Long Live (Marauders: Year One)

It's James Potter's first year at Hogwarts and he's got pretty high expectations! Good thing they're not disappointing. He's got wonderful friends, his classes are the literal bomb and Lily Evans is totally in love with him. Okay, so maybe the last one is a lie, but surely one day she'll at least pay attention to him! His friends think he's nuts. But then again, they would. That's why he loves them.
((Part one of a series depicting the life of the Marauders as they go through their lives at Hogwarts, all while the start of the first wizarding war looms nearer))


7. Pranks and Potions

Welp, I accidently took a break. Sorry about that, it was sort of unintentional but school work and travelling kind of took over me. Adding to that, I've begun planning for my Nanowrimo novel, which is a topic I need to address- actually. My original plan was to do a half/half between this story and my other one, but the plot and characters I've created are really some of my best, so I actually would like to invest my time into them. That's not to say I'm abandoning this story for a whole month, because I'm not! I love this fic, even if it's small and not many people care, and I'm not gonna stop until I reach the last word of the seventh part. God, I'll probably be in university by the time that happens. Who know, I might even be out of KL when I do, I hope, at least.

I'm getting ahead of myself here. Basically, what I'm trying to say is instead of one chapter every two days, It'll probably be once or twice a week. Maybe the same gap between last chapter and this one. We'll see, huh?

I'm also sorry this one is short, I'm currently writing on a plane so that I can update the second I get home, and I'm getting yelled at to help my brother do his homework, so I'm a little pressed for time. Still, I hope whoever is reading this enjoys it! I don't want to sound naggy, but if you've been reading this story all this time and you enjoy it, it would mean so much to me if you just dropped something by to tell me. This is the most readers I've ever gotten from any fic I've ever written, and I'm so so thankful for even one view. Thanks guys!

It seemed that the longer James spent at Hogwarts, the faster time seemed to zoom by him, like a zap of blurry light turning his days into a golden blur. Most of the time he was too busy living in the moment to feel anything but this low, humming elation at the reality of being at Hogwarts. Being there with what he could now call his best friends, the people he would happily spend the rest of his days with. At only 12, most people would be surprised that he could have decided so early, but James knew, somehow.

Perhaps it had to do with the way they complimented one another in a way James could have never imagined anyone would. Peter could always be counted on to encourage James to do things that he was hesitant to do, go talk to Lily as they made their way down the halls to their next class. Remus was always there when James needed to be slightly more serious, not that the boy was always the serious one, he could be a downright evil mastermind with his schemes. And Sirius was almost like a mind reader, finishing James' sentences and altogether, his best (or worst, depending on how you looked at it) partner in crime. If James was to have a brother, he would've hoped he'd be exactly like Sirius.
There were others as well. One friend that James didn't expect to make came into the form of one Frank Longbottom. The brown haired boy was in the other dormitory with Parker Liu, who was the slightly sloppy-yet-friendly, sixth and final Gryffindor boy, due to the fact that there were only five beds in one room and he'd not wanted to leave Parker alone. He had also told them on various occasions that his fear that they'd keep him up until very early in the morning was a deciding factor, which was probably true. Still, as the days went on he was a constant presence at meal times and occasionally in the Common Room and someone James grew to know well, and like well.

James was on better terms with Lily since the run-in a few weeks back, though they were in no way friends just yet. Every time she called him 'Potter' instead of James he would internally wince, though he was much happier that she was at least talking to him. They were far from friends, but it was improvement. Snape, Lily's constant friend, wasn't too happy about that, and James had heard him on various occasions complaining to her about it as they passed one another in the halls. To James' delight, she didn't always agree with him about his nasty comments about her housemates, and he felt a surge of elation when she told him to "Lay off on Potter".
He'd also come to learn the names of the other four girls in their house. Alice Loughlin was the friendly girl with short blonde hair and bright grey eyes. She easily rivalled Lily, Remus and Frank (who especially was brilliant) in intelligence levels, and sometimes James wondered why she had not been placed in Ravenclaw. Mary Macdonald was the girl that Lily seemed the closest to, a short thing with slightly messy black hair and freckles and a very enthusiastic smile. Emmeline Vance, or Emmy, had wavy brown hair and a small, doll's mouth that would not stop spewing sarcastic, very funny, comments. James wasn't sure what Marlene's surname was, but she was the tallest of the lot, dark skinned with a mess of dark, curly hair that seemed to be styled differently each day. Even though he didn't talk to them very much he was still quite familiar with them and he found himself getting along with everyone he knew.

