Spoiler Alert: I Die

A number of mysterious killings begins plaguing Sector 25, the murderer a mysterious figure whom the media have- very smartly, of course- dubbed "Unknown". They have no idea who Unknown is, where they come from or what they want from people, only that one person is to die a week and that there is no way to stop them.
Alcie Knowles, prodigy investigator, is recruited to investigate the killer and these mysterious deaths, in hope of working out the truth behind what is going on. But he's promised to himself that he won't get attached to anything. Getting attached distances himself from his work. Who knows what'll happen if he loses focus and falls for someone?


2. Chapter Two


   I’m up long before the alarm begins to ring, lying on my back in my bed. The duvet is crumped from tossing and turning, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I’m already wide awake as the blaring of the clock penetrates the deep silence like a knife. My heart pounds as I get out of bed- irrational, really, since there’s nothing to really be afraid of. The curfew is probably going to be lifted soon, but for now the streets are still dead. The rain has stopped, the constant pounding at my window lifted so that now the silence is absolute, sans the sound of me getting out of bed. For some odd reason, I think of Caele. Will she be at work when I go downstairs, or will the desk be empty? I wonder if she lives here…
   The bathroom tiles are cold on my bare feet, so the shower is welcoming. Standing under the warm water, I can’t help but think that this reminds me of the rain last night. It was that heavy, torrential almost. It was almost as is 25 was welcoming me. Welcome Alcie! Here, have some freaky heavy rain and cold weather! Perhaps it’s a foreshadowing for the case. Nah, that’s negative talk.

   I wonder how I’ll present myself at the school. Usually I just keep to myself, generally people will avoid me. But people here seem so nice, I can’t help but end up liking them. I suppose that’s a bad thing, being attached could prove to be near fatal for me in a situation like this. I don’t want to get anyone in danger, and I don’t want anyone to be hurt if I somehow die on field.
  Oh who am I kidding? I’m just scared of losing people.

   I’ve been standing in the shower much longer than I should be, the light has already begun to filter through the open crack in my door, I must have left the curtains open as I fell asleep. I switch off the warm water, bracing myself for the ice that grips my body. Shivering, I grab a towel from off the rack. As much as I may want seasons, there’s a couple downfalls on that side.
   I get changed quickly, the uniform isn’t as warm as I hoped it’d be, but we’re allowed jackets. For once, I actually pay attention to my appearance. Generally, as much as don’t want to draw much attention to myself, first impressions are a pretty important thing. There’s not much I can do though, my hair is too messy to even bother to comb. Instead, I just grab my glasses (I can’t see anything otherwise) and pull on some sneakers. The time reads 7:15, I’ve definitely been stalling.

   School starts at eight, so I do have some time- but I may want to get there early. According to the papers Noah gave me, the system is a little different to that in Sector 99. We only have one class, placed with people with similar ability- though they’ve placed me in second highest as to not draw much attention. The only classes that are not taken within your group are sports and your two chosen subjects. For me, that means music and photography. I’ve always enjoyed music, a little bit of an odd thing- considering that I’m a so-called ‘detective’. I don’t think the higher ups mind that much, though, so I take it anyways.
   I’m not that hungry, but I grab an apple anyways as I head out the door. The floor is still empty, it’s almost eerie how quiet it is. In my previous sector, I was in a boarding school and had to share my room with two other boys. It made it harder to actually study anything from the case with them in the room, but I managed ok. Maybe that makes it a little nicer, to have a whole flat to myself, but the silence still unnerves me.

   As I head down the elevator, my thoughts begin to rush back to Unknown. Who are they? One killing a week, is it possible that somebody died last night. For the first time since arriving, the possibility of me being killed runs though my mind. Of course, it’s unlikely that it would be me- out of everybody in the city! That’s what the people who died would have thought…

   The lobby is empty, as I suspected, and Caele is nowhere in sight. It occurs to me that I haven’t actually seen any other resident of this apartment; that strikes me as slightly odd. It’s obvious curfew has lifted though, as cars roll past the building and a scattering of people walk across the street. Some are students, though quite a few have a different uniform than me.
   The cold is starting not to bother me, though the early morning air is sharp and biting. Clutching my bag to keep my hands warm, I make my way down the opposite way I went yesterday. Hopefully checking the map last night will be some help.

