"Honey it was just an incident "

"Mum is wasn't just an incident"

It was murder .....


2. what ?

"...... And finally why would you like to come to Oxford college?"

"Well my whole family has been through these walls, and I am a very committed girl, I would be an honour to come here"

Mr Hastun nods his head

"Could I please have your application"

I knew it! That he would ask it as soon as he looks over it he won't accept me! I've been to juvie for murder! He wouldn't want that at a school!

"..... Miss Scott?


"Your application"


My fingers fumble on the zipper of my bag, eventually getting it open I pull out the piece of paper, I hand it over with trembling fingers 👋🏻


Hey guys ,

Hope you like it I wonder if Lauren Scott will get into college ??

-Indi xx

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