"Honey it was just an incident "

"Mum is wasn't just an incident"

It was murder .....


4. past

Back two years

"I hate her!!" I tell to my friend

"I hate that bitch Alison"

"Looks just calm down!"

"No! I'm gonna get her I'm going to kill her!!!"

"What ?"

I walk out of my room crept down the stairs to my dads study I pulled a pin out of my hair and picked the lock on his desk, inside was a gun an 32 hand gun to be exact I picked it up walkedm to the door pulled on my shoes and walked out I'm ready to kill.

Walking down the road to Alison's house I pass the abandoned house on the corner I hear voice so u enter holding my finger on the trigger I reach a door which is a-jar I push it open all the way and there I see my ex boyfriend with Alison leaning over some sort of table, I silently walk across the room to see what they where looking at it is a graph with a pic of my face in the middle and other peoples faces all around I can see Ashely's on there ,

"So do you think this is correct ?" My ex Fred said

"Yes replied Alison" once that both is dead we will finally be free from the secrets she knows"

"HA" I say

They both spin around I point the gun at them and I can see they are scared

"Put that down before you hurt yourself!!!"

"Scared Alison" I taunt

I see a look cross her face and she slaps me as soon as her hand leaves my face I pull the trigger and shoot her twice then Fred comes over he raises his fist but I shoot him down . As soon as I realize what i had done I run I run as fast as I could when I get home I sneak inside, but my mum is waiting for me , thanks Ashely I think to myself she looks at me and I begin to cry she hugs me tight and I tell her everything


Hey guys I would like you could leave me some comments it's really nice to see some of you have been active others not so much so please if you've got something to say say it and I will do my best to respond ....

Thx Indi XX

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