   After a while, it’s apparent it did. I recognise the large white and red building from the images I had been shown. Bay Private School has a pretty good representation, I’m glad that this one has been chosen. The building is large, enough that it stands out from the other buildings around it. The main building stands in between two smaller ones, the arts and sports departments- respectively. A number of students, all between the ages of 13 to 18, stand scattered around the grounds chattering. Their buzz reaches my ears easily, I’m used to listening. There isn’t much worth listening to, but I do hear the name ‘Unknown’ scattered throughout conversation. It’s just gossip though.
   I avoid eye contact with everyone else in the building, focusing on getting my bearings. My class is in 19A, so that’s on the first floor- presumably the number will be on the door. I still have fifteen minutes before I have to reach there, there’s no point going now- so I sit down on the steps. A group of girls walks past me, all around my age, but they don’t pay much attention to me. I suppose that’s a perk of looking like I do, not very noticeable. I’m not particularly good looking- average height, boring hair, glasses. I don’t have the sort of aura people notice. I mean, I’m glad tha-

I turn around to face the voice. A male stands there, he looks around 16- around the same age as me then. His scruffy blonde hair nearly falls in his eyes, which are a light brown, almost honey colour. He wears a jacket over his school uniform, using one hand to wave at me while his other grips his bags. He has a cheerful smile-no, a smirk… but it doesn’t seem mean spirited in the slighted.

   Oh no. He’s cute.                   
    “You’re new, right?” he says, plopping himself down next to me. Sitting there, I can tell he’s shorter than me. Oh no…even that’s endearing.
 “Uhm, yeah. I just arrived here yesterday…” I murmur. I sound like an idiot.

He raises an eyebrow. “You came to 25 even with the whole thing going on?”
Stupid! Think of something
   “I-I mean I moved to this school. I went somewhere else before this.” I manage to stammer out. For a second I think he’s going to ask where- then I’m screwed- but he seems convinced.
“Cool! I’m Miycah, by the way. Nice to meet you!” He grins. I probably shouldn’t be getting to know people like this, but there’s something about this guy.
“You too. I’m Alcie.”

He blinks at me for a second, looking at me oddly. “I’m sure I’ve heard that name before…”

“That’s weird. Generally people would say I sound like a girl, or something along those lines…” He laughs, one of those light and almost contagious laughs.
“Suppose they’re right about that. Don’t look like much of a girl though. Hey, what year are you in?”

I blink. I normally would feel reluctant to give people information, but I hardly hesitate. “I’m in 11th year, class 19A. You?”
He laughs again. “Same! I’ve was here last year, so I know my way around. Do you want me to show you to our class.”

As we make our way up, I contemplate the situation. I don’t really know Miycah, but I like him a lot already. Sure, I’ve never actually made friends before- but I don’t think I’ve even thought of the possibility. Even now, I’m a little nervous at getting attached… but maybe it’d do me good to have a friend. Even if it means that I have to lie to him.

“Here we are.” Miycah announces, pushing the door open. In the doorway is a small classroom, with a large window overlooking the field. There are about 20 odd desks facing the electronic whiteboard and teacher’s desk. Miycah dumps his bag on top of a seat, and I take the desk next to him, by the window. While we do this, Miycah continues to talk about the school.
“Our maths teacher is Ms. Clarke. She’s really creepy, I’m pretty sure she must get off or something on detentions. Like, this one time- she seriously threatened to keep me in for two whole hours because I forgot my homework. On a Friday too!”
   “Oh, I had a teacher like that once. He taught German, I can’t actually say his name- it sounded like a cough. Anyways-“

I begin to lose track of time as we recount stories of odd teachers. I almost don’t notice the bell has rung until students start to swarm in through the doors. As they enter, I catch the eye of a girl with short curly hair- who smiles at me. A tall boy takes a seat behind me and introduces himself as Dylan. Have people always been this nice, or have I just never noticed?

What am I doing? This is ridiculous… if I let even one thing through, it could be the end of me! At least, I can be friendly to Miycah- I like him- but I can’t let myself get caught off guard. And it would take up so much of my time too... I would have so much less time devoted to studying the case. I’d take so much time to get used to it too, probably going to be a bad friend. Shit. Maybe this is a bad idea.
“Alcie, you okay?” Miycah looks over from the conversation he was having with the boy sitting in front of him. Dammit, he’s too cute. Ehh, what am I saying? Does that mean I like guys? I’ve never thought of anyone in that way before, nonetheless someone of my own gender. What do I say?
          “Oh yeah! Just…thinking…” I manage. He gives me a smile.
          “Okay then.”