Things weren't always perfect, though. Professor Andre was still a little iffy with the boys, though his blasé annoyance wasn't so apparent in the lessons they had after what they ended up calling the 'incident'. Still, they were terrified of running into him again for fear of what he would do, meaning that there had been little excursions after lights out. In fact, when Remus had returned from visiting his mother at the time McGonagall had promised, looking a little more tired and worse for wear, they had made him swear to tell them when he'd leave so that they wouldn't have to worry about their friends' safety again. He'd promised, of course, though his eyes had looked slightly anxious.
Snape, Malfoy and most of the other members of Slytherin house were awful nuisances as well, constantly spurting unkind comments to not only James and his friends, but also to the other Gryffindor students whom they passed in the corridors. At first it was a source of entertainment, the four finding amusement in the fairly terrible insults that were getting hauled at them, but as the days went on it became apparent that harsh words weren't all that they were capable of. One day, before potions, Frank had gotten pushed down the top of the stairs, which had resulted in a sharp crack in his ankle and a trip to the Hospital Wing. In fact, it got so bad that one night, the Friday before Halloween, Sirius stood up all at once and sighed very loudly.

"That's it!" he almost shouted and began to pace the room with such purpose that the floorboards shook slightly. "We have to do something about those pricks."
Peter looked bemused. "But… I though we already were?"
"No, not like that." he sighed very loudly. "I mean, we need to something big. They've humiliated us in front of the whole school, so we should return the favour." Sirius' forehead creased as he tried to think of a plausible idea.
James too, was lost in thought. He'd been getting along better with Lily, but she was still, unfortunately, good friends with Snape. Perhaps, he thought to himself, if I manage to show her what a nasty person he is, she'll agree that our teasing is justified… or something like that.
There was a moment of silence before someone spoke again.

"The Halloween feast is tomorrow…" Remus began slowly, brushing hair out of his eyes to look up from the book he was reading.
"Thanks for that, Captain Obvious.' snorted James, flopping back so he was sprawled out in a starfish position on his bed.
Remus rolled his eyes, as if James was stupid. "No, you don't get it. The feast is tomorrow." he repeated, a slight grin on his face.
Sirius was the first to get it. "Oh! That's a brilliant idea! What is the muggles say, 'a trick's a treat'? Something like that?"
"Trick or treat. It's when muggle children dress up as fictional monsters, well, they believe they're fictional, and knock on people's doors to get candy."
James pulled a face. "Where do muggles come up with stuff like that?"
"I dunno, I wouldn't mind some candy."
"You always want candy, Peter."

Just as James was about the comment about the ridiculousness of other muggle holidays, there was a sharp knock on the door. The boys froze, all slowly turning to look at Sirius. The boy hadspoken very loudly about their prank. They could only imagine who was behind it; a prefect? The head students? Professor McGonagall? Remus looked especially mortified, he was the only one out of them who hadn't gotten a detention yet- the other three had two weeks previously, having tried to slip the hair thinning potion they had made in class into Snape's pumpkin juice. 'It was worth it' Sirius had said as they scrubbed the trophies in some room at the end of the third floor, referring to the look on the boy's face when he took an unfortunately large gulp.

