THANTOPHOBIA (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love....................

A Michael Clifford fanfic.


5. still day 50

Diana's pov

I watched as ashton got off the plane. Where have i seen him omg! Out of the corner i saw Michael walk up to him. Wait. Oh no. Please no. Why didn't he tell me he knew him. I mean i said his first and last name. Surely he would know that was his name. Unless he was just a fan of Michaels band. Oh no. I looked at ashton and he noticed me. So did Michael. 


Was that Michael?Is that even a question it was his voice stupid. 

I ran.

Peace out suckers.

Oh wait i have to find my mom.

(calling mom)

"hey mom where are you"?

"oh at terminal 4".

"oh okay thanks see you there"!

(end of the call)

I looked for terminal four . omfg. They were standing there next to my mom and step dad talking. Wtf they knew each other? I think they noticed me all of them were looking at me and then everything went black.

Michael's pov

I saw a girls face as everything else was covered like she was hiding from someone.

I looked like diana.

I decided to call her name.


I saw her running away from me.

What did i ever do to her.

Was it diana though or a scared random girl that caught me trying to see her face. 

After that i walked over to terminal four and saw a couple looking for someone it looked like they've been waiting awhile so i went up and asked them who they were looking for and if they needed help.

"umh were just looking for my daughter she has purple hair and a kinda rugged look to her" her moms says.

Wow she sounds beautiful. aha i'm lame.

"oh look there she is" her mom pointed to the girl i saw earlier and yelled diana to.

"is her name diana by any chance"i asked and ashton looked amused for some odd reason.

"yes, how did you know"?

"because i use to be her best friend" after that we all looked at her and in a quick second she drooped to the floor. omg what just happened. her mom rushed to her she said she passes out a lot but usually from stress she said it all started when a boy she knew left her and that was all she said, i just stood there in shock how could i have done this to her. I looked over to ashton and he looked angry all i saw was a fist then it went black.



If you want to be one of the guys girlfriends meaning

Calum or Luke or Ashton just comment what you like to do your color hair and what you look like and your style of clothing of and the guy you want to date!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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