          Taking a deep breath, I look out the window. The grounds are empty, most of the students are in the first classes of the year now. The teacher’s probably arriving soon, our ‘Tutor’- according to Miycah. From experience, I know first days at school are usually easy, which is a good thing since I’m going straight to the headquarters after school for a briefing and an introduction to the case (not that I need it). It’ll take me while to get into a routine, a couple weeks. After that, balancing school and work is a breeze.

          I lift my head, it seems the talking has stopped- apparently our tutor is here. He’s a dark haired young male, with a pin on his shirt which labels him as Mr. L Sharples. I don’t know what he teaches, but it’s probably English or Art, he has that look about him. I like him already, from his good natured grin. It’s almost odd how nice everyone here is. I can’t help but feel slightly suspicious, though I feel he is genuine.
          “Mornin’ guys. How were your holidays?” he says. His accent is Western, which stands out to me- since Miycah and a few other students sound more… I think they called it British? All part of the old countries… I’m no good at history anyways. The students in the class chorus back variations of good. I spot a girl, the one who smiled at me earlier, who (like me) stays silent. Perhaps she’s also new, I’d be glad if I wasn’t the only one.

As if reading my mind, Mr Sharples turns to the class. “I’m glad that you’re all safe and well! Now, before I forget- we have two new students in the class. Alcie Knowles and Jenna Carter. I hope you make them feel welcome here.”
          I duck my head, feeling uncomfortable with the unneeded attention. Fortunately, Mr Sharples decides to redirect the conversations…thank god.
          “We’re going to have an assembly in the main hall in a few minutes, so I’ll call the register and then we’ll go down. After that we’ll come up here for a about half an hour- after break classes start as usual. You’ll get your timetables then.” He says, straightening his shirt. I notice he doesn’t wear a tie, usually teachers do. Humming a bit, he flips open his laptop and taps a few keys, letting out a satisfactory hmph when he most likely opens the register.
          “Zoe Banes?”
          As discretely as possible, I lean towards Miycah. “What does Mr Sharples teach?”
          “Oh, he’s the Drama teacher.” Miycah answers. He flashes me a sharp toothed grin. “Definitely one of the coolest teachers in the school, he’s a riot in class, you should see him!”
          “You take drama?”
          “I love it! There are only like, 11 people in the whole year who take it, so it’s a bit of a small class, but it’s so much fun!”
          I blink. He acts too? “Cool. I actually didn’t think of the possibility of taking it, I’ve got Music and Photography…” Miycah rolls his eyes.
          “At least you’re not a science dude. I swear, those guys are- here!” he says, as Mr. Sharples calls his name.
          I stifle a laugh. “Your last name is Heel? What kind of name is that?” He flushes a bright red, obviously embarrassed.
          “It’s Hill! And… says the guy with the girl’s name!”
          Eventually, Mr Sharples finishes the register, and we file out of the class. Jenna, the other new girl gives me another grin, a very… flirty…grin. I go bright pink, I’ve never been used to this attention before! Man, I didn’t even speak to people before this, let alone even be noticed by someone. Miycah snorts at my confusion.
          “Man, you’re so over your head. Did you even go to a school before this?”
I stay silent. I’m new to this, I don’t want to get teased by anyone any further.
          “I’m just kidding. New schools are weird.” That comment makes me wonder, did Miycah travel too? I keep the topic to myself though, I don’t want anything that could lead to me being cornered about only just arriving here- that could be suspicious.
          The assembly hall is large, with sections of seats roped off for each class. I slide into one next to Miycah and a girl with black hair who ignores me completely, instead talking to the girl next to her. Her perfume is overpowering, like poison. Wrinkling my nose at Miycah, I turn to observe the other people in our year.
          There are four other classes, seated in order of ability. Loud chatter comes from in front of us, where Class 1 and the younger years sit. The students in the top class do talk quite loudly, I would have expected them to be more refined. Then again, they are just teenagers- it’s not like all of them are just huge nerds who do nothing but read. Then again, that’s pretty much what I am…
          In the row behind us sit class 3, and the other two classes behind them. Further behind are the two older years, and even further behind are the teachers. A lady with short blonde hair stands on the stage, holding a microphone. She taps it, bringing speech to silence. It surprises me how fast they respond, my old school was much more rowdy.
          And just like that, my first real day in 25 begins.


