THANTOPHOBIA (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love....................

A Michael Clifford fanfic.


8. ~gone~

Diana's pov

it was ten minutes after i had gotten home  to receive the worst call in my life. It was michael's mom calling to tell me he had gotten into a car accident. Should i go? yes is that even a question? I drove myself there got into the hospital only to find out he wasn't awake yet. I found myself remembering his green eyes and the way he used to look at me. Do i like michael? No. I loved him and that scared me the most. He had left only to come back and make me fall for him again. Would he ever love me? No. probably not. I found michael's mom, she was crying and she told me how he had gotten into the accident, more like showed me. His phone was not damaged so she showed me the text he was going to send before the accident


i love you.

More than you'll ever know,

It hurts me to know that you'll never love me,

It hurts me to know how much damage i caused,

It hurts me to see you cry,

It hurts so much not to have you by my side,

It hurts not to be around you,

It hurts me not to be with you.

And here i am slowly drifting away from everything i once loved and still do.

I wish i had never met you.

I also wish i never left you.

I Love you.




He had planned for this, he was slowly dying and i couldn't save him, i could only love him.

I was crying, not knowing if he'll ever wake up again, if he would even know me when he woke up.

I love you Michael.

And you might not ever know it because of me.


Flat line

He was gone.

Or was he?

Text from michael ;

I'm sorry.

He was still alive but where? who was in the bed? It was his text and phone though.

I felt someone grab me and everything disappeared. Everything was black. 









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