young woman named Celia who has a crush on her roomate Vanessa. When Vanessa finds out that shy, little Celia has a crush, she wants to help her get together with them, but is soon surprised to find out it's her.


"Rose Romance" is about a young man named Arthur and a young woman Ariel who meet on a blind date that was set up by their friends. They go steady at first, but soon start to get a little closer than expected.


"Daisy Romance" is about a young woman named Alex who lives as a male and a young man named Thomas who lives as a female. The two can't find a date, because all the good people are taken, but when they finally run into each other (Literally!) they can't help but fall in love.


All four of the couples go to the same Private School for the Arts called Himawari Academy where they can be in choir, theatre, art, dance, writing, and other classes such as world history and language courses.


If you enjoy the stories and you want episodes of certain series, like Sunflower Romance or Rose Romance, then don't hesitate to ask!

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