Classes are typical, and I’m starting to get bored by the time lunch rolls around. I sit in music, surrounded by student- quite a few of which are not in my normal class. When the bell rings, for a moment I feel lost, but a voice behind me greets me. I turn around, facing Jenna. She’s with the girl who sat next to me in assembly, whose name I now know is Ivy.
          “Alcie, I was wondering if we could accompany you to the canteen?” Jenna says, sweetly. I feel uncomfortable again, I’m not even sure what to say to normal people! Nervously, I fiddle with my sheet music behind my back.
          “I was, kinda thinking of just sitting by the tables by the tennis courts. But, erm, thanks for asking…” I murmur. This is so awkward.
          Jenna looks crestfallen, I feel so bad I almost change my mind, but Ivy just rolls her eyes. “It’s fine, sweetie, we’ll just go then,” she says, with such a bitter tone she could have spat it. Immediately, I regret the thought- there’s no way on earth I would spend any time with her. I’d rather be lost.
          Fortunately, Miycah finds me wandering around, I must have been near the Drama area.
          “You’re hopeless…” he rolls his eyes, grabbing my arm. My heart rate starts to speed up, and I bite my lip. What is wrong with me, am I feeling late nerves or something? Fortunately for me, he doesn’t seem to notice, as he marches me to the tables that I had wanted to go to. On the way, I tell him about Jenna.
          “I don’t really have any idea about the new chick, but you should stay away from Ivy. She’s like, you know those Queen Bee types that you see in those really old movies. Yeah, she’s one of those.”
          I don’t actually have any idea of what Miycah is talking about, I don’t really watch TV show, but I just nod like I do. I didn’t actually bring any food, but I take my water bottle out of my bag anyways, I don’t want to seem as if I have nothing. Meanwhile, Miycah continues to talk about his drama class. He seems to quite a chatterbox, but I’m content listening to him speak, even if none of it makes sense to me.
          “-and we’re doing current affairs, again! It’s interesting this time though, since we’re focusing on ‘Unknown’.” That catches my attention, head snapping up from staring at the table.
          “You’re doing a piece on Unknown?” I can’t hide the eagerness that creeps into my tone. If Miycah finds it strange, he doesn’t show it.
         “Yeah. Mr Sharples is really interested in the case, y’know? We’re not actually doing our piece on them, more on the topic itself- but they’re the basis. It’s unavoidable I guess, all I ever see nowadays.”
          I nod. “Yeah…” I can imagine. It was huge even in 99, so being in the sector where it actually happens, everything must be big news.
          “The Jane Harold’s case was actually in the apartment right where I live.” Miycah shudders. “I can’t help but feel relieved that it’s not me every week, I know it’s awful- but I’m just so scared I’ll end up being killed.” He trails off.
          “No, that’s normal.” I say. “I feel that way too, it’s not nice but it’s human nature I guess. I have to say though, Unknown as a person interests me a lot.”
          He nods. “Me too. I want to know what they’re motive are. I have this theory whe-“he cuts short, as if he had said too much. That’s interesting… I wonder what it could be. I have half a mind to resolve to ask him, but I decide not to. I don’t want to put him off in any way. Maybe he’ll be able to tell me later.
          We sit in silence for a while, neither of us saying a word. I wonder if Miycah has any other friends, he said he had been at the school for a while, so it’s probable. At least, he seemed friendly with the other students and had been talking to a girl as he left the drama sector. I don’t bring that up either, though, it seems rather intrusive.
         “Alcie, where are you from?” That comment definitely draws me back to earth. Dropping my hands into my lap, I look up at the other teen’s brown eyes. How did he know that I wasn’t from here? For a second, I consider lying… but that won’t do me any good- he’s guessed already. As long as I don’t tell him what I’m here for…
         “I’m originally from 50, but I moved…here… when I was around 11.” I say. “How’d you know I was foreign?”
          “Oh, just by your accent. You don’t really sound like people from 25. That being said, we’re a little odd- having the accent of the old country.”
I frown. “What country was that?”
            “Dunno, somewhere in ‘Europe’ apparently. We don’t really talk about it much, plus I don’t take history.” I nod, it sounds rather boring.
            “You’re from here too?”
            “Yeah, been here for as long as I can remember. Kind of sad that one of my peers is like- a killer… y’know?”. I nod back, but all can note is the fact that he said ‘my peers’. That could imply, Unknown is a student? 
“Come on…” Miycah turns to me. “Let’s go meet our demon maths teacher.”


          The afternoon passes as uneventfully as the morning did, consisting of staring out the window and flying through math papers. Usually first days are bring anyways… but this one is even more so. I’m grateful I’ve been placed in second class though, it means that I can focus more on the case. I can only guess how much I’ll focus on it, I can’t stop thinking about now already- and I haven’t even formally started.

