Magically and Lovingly Chaotic! (魔法と愛情を込めてカオス!)

Isamu is the leader of "Kyōki no ai" , a group that consist of his friends who are the cutest and most popular guys at Jenerēshon Academy. 16 year old, Kumi Tomiko, gets to meet them all in person which is hard to do since they all hate being social. Soon she ends up visiting them out of class everyday and she starts getting a crush on one of them, but who is the real question! But then she finds out that they all have a secret, that might just prove to be either a little magical, a little loving, or even a little deadly.~


1. Message to You

Hello again, everyone!


This is another story that I hope will turn out good!

It's based off one of my other stories that will (Hopefully) be up soon called "A Ghost Named Time"


This story is done in episodes, because I'm picturing it as an anime, so everyday or so I'll post a new episode. Or maybe every week, like a weekly upload for this, unless I get it down quickly.


魔法と愛情を込めてカオス![Magically and Lovingly Chaotic!]


WARNING: I made this book Mature, because there are some things that might not be suitable for some people.


~!Hope you enjoy!~

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