"Honey it was just an incident "

"Mum is wasn't just an incident"

It was murder .....


5. college

As I walk into the big iron gates that reads

Oxford College

A home for the better

They got that right I pull out the price of paper with my dorm room on it and start to walk to a sign, suddenly a boy about a year older then me ran head long into me

"I'm so sorry" he said his voice was Irish and sweet

"That's ok! I say as I bed down to pick up my bag when I am standing up again the boy puts out his hand

"Harry, Harry William"

"Lauren Scott"

"We'll see you around Lauren"

"See ya Harry"

Finally I find my room and I enter there are two small ish bed in opposite ends of the room a big window overlooking campus and two desks. The room was simple but nice suddenly the door opens and my roommate walks in.... WAIT my room mate is Julia!!!! She was Alison's Best friend

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