          Finally, after what feels like a year of class, the bell rings. I almost fly out of my seat- I’m so eager to get started. Grabbing my books, I sling my bag over my shoulder and slowly file out with the other students. Jenna, fortunately, ignores me- much to my delight. Starting down the steps, Miycah catches up with me.

          “It was nice to meet you ‘girly name’” he makes quotation symbols with his fingers. “I’ll see you round.”

          “You too. It was nice of you to come up to me too, to be perfectly honest most people ignore me…”

          “Yeah, you’re not much to notice…”

          “Hey!” I protest, which causes him to crack up.”

          “Bye Alcie.”

          The sky is bluer than before and sunlight shafts between the leaves as I head out the school, squeezing past groups of chattering students. Birds chip in the air, and for the first time in ages, I almost feel content with the peace. Walking past a few stores, I realize I’m starting to get hungry. Dammit, forgot to bring extra money! Annoyed (I should have brought more than bus money) I walk past them and further down the street, rolling the paper with the address in my hand. Apparently I’m to take a bus to a certain point and walk for ten minutes to get to the headquarters. Sighing, I check my watch. I still have a quarter of an hour before I need to be there- but the trip is a good twenty minutes according to Noah. I wonder if I’ll see him there, he said he works for security, so it is plausible.

          I seat myself next to an elderly lady at the bus stop. Just in time too. The bus rolls round the corner the second I sit down, its smoke almost choking me. The lady and I stand up, making sure that it is heading to the right place. After confirming that I am not in the total wrong stop, I hand some money to the conductor and take a seat by the window.

          The bus is near empty, and there’s not much to do but stare at the pavement rolling past. My hand lies on my headphones and music player, I love listening to music, though I know I could get distracted and forget to get off. Instead, my mind falls into a recap of the day.

Class is easy, that one’s for sure. I bet they did it on purpose so that I can spend more time focusing on the case, which I’m fine with. My problem falls onto Miycah. I don’t know how I feel about him, I just met him for god’s sake… but he seems so endearing. There’s the issue of lying to him too, though he seems very perceptive- so it may be hard. And then, if I become his friend… more people will approach me. I’m going to need to find a way to sort this somehow.
My hands fidget in my lap, I haven’t worn any gloves and the bus doesn’t have a heater like the school did. It’d be a little odd to any resident if I was so cold during this time of year as well, it’s only September after all. I’ll just have to stick through.

