THANTOPHOBIA (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love....................

A Michael Clifford fanfic.


3. Day four (i'm skipping days if you haven't caught on yet)

Diana POV

Time for school which i'm walking to because my car is in the shop and michael isn't here to come to my rescue. I honestly can't stop thinking about him last night i cried myself to sleep knowing he wouldn't talk to me ever again probably. Beeppppppppp!! I was crossing the street when everything went black.

Michael Clifford POV (just because i can)

One word Diana, i'm ignoring all her calls and texts and i feel bad but hey i'm famous now so i don't need her. I'm going back to australia to finish my last year of school with her, maybe not with her because ill be popular now. Ring Ring Ring my mom was calling but i decided not to answer because i didn't feel like it. Just then Diana's sister texted saying that Diana was in the hospital from getting hit by a car. OMG  i want to see her but i can't i want to tell her it's going to be okay and i'll be here for her but i can't because i won't be there. Anyways i'm sure she'll be okay . I sound like a dick but i can't help it, i've lost all interest in her. I think.

Diana's Pov 

I could hear people talking and machines i just couldn't open my eyes  or talk back. I felt alone in my own world, did i die?

"Diana i don't know if you can hear me but this is your mom i'm sorry i couldn't be there for you all these years there's no excuse for what i did, i couldn't take care of a child and i knew your dad could, i just was too young to comprehend that doing that would hurt you too when you wake up ill talk to you about going to america with me and my husband i know this is a lot but your dad said you've been having separation anxiety from a boy named Michael and that you don't come out of your room anymore and we think you should come spend the rest of the school year and summer with us then you can come back next year". "i love you so much and i'm sorry ". with that i heard footsteps and a door close.


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