THANTOPHOBIA (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love....................

A Michael Clifford fanfic.


7. peace out losers

Diana's pov 

i woke up this morning finally feeling happy i got dressed (outfit below) and went down stairs to find a note from my mom


Dear Diana,

if your reading this i put 3 hundred dollars so you can go shopping and get use to it here i left you my mustangs car keys sop you can take that be home by 11 pm make new friends 




Wow okay. I got in my car and left to the mall that i was on my way here it was huge. Once i got there i went into forever 21 and bought a lot of shirts and party dresses (you know just incase i actually get invited to one). Then i went to H&M and bought a lot of shorts and pants. After that i went to tilly's and got 6 pairs of boots,heels,and vans. That was it for me i went to get food and i saw Ashton i stopped in my tracks i couldn't move because i knew michael would be with him.  I saw him wave in my direction i pointed to myself but a guy came and pushed me and i kinda tripped over my bag so i closed me eyes knowing i was going to fall and didn't want to see it. I didn't hit the ground though i opened my eyes to see dark brown eyes staring right back at me. 

"i'm sorry"he said

"oh it's cool whatever"i said.

"My names calum"he said.

"Oh cool i'm Diana".



"you're her"?  wtf who does he think he is?

"Excuse me"i said.

"Michael's been talking about you like all day and i know its you because he told me your name,where you lived not that it matters and what you look like and it matches to you."he said

ohh he must be apart of their band.

"Oh okay well byeee".

"not so fast" i quickly spun around to be faced with michael.

sparks flew in my mind, he kissed me, i kissed back to, wtf no i need to stop but i can't.

i pulled away and said "i'm not going to forgive you" and just like that i walked away as he stood their shocked of what i said.



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