The bus rumbles on down the road, the buildings noted as landmarks disappearing as we roll the other way. Outside the window, people rush by, shopping bags in hand- almost comfortable in the rush of things. I could almost imagine this being a normal city, not serial killer or major problems at all. I was told there was a serious unemployment issue here too, but I can’t see it either. All I can see are normal, busy civilians.
I suppose that’s what they want us to see.
Slowly, the bus comes to a halt, this must be my stop. Nobody but me gets out, and it’s only when I step outside that I have no idea where to go. I must look like an idiot, bags in hands, gawking at the sidewalk. Thankfully, the bus moves along- leaving myself to my idiocy.
Eventually, I resolve to ask someone. The lady whom I asked, dressed very smartly in a blue coat, points me down a side path.
“Big building, you can’t miss it!” she calls as I thank her and head in the direction. The path is empty, and it seems for the first time since arriving, I’m truly alone. I still have ten minutes before I was told to be there, but it seems to have only been a few seconds, not five minutes, when I’ve arrived.
The lady was right. The Police Investigations Headquarters (I think calling iy P.I.H will be less of a mouthful) is impossible to miss. A large, modern building- circular with windows on every side and every office with views to the suburbs. Strictly speaking, we’re not with the police, but this will be my new workplace.
I like it already.
I show my identification to the guard, but it seems he’s already been expecting me. I almost don’t recognize him with the uniform, but the smile gives him away.
“Go to the lobby, just in there. They’re probably ready to brief you now,” Noah grins. After greeting and thanking him, I follow his directions and make my way towards the lobby. This time, a man is at the desk. He hardly greets me, but points me to the door. It seems a bit like a maze, not like the one in the office building I went into when I first arrived, but a maze nonetheless. After entering no less than 5 more doors, and getting lost at least twice, I’m sure that I’ve found the right place.
The man in the office looks quite short, but it’s overpowered by his aura. He reeks of authority. He wears a formal suit, with his name and job pinned on his shirt like a medal of honour. His dark eyes show no signs of empathy, nor any kindness- but the blank eyes of people corrupted by business and power. He must have been middle aged, his black hairline already receding.
I don’t like him.
“Thank you for coming, Alcie Knowles…” he begins, leaning back in his seat so his head is covered by shadows. The room is dim too, one of the only sources of light being the open door behind me. “Please take a seat.”
I’m about to decline, I don’t want to sit in anything that belongs to him…they’re probably contaminated or something… but the look he gives me is enough to make my insides squirm. Shivering, I slip into the seat- trying to seat myself so I’m touching the chair as little as possible. If the man notices, he says nothing.
“I understand you’re to be taking part in the ‘Unknown’ case?” he says it like a question, raising one eyebrow.
“Yes, sir” he growls, and I feel the urge to raise my eyes. Is this guy for real? He’s not even my teacher or anything! “Then you’d be under… under Detective Evans. That’s floor five… yes that’s where they’re doing the unknown thing…”
I like this man less and less, the more he talks. Unknown is possibly the most important case going on at the moment, and he acts like he doesn’t care or isn’t involved at all! I would say something, but there’s no point.
“ Ok, I’ll contact Evans then. He’ll meet you on floor five, he can go over- all that…stuff…”
“Thank you.” I say, deliberately leaving out the ‘sir’. I’d never been gladder to leave a room, it was like I was drowning in his double chins! Letting out a huge breath, god I’m nervous, I enter the elevator, like I had been instructed to. It zips upwards, even faster than the one at the apartment, and I’m almost out of breath from just staring at the faces outside zooming away. I almost don’t notice that I’ve arrived at the floor until the ‘ding’ sounds. Turning around, I come face to face with another man.
He has dark hair like the man before, but that’s where the resemblances stop. This man is much taller and his eyes not so dull, greener and full of intelligence. He wears a suit, like most other people here and on his name tag reads the name Caelan Evans.
“Oh, are you Alcie?” he asks, running his hand through his hair. When I nod, he cracks a smile. “Great, I was just looking for you.” He says. “I’m ‘Detective’ Evans, but Mr. Evans will do fine. You’d be working under me, since I’m in charge of the investigation on this ‘Unknown’ fella.”
“It’s very nice to meet you, Mr Evans,” I say. “I’d be really glad to be of any help.”
“Wonderful! Come, I’ll show you around. We’ve got a whole floor dedicated just to this investigation, it’s a pretty big thing.”
He’s right. Doors line to odd offices, labelled with people’s names and jobs. I spot one, the nearest one to my left. ‘Joey Strider- Forensics Investigator (Blood)’. Of course they’d have FI’s on the case. Mr Evans leads me down rows of offices, finally opening the doors to reveal a lab, where a few people bustle around like ants.
“Our lab’s pretty cool. Us investigations team aren’t formally the police, so we’re to actually supposed to be in here very much. All that information gets relayed back to us. We put the pieces together, come to the scenes- investigate people… all that. And people are getting restless, that’s why we’ve brought you in.”
“Course you! Alcie Knowles, you’re kind of a story around here. You’ve tackled some pretty big cases, at your age too! Of course we’d want you on our team. You and the other kid, you’d make a great team.”
“Other kid?”
“Yeah, there’s another one of them guys that went to the YO schools, like you. I’ll introduce you to him later. For now, I’ll bring you to your office.”
My office…. I like the sound of that. Mr Evans brings me down a corridor, leading me to a room on the first left. He tosses me a pair of keys, laughing when I blink and miss the catch. “Here you go…” he says, as I observe the name tag. “Alcie Knowles, Criminal Analysis and Investigation… all yours.”
I open the door slowly, the smell of dust rising to my nose. The room is small, a computer, desk, window and a large note board that hangs on the wall. I’m content though, it’s all I really need. I think Mr Evans must have noticed too, that I’m fine, so he continues.
“There’s information on all the cases in the drawers, just check those out to start off with, and if there’s anything you notice- call me. I’m in room A09, just near the labs. I’ll pop in later, but just get adjusted. Your real job doesn’t really start till we get to the next killing…” he murmurs, closing the door behind him.
And just like that, I’m left alone again.
The contents of the files aren’t completely new, but the details are. I didn’t know that Unknown had actually started killing before being completely reported as ‘Unknown’ and before the letter had been sent to the police. There’s a photocopy of that too, the block written note. ‘O N E   A    W E E K.’ Who is this person?

Pouring over notes and cases, I almost don’t realize the door has opened again.
“Alcie, remember how I told you there was another PO here? Well, here he is.”

I look up from my papers for a split second, and my mouth nearly drops open from shock. That’s impossible.
“Alcie?” Miycah asks in surprise. 

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