Magically and Lovingly Chaotic! (魔法と愛情を込めてカオス!)

Isamu is the leader of "Kyōki no ai" , a group that consist of his friends who are the cutest and most popular guys at Jenerēshon Academy. 16 year old, Kumi Tomiko, gets to meet them all in person which is hard to do since they all hate being social. Soon she ends up visiting them out of class everyday and she starts getting a crush on one of them, but who is the real question! But then she finds out that they all have a secret, that might just prove to be either a little magical, a little loving, or even a little deadly.~


2. Episode One - From the Deep Woods We Came

(Opening Song: If I Ever Call Your Name)


Though the roads that guide me go on forever,

I'll walk it with a smile,

And though the light that guides the way is blinding,

I'll never stop walking that last mile.


Our paths will cross,

Don't worry about when,

We'll soon be okay,

Just keep on moving forward,


But if I ever call your name!

Please don't say the same thing,

I'll call you again!

Because I need some help as I try to escape,

This better part of me needs some light from you,

So please, just please help me!


If I ever call your name.~


 * * * * * * * * * * *

Episode One - From the Deep Woods We Came!~


    The young man stood silently on the hill as he overlooked the vast city below him. Behind him was a small building made of wood that had been painted to match the woods that surrounded it. All around their city was a dark woods full of dark creatures from unknown places, but that didn't scare this young man away. It didn't scare him and his friends at all, because they knew they were all from the woods.


"Isamu, why do you just stand out here and look at Veridiano City so much? You can't really see anything except for the lights." asked a young man with a yawn as he walked up behind the other


    Isamu turned to look at his friend who was dressed in his white shirt, black vest, black skinny dress pants, and his shiny black dress shoes before looking down at himself in his dark red jeans, long white shirt, and converse shoes


"It's beautiful to me," the quieter man said with a smile


"You say the same about all the girls you talk to," the new man uttered with a raised brow


"True, but I feel that something fun will happen soon..."


"Well, we are going to go to high school."


"Maybe that's it. Maybe something fun will happen at the academy we'll be attending."


"I highly doubt it," his friend groaned "Nothing fun happens at school. It's boring there."


"Masato, please. You'll love this school. There's a day class, night class, and online class, even weekend classes!"


"It sounds like college."


"You'll like it, I promise you." the brown haired man smiled at his darker haired friend before frowning a little "Though it will be hard..."


"Of course it will. We're monsters."


"But we're monsters who want a good education."


"Exactly. And a few girls."


    Isamu and Masato laughed before going inside together to wake the others for the day ahead of them.


--The Next Day--


"Hurry up, Kumi! We don't want to be late on the first day, do we?!" yelled a black haired girl to her blonde haired, blue eyed friend who was having trouble keeping up the pace she was running


"I-I'm trying, Yori! I'm not a fast runner!" the slow girl said as she closed her eyes and tried to run faster


    Yori crossed the street right before the light changed, letting cars go through, she looked back to see her best friend cross the street just as a truck was barrelling down it fast.


"K-KUMI! WATCH OUT!" she screamed at the other girl


    Kumi look up in shock at the truck that was rolling straight at her and screamed in fear of being hit, but suddenly a strong arm grabbed her and pulled her out of the way quickly. The scared girl opened her eyes to see a handsome a young man with long, golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes wearing their blue and black school uniform.


"Are you alright, Miss Kumi?" the man said quietly in a deeper voice


"Y-Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for saving me..."


"Kumi! Are you alright?!" Yori called to her friend as she ran over


"Yes, I'm fine Yori. Thanks to him." she pointed to the man standing next to her


"Y-You're Akihiko Tachimiya, aren't you?!" Yori said as her face turned red


He chuckled "Yes, I am he. I'm in your class this year."


"O-Oh well... thank you again, Tachimya-Kun. See you at school!" Yori said as she quickly grabbed Kumi's arm and ran with her towards the school


"What was that about Yori?!" Kumi asked her friend in a confused tone


"That was Akihiko Tachimiya! He's a part of the group made up of the most popular and cutest boys in all the school!"


"Oh wow! But, why would he help me?"


"Who knows. Maybe we'll find out at school."


    They entered the large building and ran to their class right as the bell rang for first hour with some eyes watching them from nearby...

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