Then, the door opened and two very identical, very mischievous faces peered through the door. Sirius' face relaxed immediately, but the other three continued to look at them with cation.
"We couldn't help hear something about a prank…" one of them, stepping into the room. He was very tall and had a brilliant shock of flaming hair, messy enough to rival James'.
'And tonight's feast…" the other followed him in, not bothering to ask if it was alright. "Which we already have our own pranking plans for, actually. So we were wondering if you wanted to join forces?"

Sirius nodded enthusiastically and James could tell that the pair were already the type of people who he'd gladly get along with, so he let his face fall into an easy smile. He couldn't see the other two, but he heard Remus' hum of deliberation.
"Gideon and Fabian Prewitt." The first said, gesturing to himself first and then his brother. "We're pretty known for our… antics…. around here."
"Not to worry, we wouldn't sabotage someone else's plans. But two pranks in one night might be a bit much, don't you think?" Fabian grinned wickedly. "We're planning to get Slytherin too. They tried to lock Molly, our sister, in a broom closet with her boyfriend. Not saying that it wasn't time well spent, anyways, but we don't really appreciate people messing with family."

Sirius turned to the other three. "Gideon and Fabian were the ones who showed me to the kitchens, remember?" James smiled at that, the four had made various excursions to the kitchens at odd times since the previous month. They had decided it to be their 'official' hideout. "Until we find a permanent one" James had said, causing Sirius to laugh.
"I'd be fine with this one." The boy had been stuffing himself with grapes at that point, much to the amusement of the others.

"Sounds good to me." James said, turning to the others. "What do you think?"
Peter nodded enthusiastically, and though Remus had looked slightly cautious, he also nodded his consent.
"Okay, great!" Gideon said, sitting himself down on James' bed without permission. "Now, here's what we've got."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

It was a good few hours later when the boys had left the common room again, this time much later at night. The four of them were now huddled under James' invisibility cloak, tiptoeing down the hall that lead to their potions classroom.
"Don't be silly, Remus, of course it is!" Sirius said in a hushed whisper, peering around to make sure that nobody was coming. "Their plan is genius!"

There was no denying that, the plan was probably one of the best James had ever heard, topping his own easily. Sure, he'd been slightly aggravated that he couldn't have come up with that himself, but he was assured by the others that he would, eventually, be able to come up with similar plan with more practice in the future. Perhaps he could learn from them. Fabian had said something about 'continuing their legacy', or something like that.

Soon enough, the four had made their way down to the potions storage closet and were now rummaging around, trying to remember exactly what it was that the pair had told them they needed.
"Oh this is enough." James sighed, yanking off the cloak, much to the protest (or, more like indigent squeak) of Peter. "Nobody's out anyways, and it's easier to grab them like this. Oh, don't freak."

It only took a minute to grab all of the ingredients, and their arms were full as they closed the door of the storage closet behind them. The lanterns had been switched off, so they were in almost pitch darkness. James wondered how the time could have passed quickly, curfew must have just arrived. Giving a sigh, he managed to pull his wand out from under his robes. He shook it, slightly, and waved the end. "Lumos."

Immediately, the corridor was enveloped in a warm, golden light. There was nothing, no shadows or figures standing in corners as James had expected. It was funny how strangely normal the castle looked after lights-out. Sometimes James pictured it becoming a whole new place, where secret passageways would suddenly grow illuminated arrows with signs that said 'LOOK HERE' and where the suits of armour would actually be walking, instead of just creepily turning their heads to look at students as they made their way between classes. But it wasn't. This was just the same place that James lined up with the rest of his potions class before their Monday and Wednesday lessons.
"See," he announced, standing up a little bit straighter. "There's absolutely nothing-"
"What are you boys doing here?"

James felt his blood run cold, and he was frozen to the spot, unable to move as if he had been petrified. He could hear Sirius' slight gasp at the voice too, and though he knew who the voice belonged to, James didn't want to turn around.

It turned out he didn't have to. The footsteps behind him circled around him until James found himself eye to eye with the figure. There, holding out his wand, a scowl covering his face, was a very annoyed, very frightening, Professor Andre.

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