How Each Star Wars Film Could Have Ended

Funny alternate endings I made up for each Star Wars movie, in order. I'm not saying I wish it ended this way, but in some cases I can see why you might.


4. A New Hope

The Rebels sped across the Death Star trench. Flanked by two of his own, Darth Vader pursued them closely in his TIE fighter. After blowing up the Y-wings, he gunned down the X-wings, which exploded  and plowed into the ground. Then he held Luke in range. "I have you now." He fired his lasers, and Luke's ship exploded in a mass of sparks.

Vader cackled maliciously. "Now there is no hope for the Galaxy."

Meanwhile, Grand Moff Tarkin activated the controls. "Targets activate! You may fire when ready."

The stormtroopers activated the superlaser. It began to pulse, then fired out the end and focused its 8 lasers into one giant one. Then it fired...and blew Yavin whole.

But thanks to the stormtroopers' inability to aim, the laser had missed, and the Rebel base remained intact on Yavin 4.

"Aw, come on!" said Tarkin. Now it would take another 24 hours to recharge the superlaser.

Juat then, Han came in. "What did I miss?" he called out.

Vader looked up...and then the Falcon blasted both TIE fighters and blew up Vader's ship. Han skimmed the trench and saw the 6-foot hole. Maybe I'll blow this up for them... And then he realized something. "Gosh, dang it! No torpedoes to blast!" Then he flew back to the Rebel base to report to Princess Leia and Jan Dodanna. Although they had failed to destroy the Death Star, both sides had been dealt a massive blow.

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