A boy

It's not a story about death. It's not a story about cruelty and indifference. It is a story about finding love and happiness. A story about a boy and his new friend.


1. A boy

       Scene 1

It is winter. However, there is no snow yet. A little boy in worn out clothes is sitting on a bench. He is leaning back on it. His legs are almost straight – still not able to reach the ground. He is looking in front of himself. People, warmly wrapped in their coats, are passing by, lost in their concerns.

Suddenly, boy's look becomes perceived, and then at a loss.

       BOY (looking around): What am I doing here?

       A clock on a building nearby strikes.

       BOY (frightened): Oh, no! I need to work, or my mother will scold me.

He jumps off the bench and runs through the park to a thoroughfare – his regular place for work.


       Scene 2

The boy reaches thoroughfare. Various people are passing by. He comes to a man and reaches out his hand.

      BOY: Please, help me, sir. (To a woman) Please, I want to eat, madam. (Continues begging) Please… Dear madam… Sir!..


After some time.

      HIS THOUGHT: Somehow…

      BOY: Dear sir, would you give me something to eat?

      HIS THOUGHT: Somehow…

      BOY: Oh, madam! Please! I beg you, please, help…

      HIS THOUGHT: Somehow, they are ignoring me. But…

      BOY: Madam, please, look at me.

      HIS THOUGHT: But…

      BOY (coming to a man, who is speaking on the phone): Excuse, me sir!..

      HIS THOUGHT: But why? (the man starts to go away, continuing speaking and ignoring the boy)

      BOY: Sir! Wait, sir! Please, wait…

      HIS THOUGHT: Why does it feel different? They are not averting their eyes. It is as if they don't notice me at all! (Continues begging) I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it at all!  Please, I beg you. Someone… please, just look at me. Please…

      A VOICE (from behind): What’s wrong, little boy? Why are you crying? Are you lost?

      BOY (turning round): No, I–

      CHILD (tearfully): Yes! I don't know where am I. I want home. I want to mommy!

The boy sees another boy crying and a man bent down to him.

      MAN: Don't worry. We'll find your parents…

     HIS THOUGHT: Why?


      Scene 3

The boy hides himself in an inconspicuous corner between buildings, squatting. He picks the asphalt with a stick.

       BOY (murmuring): What to do? Mom will scold me, and dad will beat me for not bringing money. They'll not believe me that everyone don't see me…

A snowflake falls on his hand. The boy looks above – many flakes, swirling, are falling from the sky.

       BOY: I hate snow. It is cold! I hope it stops soon.

A woman and a girl his age are passing by.

       GIRL: Mommy! Mommy, look! It's snowing!

       WOMAN: Yes, I see.

       GIRL: I hope it snows a lot, so that when daddy comes from work, we will go to play!

       WOMAN: Okay. But before that... (they go away, making the boy unable to hear them anymore.)

The boy unconsciously hits the stick hard against the asphalt. It breaks. He throws it away and looks back at the ground.

       BOY (murmuring): I want to go home…


       Scene 4

The boy is still squatting.

       PUPPY: Bark! Bark, bark, bark! (A puppy runs to him and rubs against him.)

       BOY: What?

The puppy takes the stick, which the boy threw away earlier, and puts it near the boy.

       PUPPY: Bark!

       BOY: What? I don't want to play!

       PUPPY: Bark! 

       BOY: What do you want from me? Just leave me alone!

       PUPPY (revolving around the boy): Bark? Bark, bark?

       BOY: Fine! (takes the stick and throws it away as far as he can. The puppy runs after it.)


        Scene 5

The boy continues squatting. Suddenly, he hears voices.

       A VOICE: Oh, look at that puppy!

        ANOTHER VOICE: Poor thing! It must have frozen to death.

        A VOICE: How could they throw it out on the street in this cold?

        ANOTHER VOICE: Yeah, so cruel…

        The boy comes over to where the crowd stands. In the midst of the crowded people, a small thin puppy is lying without movement.

        PUPPY: Bark!

        The boy turns round and see the puppy and the stick near his feet.

        BOY: You brought it ba– (a sudden realization comes to him. He looks back at the puppy's frozen body and then again at the puppy near him. Pointing at the tiny body) Is that you?

        PUPPY: Bark!

        BOY: I'm sorry for shouting at you, doggie (standing on his knees and hugging the puppy. Tears fill his eyes) You must have felt lonely.

        PUPPY: Bark!

        BOY: I'm also lonely. Don't worry, I'll take care of you. We'll be friends.

        PUPPY: Bark, bark, bark!

        BOY: But I wonder… if you are dead, why can I see you?

        PUPPY: Bark, bark?

        A person goes through the boy and the puppy.


        Scene 6

A dark corridor in an apartment. The only light is coming from the narrow gap from the ajar door to the kitchen. A drunk man and a woman are arguing.

        WOMAN: Stop wasting money on alcohol! Why can't you work as normal husbands do?

        MAN: Shut up, you bitch!

        WOMAN: I am tired of it! I want a divorce!

        MAN: I said to shut your fuck up! (hits the woman)

        WOMAN: How dare you hit me! I'm going to call the police. (Leaves the kitchen to call the police, goes past the boy, who is standing in the corridor. The man follows her.)

        MAN (stops beside the boy): What are you looking at? Useless piece of shit! (hits the boy) .

The boy falls on the floor, hitting the corner of the furniture.

        WOMAN (shrilling): What have you done?

        MAN: Did you call the police?

        WOMAN (squatting beside the lying boy): Look, there is… blood! You killed him.

        MAN (grabbing her hair): I asked if you called the police, bitch!

        WOMAN: Murderer!  You killed your own child. Yes! I called the police. They will throw you in jail!..


        Scene 7

The scene goes back to the street, where the boy is hugging the puppy.

        PUPPY: Bark! Bark!

        BOY: Doggie, I am happy. You know why?

        PUPPY: Bark?

        BOY (hugs the puppy tighter): Now I can have a dog.


        The end.

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